The extreme realism of these virtual faces, Brenda Menges

The extreme realism of these virtual faces, Brenda Menges

Flipping through the pages of Flickr is hard to remain indifferent to the photographs of Brenda Menges.

She is a professional photographer in Second Life®, who sells her photographic services to those who wish to have a beautiful profile picture or remember crucial moments in (virtual) life.

Marcy-Tomsen (sister)

The aspect that I think is impressive is the extreme realism of the portraits that Brenda Menges realizes.

Scarlet Rage

Beyond the technical and use of graphics programs aspects, I appreciate her way of “turning a virtual face in a human face.” A face that conveys the fears, weaknesses, and passions. The subjects of Brenda undergo not only a graphic treatment, but a “humanization” through their ability to communicate love, sensuality, tenderness, fear, or loss.

Cathy Yen

This aspect of her photographs leads me to consider her an artist because she is not merely a “graphic designer” but a communicator through avatars portraits in SL®.


Brenda Menges Flickr

Skippy Beresford, when story-telling becomes art

Skippy Beresford, when story-telling becomes art

Speaking of people who have remarkable creativity and love to share it with other people, creating around him a community, Skippy Beresford is one of my favorite artists.

Skippy is the avatar of a child, brave and idealistic, learning every day something new about life. He faces new experiences that allow him to grow humanly, often sharing his adventures with some travel partners (other children, animals, etc.).

What we do flows from what we are.

The most exciting aspect of this cute virtual character, is the author’s ability to create, through images taken in Second Life®, realistic stories that arouse emotions in the viewer, laughter, sympathy, feeling, etc.

I believe it is this Skippy’s ability to emotionally involve the audience that makes him so much loved and followed on his Flickr Photostream.

The freedom you look for is where you look from.

At the time of writing, Skippy has 9,759 followers, and his images reach top 1000 favorite for a display medium for image over 9000 views.

These figures are difficult to achieve even for skilled photographers to Real Life.

They might not need me; but they might.  I'll let my head be just in sight;  A smile as small as mine might be Precisely their necessity.

How do you explain, then, this success?

The images of Skippy “immortalize” a situation appropriately narrated in the field “description” of the image itself. In the narrative is enclosed a message, a valuable lesson that likes to people, because it is “a vehicle of peace and love.”

There is in this world no such force as the force of a person determined to rise.  The human soul cannot be permanently chained.

I follow Skippy for a long time, and I think he is one of the friendliest and most creative people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in SL®.


Skippy Beresford Flickr

Awesome Fallen, Second Life® Artist Review

Awesome Fallen, Second Life® Artist Review

Speaking of Art in Second Life®, it is worth mentioning the importance that photography has in the virtual environment. In fact, one of the most popular hobbies and pleasant inside the metaverse of Linden Lab ® is just the photograph.

In most cases, it comes to fashion photography related to the environment, so shots that immortalize clothes, look and dress ideas for men, women, and children.

There are lots of Flickr accounts related to “photographers of Second Life®.”

In some (rare) cases in the SL® photograph we can find art.

In this sense, one of my favorite artists is Awesome Fallen. In her photographs, the use of colors, the “depth of field” effect, light and, in some cases, the montage of different images to create something new, are used to communicate.

......... Love .

................... Bad thoughts

The titles of her works and phrases that she often uses to clarify her feelings help the viewer to “enter into her artistic world.”

I saw this extraordinary artist at several events, but I must admit that contemplate her Flickr is always my preferred choice.

voyages through the soul ............ third

I think the images speak extensively of her, of her way of interacting with virtual reality, seeing it as an excellent opportunity to give vent to creativity and imagination. The Fallen style is varied, in some cases it is reassuring landscapes, in other instances of disturbing montages.

..........  A Life's History

......Queen of Hearts ...........

Whatever its stylistic choice, Awesome is definitely a splendid example of a virtual artist.


Awesome Fallen Flickr

ArtByte, the digital currency that supports Artists around the world, also in Second Life®!

ArtByte, the digital currency that supports Artists around the world, also in Second Life®!

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Cabaniss, founder of ArtByte. It is a digital currency that has the mission to help artists of all kinds: musicians, singers, writers, photographers, painters, designers, graphic artists and … virtual artists (artists working in virtual worlds, such as Second Life®). The financial aid which ArtByte gives artists comes from the eponymous foundation that is committed to supporting the art.

