Art as a communication tool: the positivism of Ciottolina Xue in Second Life®

Art as a communication tool: the positivism of Ciottolina Xue in Second Life®

In art, over time, we have attributed several tasks: to elevate the spirit, to transmit emotions, to share thoughts, to express opinions, to reflect, to educate, and so on.
If we wanted to summarize the function of art in one word, we could say that its primary task is to communicate.
Art is first and foremost communication. There is no art unless there is, at least in part, a communicative effort. Personally, I love all forms of communication, because for me the idea that someone is trying to communicate something through a creative commitment is extraordinary.
In the world of the unrestrained race against time, where life undergoes constant acceleration bringing with it new causes of daily stress, art calms the spirit and allows us to make peace with soul.
Art does not “run.” Art does not happen between one thing and the other. Art calms you while you are immersed in it, or it gets you nervous when you hurry up to it, thinking of creating something “good” fast, maybe to sell and earn from your passion.

Art has a cathartic effect when you do it, when you are completely present in what you do, in what you express through your original commitment.

Today I want to talk about an artist who shows great positivity in her artistic works made for Second Life®. Her name is Ciottolina Xue and has been exhibiting her 3D creations for quite some time. Ciottolina is an Italian artist we have seen growing with great pleasure: from her first creations, she made enormous advances, going to a particular artistic genre, personalizing her style.
As the traveler, looking for her way, so Ciottolina found the “way” from an artistic point of view. At this time I appreciate her works at “Solo Arte,” the sim of Melania (melaniabis) and TerryGold.
Ciottolina Xue’s exhibition is called “Hope” and is open to the public from September 11th.
The exhibited works are 19, specifically:

  • “Monument no racism”;
  • “Speranza”;
  • “Babele”,
  • “Pace”;
  • “Trapasso”;
  • “Il Volo”;
  • “Donna Spremuta”;
  • “Il Desiderio”;
  • “Tenacia”;
  • “Robot Rock 32”;
  • “Lesbian World”;
  • “La Forza”;
  • “La Fede”;
  • “Mondo sfruttato”;
  • “Costrizione”;
  • “Salvezza”;
  • “No racism”;
  • “Escapology”;
  • “Faccia di mani”.

The showroom one hosts a beautiful combination of images and 3D that has the theme “smoking is all about harm.” I invite you to visit it because I believe that the way in which Ciottolina has exposed and presented the issue of tobacco use is both original and engaging.

Hope by Ciottolina Xue in Second Life_004_pe

Ciottolina Xue’s Art in Second Life®

After visiting the art exhibition at “Solo Arte,” I can say that racism seems to be a dear theme for the artist, which she tackles a subject in different works, using various communication strategies. The message I read in her work is the uniqueness of Humans Spirit, despite the diversity of Matter: geographic origin is irrelevant, we are all equal in the Soul, all children of the same Source of Life.

Hope by Ciottolina Xue in Second Life_001_pe

Ciottolina Xue’s Art in Second Life®

Another theme dear to the artist seems to be the Woman, often victim of abuse and great suffering. I see in her work the reflection of terrible news stories. But I also hope for a better future, that will happen if we understand the importance of life and the need to respect it in the present, even in the great difficulties that each of us encounters on its path. Unfortunately, the woman is still a victim of malice and male needs, as if she were an accessory of his own. This fact also happens in Western countries, those who call themselves “Progressive.”

Hope by Ciottolina Xue in Second Life_005_pe

Ciottolina Xue’s Art in Second Life®

Another topic that seems to be precious to Ciottolina is Love, declined in all its expressive form. Even in this case, it does not matter if love falls between a man and a woman or between people of the same sex, what is important is the feeling and the freedom of expression. The statues of this young Italian artist are eloquent and communicative.

Hope by Ciottolina Xue in Second Life_003_pe

Ciottolina Xue’s Art in Second Life®

They enchant and get excited at the same time, gently leading the observer into his ideal world, where hate, racism, separation, and all social evil do not exist. Love reigns. And Love is Unity, Cohesion, Alliance, Brotherhood.

Ciottolina also faces other important issues, such as death and respect for the Planet.

