How to import an animated GIF in Second Life®

How to import an animated GIF in Second Life®

I often meet people who ask how you can import an animated GIF into Second Life®.
I state immediately that importing an animated GIF directly is impossible.
What we can do is divide the animated GIF into the frames that compose it and apply a script that gives movement to the various frames.
The operation is very simple, requires very few steps and the use of a specially created tool.
Let’s see how to proceed.
First, we choose an animated gif that has a total size of less than 10 MB.

Now, go to Gif2Ani Tool.


Now upload your GIF/VIDEO clicking on the button above.

It’s important that the file has a dimension less than 10 MB.

Texture and script

When the GIF is imported, you can choose some parameters (like fps speed, for example) and see the effect that you get in the preview.

When you are happy with it, press “create texture and script”.

Now you will be able to download the image and copy the script.


If you don’t want to copy and paste each time the script that the tool creates for that image, you can just use the script you find in the Marketplace.

Ok, now, let’s go to Second Life®.

  • Create a new object, a cube, for example (CTRL+B).
  • Create a new script inside the cube content tab and paste the script the tool created for you.

new script

  • Save the script.
  • Now you will be able to see that just a cube’s face is in movement; import the image with the animated GIF’s slides in SL®;
  • Put this image on the face in movement.
  • Done! You should see your animated GIF now.



Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas to All!

2017 was a complicated year for me. I leave this year behind me with great relief, even if there are aspects that I can not cancel.
My mom and I have taking care of my dad, seriously ill, during the last 11 months.
We have done all that was humanly possible to alleviate his suffering, praying and pleading for a “peaceful ending”.
My dad left this life on November 27th.
That day a part of me died with him.
The serene, joyful and playful part.
Although this Christmas is a moment of profound sorrow for me, I wish you all a wonderful holiday period and a Happy New Year …

SL Photography Quick Tips // Skin Shine

SL Photography Quick Tips // Skin Shine

I’ve gotten request on editing skin for Secondlife images and I’ll be covering those after the Holidays, but before that I do wanna highlight that pores of Secondlife Mesh Body Parts can actually be shown within Secondlife as well. I call these Skin Shine but in industry, terms are just Normal Maps and Specular Maps integrated into each Mesh Body Part. These are viewable with Advanced Lighting turned on. This video will explain the mechanics of how those work plus how to get them set up on the various Mesh Body Parts available on the grid.