ArtByte supports Second Life® Artists

Mike contacted me to ask what ArtByte can do to support the art even in SL®, thus was born in me the desire to better understand the logic of virtual currency in general and in particular of ArtByte.
As for the digital currency, it is a new way to make electronic payments to anyone in the world. The first coin of this kind was Bitcoin. After Bitcoin, other digital currencies are born, including Dogecoin to support Internet posts, Auroracoin for Iceland country and Mazacoin for Lakota Indian tribe.

Speaking of ArtByte, the purpose of this digital money is to support artists.

Art lovers will have, therefore, one more chance to show their appreciation to a particular artist, paying him/her directly in “artbytes.” The donator can pay an artist via a Twitter account in a completely anonymous manner. To better understand the usefulness of this mechanism will give an example: if we want to receive a donation in SL® we have two alternatives: either we put in-world a box with an internal script to obtain a money-gift, or ask to be paid via PayPal or credit card. In the first case, that of the in-world contribution, anonymity is preserved by the fact that the donor pays with Lindens (another virtual currency) an account that coincides with our avatar. We can then sell lindens and convert them into euro/dollar or another currency. Or we can spend lindens in-world, as we prefer. In the second case, the donation via Paypal or credit card does not allow us to remain anonymous and, therefore, our real identity would inevitably be revealed at the time of donation.
Several times people asked me how to support the blog without having an account in SL® and, not wanting to confuse my Real Life with my Second Life®, I preferred to give up on that aid. Through the virtual currency, however, this anonymity can easily be preserved. ArtByte is a digital currency created on purpose to support artists.

Working on my new magazine

How ArtByte works and is useful for SL® Artists?

How does it work?
I must say that it is not necessary to connect to the ArtByte account any credit card to receive donations and all ArtByte services are free for artists.
To open your own “ArtByte wallet” click here: get started.
If you use an online wallet it’s essential to write down your password in a safe place because ArtByte is a peer to peer digital currency, so the password is not saved on the server and, if lost, it can not be recovered in any way. The site warns several times the importance of preserving your password, so be careful, because if you can not access to the ArtByte wallet, you can not, of course, also to have access to your “artbytes.”

Once registered, by going to “receive” we can access our wallet, identified with a numbers-letters sequence.

ArtByte wallet
ArtByte wallet

This string can be shared with all those who wish to donate. I advise to publish it in your socials, on your blogs, and on your SL® profile so that those who want to give can do it without asking for the number of your wallet. You have to think of this alpha-numeric string as the number of your credit card or to your e-mail address for Paypal: it is the reference for those who want to give digital currency.
Easy, right? Open an account and share your wallet number.

If you prefer to receive donations via Twitter the only information that the donor needs is your Twitter account. Indeed through a specific ArtByte app, who donates can give artbytes through the famous social network. The ArtByte App Creates an ArtByte address for you if you don’t already have one.

The “Free ArtByte Showcase,” the stunning weekly contest

Another excellent opportunity for artists offered by ArtByte is to participate in the “Free ArtByte Showcase” that in SL® that we would call in a more familiar way “contest.” To do this, you must register for the forum and post your content, not forgetting to indicate the address of your wallet (if you have one). If you win, you would see increase your purse of 5000 artbyes (which, at the time of writing, are 99,50 Euro → Conversion here).

How to spend artbytes?

Ok, we have our artbytes in the wallet, as we can now spend it?
The best way to send Artbyte to LiteBit.Eu. LiteBit is an exchange system that allows you to carry their digital money in your LiteBite Wallet and convert it into Euros.
How to do? We should send their encrypted coin on LiteBit wallet. At that point, we can change the currency loaded on LiteBit into money we can spend in everyday life, such as the euro.

Mike explains better than me:

“If a person lives in Europe it is easy. On the LiteBit.Eu exchange, ArtByte can be traded directly to Euros. In the US and the rest of the world, it is a two-step process. On an exchange that trades ArtByte/Bitcoin, you trade your ArtByte for Bitcoin, then trade the Bitcoin for cash on another exchange. In the US the biggest one for that is Coinbase. There are many exchanges around the world that trade Bitcoin for that country’s currency.
ArtByte trades on these exchanges:
Bittrex (BTC/ABY): (EUR/ABY, BTC/ABY):

Cryptopia (NZ)

ArtByte Forum to promote your contents and activities in SL®

Finally, if you are an SL® artist and you want to promote your contents on ArtByte Forum, you are welcome to do. It’s free. You have just registered an account and post them!

