Future” is the latest art installation by Cica Ghost, a Serbian artist with extensive experience in SL® and with a long curriculum vitae of art exhibitions.
Ghost chick usually has a gloomy style and her installations are often metaphors.
Visiting her latest installation, this aspect is evident: “Future” is the title of the show, a cool, dark and chilling scenario.

“If the future is this, it’s best to stop here,” the spectator would say with great probability.

No one can know what will happen, certainly, the current scenario is not comforting.
I think that the installation of Cica is a way of making the spectator reflect on the consequences of the scribed behavior of the human being; Pollution, pedophilia, murders, rapes, and wars are the fault of which the human being is responsible every day.
No one excluded because even not doing (preventing) is a form of responsibility.


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