Each of the treated themes gives rise to positivity, the exhibition of her artistic works gives serenity to the observer, enriching the day.

The show will remain open until September 30, followed by the performance of Terry Gold entitled “Penumbra.

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“Solo Arte”

The Bailywick Gallery, July and August show

The Bailywick Gallery, July and August show

In a beautiful location in Mainland, Bailywick, you can visit an elegant art gallery that hosts artists who have a varied style.

The structure hosting the artworks is extensive, and the landing point is at the dockside of the boats.

The night setting is striking, just like feeling the evening breeze on a summer night not too hot, late summer, I would say.

The tables with the chairs and the microphone on a small stage seem to remember the opening of the gallery, which hosted Melenda Mikael as a live singer and who “opened the doors” to the following exhibiting artists:





The Bailywick Art Gallery curators are John and Eleseren Brianna, famous for their significant commitment to diffusion of art in Second Life®.

Entering to the left, the first artist I meet is Kodymeyers Resident.

His pictures are black and white photos, where lighting is the characterizing element. The point that the artist chooses to put the lights on is the element that makes the difference, which distinguishes his work. Even in the photo of his profile, placed at the entrance of his performance, light is the distinctive element. For this artist, unfortunately, there is no bio, so I cannot add more. For more information, I invite you to read the artist profile I previously linked to.

Kody Meyers’s Exhibition

Entering the right you can explore the photos of GlitterPrincess Destiny, she is also a black and white lover photographer. In this case, however, light has a less decisive role than the previous artist, and the context gives value and sense to the image.

You can view other works by this artist by visiting her Flickr profile.

GlitterPrincess Destiny’s Exhibition

Upstairs, immediately to the left, we know Solana Python.

Black and white is also the protagonist in these artworks that love to capture detail, focus on a particular, making it the protagonist of the scene.

For this artist there is the bio, which I carry in full:

I was introduced early in my life to the world of art. In high school, I took the Arts and Science Course Since then I have completed other Art classes.

I began taking my photography seriously in 2011 since then I have explored my surroundings and the world around me through my camera. Many of my photos were taken locally and even in my backyard

My work is a photographic extension of my interests and hobbies.

You will see my interests in Nature, landscapes, water, wildlife. I also shoot a lot of still life. Quite often my moods influence my work as you will see when you view them.

The most common comment I have received from viewers and other artists is ” You have an excellent eye.” I use a variety of techniques to arrive at a piece I am pleased with. Some of these include black and white, sepia and digital art.

I have sold many copies of my work online; I also sell greeting cards with my work printed on them. My most recent  real life print sale was to an Art Collector in NYC and MN.

In the past, I have done a Cat Series. I am presently working on a  Music Series as well as Barn and Country Series  to show my more rustic side.

IN second life I am presently working on a Music series where I go out and listen to a performer and create while listening. The Inspired by series includes Lazarus Doghouse, Agusto Napoli, Beth Odets. Strum Diesel and MarqsDeSade.

I would consider myself a successful photographer if my work opens new doors to you and puts you in touch with nature and our world.

I hope you have a chance to view my job and hang out and enjoy the sim.

Solana Python

Solana Python’s Exhibition

Finally, on the right side up the stairs, we meet Lulyboop.

The photos of this artist are always well defined, rich in details describing the scene. Exposed images are also black and white. Again, in this case, you can read her bio:

My biggest passion in Second Life is photography.

For about two years, the photography allows me to communicate my thoughts, my emotions, to tell histories and SL gives me the ideal setting to do all this.

Often, images come into my mind along with the music, and I let myself be carried away by it as I try to express my imagination.

In the last year, photoshop allowed me to expand my ability to express myself through pictures, and I intend to learn more about this tool because they are not interested in capture SL as it is (not always) but use the virtual world to give space to my imagination.

SL consider my gym and photography in the metaverse is a small daily exercise that teaches me to be happy about what I do, without being overwhelmed by the fear of judgment.

My adrenaline is the awareness to have still much to learn.

Lulyboop’s Exhibition

The Gallery with the newly-featured artists will remain open until the end of August.