For any question, please comment this post.

“Tell me a story” at Delicatessen in Second Life®

“Tell me a story” at Delicatessen in Second Life®

Tell me a story” it is the latest and immersive art installation by Meilo Minotaur. It is intricate work that combines images, working environment and sculptures.

The artist’s idea, explained in the explanatory notecard, is to engage the visitor and asked him to play the active role of the narrator of a story. In fact, the installation composed of different areas, each one in its right, with distinctive personalities. Everything blends perfectly.

On the occasion of my visit, I particularly enjoyed the contrast of dark colors of most of the characters with the landscape mostly brilliant white. This choice of colors makes the photographs of the installation very suggestive and full of charm and mystery at the same time.



Of course everyone sees what they prefer, and the artist knows this; for this reason, she leaves the maximum mode of expression to visitors, allowing them to “tell their story,” through text, images or video at their absolute discretion.  

The idea of stimulating the visitor is intriguing, and because he feels active part and because it drives him to an exercise of imagination and storytelling especially crucial in our era where society offers everything as a “ready-made,” even art. Society hardy asks us to think, much less to imagine. The “daydreaming,” the reflection, the “form their own idea” of what surrounds us are primary elements in the development and personal growth. It seems that our society does not like people who have their own identity, but prefers those who accept the “pre-set answers.”


Meilo Minotaur is interested in knowing the stories of visitors who gives the most extensive mode of expression and asked to submit their ideas to her e-mail:

Wanting to give my contribution to the narrative, the scenarios proposed by Meilo inspire me stories style fairytale with a profound hidden message, such as “Alice in Wonderland.” I imagine a child who communicates with each of the characters and draws important lessons hidden in metaphorical narratives. The Meilo art installation, in fact, is surreal and reminiscent of a dream-like setting full of ideas that will easily inspire a “storytelling.”


On the other now also part of the art curators prefer to renew the interest of the visitor through narrative marketing techniques: the reason for this choice is to create a greater emotional involvement of the viewer.

What is storytelling and why it is considered so necessary for anyone involved in writing for the web and web marketing also?

Storytelling is the art of telling stories with writing. Beyond this simple definition, it is a very concrete concept because with storytelling you do not speak about tales, but you try to communicate something useful by telling stories. Stories like and have the uncanny ability to strike deep emotions of the reader; storytelling is a communication method that uses the narration to get to the heart of the reader.


Meino’s installation offers a scenario of inspiration, and it will not struggle getting caught by the imagination, reminding you to forward her your own stories.


Delicatessen – tell me a story

Meilo Minotaur

What do you feel when you dream? “Dreamer’s Feelings,” Art Installation in Second Life®

What do you feel when you dream? “Dreamer’s Feelings,” Art Installation in Second Life®

What are the feelings we experience during sleep? Our dreams which emotions arouse in us? Our dream visions are always an interesting topic because they represent a mystery and so they fascinate.

The Maddy Schmidtzau and Ciottolina Xue art installation entitled “Dreamer’s Feelings” hosted by Trésor De L’Art Gallery, develops this theme from an artistic point of view.

The dream (from the Latin somnium, derived from somnus, “sleep”) is a psychic phenomenon linked to sleep, particularly the REM phase, characterized by perception of images and sounds recognized as apparently real from the dreamer. The study and analysis of dreams lead us to identify a type of mental functioning which has laws and mechanisms other than conscious processes of thought that are the object of study of traditional psychology. Sigmund Freud pursued in the ‘900 the ambitious goal to understand and explain this mode of operation psychic apparatus describing the psychology of the dream, and he divided the functioning of the psychic apparatus in two forms which he called primary and secondary process. According to this theory, the dream would be a hallucinatory fulfillment of a wish remained unfulfilled during the day.



After Freud, many psychologists are interested in the dream trying to give their interpretation and explanation of this mysterious phenomenon.

Personally, I do not believe that the dream is a hallucination, indeed. Perhaps it is more real than we think. I agree, however, the brilliant interpretation of the dream given from the “Matrix” film, released in 1999, directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski. In particular, the scene where Morpheus asks Neo, the Chosen One: “Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? “.



