Brenda Menges is a professional photographer in Second Life®, then sells her photographic services to those who wish to have a nice profile picture or remember important moments in (virtual) life.
The aspect that I think is impressive is the extreme realism of the portraits that Brenda Menges realizes.


“Tell me a story” it is the latest and immersive art installation in #SecondLife by Meilo Minotaur. It is intricate work that combines images, working environment and sculptures.
The artist’s idea, explained in the explanatory notecard, is to engage the visitor and asked him to play the active role of the narrator of a story. In fact, the installation composed of different areas, each one in its right, with distinctive personalities. Everything blends perfectly.

What are the feelings we experience during sleep? Our dreams which emotions arouse in us? Our dream visions are always an interesting topic because they represent a mystery and so they fascinate.
The Maddy Schmidtzau and Ciottolina Xue art installation entitled “Dreamer’s Feelings” hosted by Trésor De L’Art Gallery in Second Life, develops this theme from an artistic point of view.