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Bailywick Gallery

Split Screen Installation Space in Second Life, “Everywhere and nowhere”

Split Screen Installation Space in Second Life, “Everywhere and nowhere”

I am in a timeless space. I can not say exactly when the time has stopped running down here, but I’m almost sure that there was an era when minutes, hours, days and years followed each other on a regular basis.

Creatures and futuristic giants have been immortalized in their grandeur and majesty, as they shared a solemn moment.

One of two other creatures offered a bright three to the other one, the same gorgeous tree that I can see above, solemnly protected by guards.

What exactly are these beings? What is this sounds intense world enough to mesmerize the soul?

Everything here seems hard if it wouldn’t be a cloud of smoke, thin, pale that insists with its repeated movement despite here time has stopped.

Because the weather here has stopped, there is no doubt.

Second Life
“Everywhere and nowhere” by Split Screen Installation Artist: JadeYu Fang

I have a thousand things to do, and I would like to move somewhere else, basically enough teleport, but I can not.

There’s something about this place, something that keeps me stop there.

Then I decided to walk a bit on these beams of light in motion that seem to ice.

And I stop, looking up.

And behold the magic … white and regular shapes appear, shrink and disappear and then reappear in a consistent and smooth movement.

The music accompanies me in this experience without end; eternal because of no time.

Like creatures in part to men and partly half man half horse they seem to live in this environment so strange in a natural way.

If I turn my gaze to the sky, it is a series of shapes, similar to humans, light, and movement.

It fascinates me that the time has stopped just for the creatures who were (or are they?) living, like the wind, the shapes, the colors, even the same floor … everything still moves. What happened here? What has stopped the Life? What has stopped (partly) time?

Who knows, maybe that tree light, which seems to be their God, He wanted to crystallize this moment of perfection and make it eternal.

“Everywhere and nowhere” by Split Screen Installation
Artist: JadeYu Fhang

“Everywhere and nowhere” by JadeYu Fhang

These are my thoughts by visiting the stunning art installation by Jadeyu Fhang, “Everywhere and nowhere.” Jade is an artist already well known for scoring stunning installations, including OpeRaAnxiEty to Metales.

The best way to see this installation is, in my opinion, “let soak.”

When you’re there, let yourself be overwhelmed by the images, the sounds, and lights.

The thoughts flow without effort: there is something in this seemingly senseless landscape that is in harmony with the human soul.

On this occasion, I wanted to shoot a little video to give my experience.


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“Future”, Art Installation in Second Life® by Cica Ghost

“Future”, Art Installation in Second Life® by Cica Ghost

Future” is the latest art installation by Cica Ghost, a Serbian artist with extensive experience in SL® and with a long curriculum vitae of art exhibitions.
Ghost chick usually has a gloomy style and her installations are often metaphors.
Visiting her latest installation, this aspect is evident: “Future” is the title of the show, a cool, dark and chilling scenario.

“If the future is this, it’s best to stop here,” the spectator would say with great probability.

No one can know what will happen, certainly, the current scenario is not comforting.
I think that the installation of Cica is a way of making the spectator reflect on the consequences of the scribed behavior of the human being; Pollution, pedophilia, murders, rapes, and wars are the fault of which the human being is responsible every day.
No one excluded because even not doing (preventing) is a form of responsibility.


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Holly Kai Park, art exhibition August 6th-11th 2017

Holly Kai Park, art exhibition August 6th-11th 2017

I am delighted to be invited by Inara to visit the artistic exhibition hosted at Holly Kai Park. The artists who expose their artworks in this week, August 6th-11th 2017, are:

Dido Haas

Cecilia Nansen Mode and Jes Mode (“The Modes”)

Diamond Marchant


Walking around this pleasant park, I could take all biographies about the artists I mentioned above, to know them better. Luckily, there is a bio for each artist, so it’s possible to explore their activity in Second Life® and follow them in their future exhibitions

Luckily, there is a bio for each artist, so it’s possible to investigate their activity in Second Life® and follow them in their actual others and future exhibitions.

The first artist is a friend.

Dido Haas

I know Dido since years, and I had the pleasure to write about art exhibitions curated by her at Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery.

Now the focus is on her art; she loves to take pictures, mainly black and white snapshots.