If the dream was a hallucination, the dream awareness should not be possible, or should not be able to “wake up” within a dream. From personal experience, I know that it is possible and in this case, we speak about “lucid dream” (that is, aware of the “dream,” I am aware that I am dreaming). The lucid dream is a bridge to the impossible because, in the time of the dream consciousness, it’s possible controlling it, making it happen what we most desire. A hallucination, however, it is not controllable.



The art installation by Maddy Schmidtzau and Ciottolina Xue develops these themes, creating harmony, a kind of continuity between waking and sleep; where it ends of one border, and that of the other begins? The Maddy images, vibrant colors, shapes and surreal situations, contribute to enhancing the theme of the feelings of the dreamer. The three-dimensional forms of Ciottolina delimit a specific emotion on a particular topic, such as love and tenderness, for example. I think that the two types of expression (Maddy’s images and Ciottolina’s sculptures) “coexist” in a harmonious manner in the same “artistic home.”


The overall installation effect is delightful and invites the viewer to deepen the mystery of the “dream,” investigating the nuances and endless possibilities.


Dreamer’s Feeling

Maddy Schmidtzau

Ciottolina Xue

Other bloggers wrote…

“Dreamer’s Feelings” in Second Life®

Dreamer’s Feelings is the title of a collaborative 2D and 3D art installation by Maddy (Magda Schmidtzau) and CioTToLiNa Xue, which opened at Trésor de l’Art on January 10th, 2018.The installation is located in a sky gallery, reached via teleport from ground level – which instructions for the best viewing experience can also be found. Those who find the preferred windlight – Ambient Dark – a little to dim to see, might prefer setting their viewer to midnight. Do, however, take note of the need to have Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) enabled.

(click on the image to read the entire article)

Second Life® Photographers at the DiXmiX Art Gallery

Second Life® Photographers at the DiXmiX Art Gallery

The Dixmix Art Gallery is an artist living room that I have appreciated and frequented for about two years.

The Gallery is owned by Megan Prumier and by Dixmix Source, whose name it bears. The building is exquisite and holds three spaces for three different art galleries. In particular, they are the “Grey Gallery,” the “Black Gallery” and the “White Gallery.”

At this moment when I’m visiting the Art Gallery, the Gray one hosts the artworks of the same DixMix Source, with the exhibition entitled “Extases.” Starting from a photograph, he realizes artistic works that look like drawings on a rough canvas.

DIXMIX Art Gallery

Dixmix, in the presentation of his artistic project, says he has found the right inspiration in the Real Life works. In fact, as I said, his art looks like drawings on a rough canvas. The real-life artist who inspired this latest collection of Source is the French Ernest Pignon. As he says, this artist has been a source of inspiration, so was born in Dixmix the desire to create drawings also in the virtual environment.

More specifically, the collection consists of twelve acquisitions made for SL® with different themes (between spiritual and carnal, mystical and sensual), all located immediately at the entrance to the Gallery.

As mentioned, the inspiring French artist of the latest Dixmix Source collection is Ernest Pignon, an exponent of the Fluxus movement and situationism. His artistic research has like his purpose investigating the memories of places, which the artist evokes suggestively through site-specific displays of posters, drawings, and serigraphs. His fondness for the creation of works strongly related to the location of the destination, the political, cultural and social commitment shown in his work, in addition to a situationist and unsettling approach of his ephemeral installations, make Pignon considered today among the forerunners of the street art movement. The first project on the street dates back to 1966 and concerns the construction on the Albion plateau of a series of stencils depicting victims of the nuclear disaster in Hiroshima, in critical response to the creation of a launch base for nuclear missiles in the area. The profound link between work and context becomes from this moment a crucial aspect for Pignon, who rejects the art system, preferring to express himself directly in the places of inspiration. With this spirit, the following projects are also born, such as the vast poster set-up realized on the occasion of the centenary of the Parisian Commune (1971) or in the works accomplished in the town of Certaldo (Florence) in homage to Boccaccio and Pasolini (1980).

Dixmix Source thanks, those who have helped him for the realization of this innovative project, in particular, Kimi Eleonara for the static laying animations, Burk Bode for the shapes, So Lecker as a model and Jil Bonetto and Ica84 for the mesh canvas.

Cecilia Nansen Mode is a guest of the “White Gallery” at the DixmiX Art Gallery with her exhibition entitled “Within the voice of Björk.” I think the presentation that the same artist writes is the best to introduce her photographic art. 