She exposes three photos, all seductive and intense. The female body is her subject, and she presents it, showing a unique detail, some that involve the visitor.

Dido shows herself directly, using these words:

In January 2016 I started my own gallery, Nitroglobus Hall coz my beloved partner, lover, teacher, inspiration Nitro Fireguard passed away in RL. I am keeping him close in my heart, and in my gallery, as Nitro’s awesome mesh sculptures are still on display at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

Being so busy with curating and with the music events at the Sunday Cafe of Nitroglobus, I have little time left to make work myself. When I do, my pictures show visitors, exhibitions and parties @ my gallery.

However, now and then when I am in the right mood I do make photos, in which my avi or parts of my avi are always the topic.

For more information about Dido, you can take the note card just clicking on the board at the entrance of her exhibition.

Cecilia Nansen Mode and Jes Mode (“The Modes”)

I enjoyed their photos; they are an expression of love, life, and fun.

A couple who loves to share their intimate and happy moments is a joy for the soul. The notecard (you can get it clicking as usual on the board) describe their photo style with these words:

For this exhibition, they join up as one, calling themselves – The Modes.
The collection named “One Love, One Life”, shown on both stands, represents a long life of a couple in love and is created by the two working together.

The Modes are a combination of the cold North and the warm South. The dramatic and the calm. The expressive and the subtle. Together they are tied by a deep and profound connection, which shows in their pictures, both when working together, as well as individually.

Jes has a history of photography in RL with some knowledge as well as experience. He restarted after some years as a photographer, this time in SL and is slowly finding his own style and personal expression, with mainly black and white pictures.

Cecilia started a little over a year ago as a SL photographer and is slowly finding her own style, still experimenting and learning day by day.

Together they support, mentor, teach and are each others first filter of approval in a balance of synergy and seeing each other grow.

As before, for more information, you can get a nice note card about these artists.

Diamond Marchant

Interesting show by Diamond Marchant; you need to keep attention to the various information that you can find at the bottom of the black base, with three links: Exhibit info, Cassini’s Grand Finale Web, Cassini’s Grand Finale Video.

Also, you can get the info notecard clicking on the board, like for previous artists.

Diamond speaks about herself:

In real life, I am a photographer and software developer. In SL, I create boat and sail textures for the sailing community as well as numerous fishing products. “Spacecraft modeling” is a new thing for me. My first effort was a mars lander that appeared at SL13B. I was inspired to build the Cassini orbiter after seeing the 3D model on their website and noticing that the shapes on the orbiter are similar to the shapes you can make out of system prims.

So a similitude with the Second Life® building tools attracted her to realize this orbiter shape.

Second Life Art

Finally, you can get more information about Cassini orbiter watching this video:



Wintegeist is a Real Life photographer who likes photography also in SL®.

She introduces herself:

Making pictures is, for me, a way of life…..
I go through life seeing motives. Some of them speak up to me, calling me to capture them.
RL-, Game- and SL-Photography are one and the same for me. A motive is there and has to be captured.
Some said to me that I am to spread out, that I get diluted by doing so many things.
But I can’t stop, I have to make pictures. (…)

What do I like in pictures? I do love colors – strong colors, contrast and a motive that is more than the simple “My avatar in front of fancy background”. Mostly I don’t know beforehand what kind of picture I want to do.
When I see a motive I get a vague idea of angle and composition and I try to capture that. Sometimes it works, but I am far from perfect.
I haven’t reached my goal to make the perfect picture. I guess that is even something no one can achieve….. but, you can try.

Her style is minimalist, and her subjects are various. She doesn’t use a lot of colors; she is minimalist also in this aspect.

For more information about her SL® activity, feel free to take her note card clicking on the board.

I appreciated this art exhibition for the very different styles of these artists. Also, the idea of an art show in a park is beautiful.


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M2D Project Sansar by Mario2 Helstein

M2D Project Sansar by Mario2 Helstein

Sansar, the new Linden Lab® platform, has opened its doors to the public for 20 days. From the opening day (31/07/2017), users’ comments contrasted: who appreciate graphics, who criticize it because it ‘s hard to use (long wait times to load experiences, a different import system from SL, then to study it, etc.).

As a virtual world explorer, traveler, I love to get my character out of Second Life® to let her know new things. Of course, my research focused on artistic experiences (at least as the first experiences to visit). Among them, my favorite is undoubtedly M2D Organica by Mario2 Helstein.

Very different forms reside in the same artistic environment, finding harmony and balance in it. Videos on this beautiful art installation are many; I wanted first to share the author’s direct from his Youtube channel.

Knowing what the difficulties in creating and scripting in Sansar are, I appreciate the work of this artist also for this reason.
The installation of Mario2 Helstein in Sansar is extraordinary because of his ability to adapt to the new platform and to create an artistic creation that people highly appreciate for its extreme realism (it seems, even without using VR, to “touch “the displayed forms). For this reason, I suggest, even to Sansar’s most skeptics, to visit this experience: Sansar has many potentialities, even if few can take full advantage of it.

Finally, Mario2 Helstein also had an impressive Second Life Marketplace Store, that sells particles, effects, fantasy items, avatars, mesh, and art.

His biography:

Mario2 takes digital art to the innovative extreme in SL. He dedicated his SL time to creating. focusing from 2010 on Light-Art, and started the M2D group ( Mario2 Design) and opened a small shop. Then Mario2 started the open group M2D Creations for notices about the shows. He worked tirelessly evolving and developing his own unique, creative style. Mario2’s combinations of form, light, texture and movement are totally original. Sometimes expressed as mesh sculptures, sometimes in combination with his own explosive, immersive presentations of music, particles, and mesh to create awesome light shows. Like all great Spanish artists, his emphasis is on dramatic and beautiful, light and colour. Everything he creates is alive with it.


Other References

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“Lilium” at Daphne Arts in Second Life®

“Lilium” at Daphne Arts in Second Life®

Lilium is the art exhibition hosted in the sky by Daphne Arts Gallery and organized by SheldonBR and Angelika Corral.
This is an experience, so it’s important to follow the instructions that the same sim offers right on arrival at the landing point.

These instructions are, in fact, simple:
1) Accept the HUD: Upon arrival, you will be asked to accept the experience and HUD that serves to interact with artistic exposure; you need to accept to fully appreciate the experience.
2) Set the Windlight correctly: you can choose the setting manually by searching “greyskymoon,” or automatically setting in Firestorm: Preferences> Firestorm> Windlight and enabling the option “automatically changes the environment to use region settings/parcel.
3) Enable advanced light settings by going to Preferences> Graphics> and selecting the “Advance lighting model” option.
4) Finish these settings, you can begin to visit the exhibition, crossing the nave of the Church, and approaching each lily to showcase the artistic work it cares for.

I was curious to know what the idea has led to this project, so I visited the Daphne Art Gallery web page to better understand the title and meaning of the show.

First of all, the exhibition is inspired by number 7 and its meaning in history. Pythagoras, the father of numerology, was quoted as considering the number 7 the most sacred and powerful of all numbers.
Capital sins are 7 as well as 7 virtues that counteract temptation to evil.

In harmony with this theme, the artists invited to exhibit their works are 7 in detail:

Angelika CorralFenrisHarbor GalaxyMagic MarkerInexorablyKimeu KamollaSheldon Bergman


The lily also represents purity and chastity, which is why the archangel Gabriel offered Mary a lily of the immaculate conception.

The artistic exhibition “Lilium” expresses this purity, this innocence, and candor, using mainly white color. This principle applies also to the images proposed by the various artists, with some relevant exceptions. One of my favorites is by Harbor Galaxy, which features a red-haired woman with wings (an angel, we can suppose) and a very clear complexion, walking naked, slightly curved forward. Her look seems lost and frightened. The context surrounding the young woman is dark; this would make us think of the woman’s purity confronted with the dumbest aspects of the world. Harbor images are taken in Second Life®, but presented so as to look like paintings.


Angelika Corral is always among my favorite artists, her pictures are a delight to the eyes and the soul and the image she presents in this show is no exception.


Finally, Silas Merlin’s 3D works embellish the open space where images are offered to the public.

I remind you to visit the exhibition with the HUD worn, listening to the proposed music. The HUD also reveals the name of the artist and work as you approach the image.


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