“Within the voice of Björk I hear the roars of a beast of the North, cutting and scratching her way through life. The beast within a woman, fighting her roles, her sexuality, her need to fight the known, the comfortable and conform. The predictable and the expected.
Within the voice of Björk I hear the little girl; the soft and very tiny girl, pleasing and sweet. A girl, insecure and needy for protection, love, care, acceptance and to belong.
Within the voice of Björk, I hear the finest and most delicate tones, the softness of a winter lily, the thin film of frost on a morning window. The ballads of small Icelandic springs, and the waves of mountain grass swaying over the lands. Knowing ….knowing deep within it, a volcano resides. An inner volcano ready to spur in huge explosions, in sounds no one can even define as human.
Within the voice of Björk, I hear passion, anger, love, hate, hope, and fear. The deepest frustration and the highest of happiness. The acceptance of depression, the orgasmic explosions of joy.
– I hear a woman, I hear all women, I hear myself.”

DIXMIX Art Gallery

The singer Björk with her distinctive voice is, therefore, the source of inspiration for Cecilia’s works. She manages to capture the nuances of the famous singer, who brilliantly interprets different emotions. Enigmatic, magnetic and revolutionary, Iceland’s elven voice has combined a trip of the techno sound, trip-hop, jazz and pop to unique experimentation of its kind.

From iconic looks to psychedelic video clips, Björk has sold forty million records without betraying her original nature. Twenty-four years of music that, from the timeless Debut, have seen the Icelandic songwriter turn into a geisha, a robot, and a virtual muse. A triumph of masks that, even today, consecrates Björk, the queen of transformism.

The “Black Gallery” holds the photographs of Freekency Banx. The placement of this artist in the Gallery is pertinent because his works are in black and white with a predominance of dark colors. The images of this artist are narratives, telling stories of everyday life. The general tones in his communicative artistic works are humor, grotesque, mystery, and terror. Among the exhibited works, my favorite image is called “Kingsman“; I particularly appreciate it, because it reminds me of the best style of excellent real life photographers who prefer black and white style. For example, I think of Szymon Brodziak.

DIXMIX Art Gallery

The Dixmix Art Gallery is an essential point of reference for photographers, so I suggest to periodically visit to explore what’s new in SL® photography planet.


DiXMiX Art Gallery

Dixmix Source Flickr

Cecilia Nansen Mode Flickr

Freekency Banx Flickr

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The Dixmix Art Gallery in Second Life®
The Dixmix Art Gallery in Second Life®

Currently on display within the Black Gallery hall at DixMix Gallery, curated by Dixmix Source, is a selection of images by Cecilia Nansen Mode – whom I confess is one of my favorite exponents of the art of avatar studies. Entitled Within the Voice of Björk, the selection features some fifteen images inspired by the lyrics of thirteen songs by Icelandic singer Björk.

(click on the image to read the entire article)

The DiXmiX Art Gallery in SecondLife®
The DiXmiX Art Gallery in SecondLife®

The latest exhibition at DiXmiX Gallery, which opened on Wednesday, November 23rd 2016, features the art of Fingers (Fingers Scintilla) and Maloe Vansant, together with a new display of work by gallery owner and curator, DixMix Source.

Maloe and Fingers are ideally suited to be exhibited together: there is something of a similarity in style and vision in their work, and the pieces displayed at DiXmiX underline this perfectly, presenting a combined, yet highly individual pairing of studies.

(click on the image to read the entire article)

DiXMiX Art Gallery in Second Life®
DiXMiX Art Gallery in Second Life®

The DiXmiX Gallery, curated by Dixmix Source, is currently showing several concurrent exhibitions in its various galleries. The work of Fingers Scintilla (image above) recently opened at the White Gallery, where his portraits, often infused with bright colors, feature faces that stare out to us, sometimes impassively and sometimes fraught with emotion. In the Black Gallery, monochrome works by Gaus (Cicciuzzo Gausman) (image below) explore the female form, and these will remain on display until about December 8.

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The DiXMiX Art gallery entrance in Second Life®
The DiXMiX Art gallery entrance in Second Life®

Have you ever been so at one with art, that you ate, slept, and breathed it, just for starters?  A lot of what draws us here to Second Life, is the beauty to create and share, so this seems a very obvious answer, but I wanted to share my experience of DiXmiX Gallery with you, anyway!  You see, this place called to me, all my senses were stimulated by the unrelenting aesthetics here.

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The DiXMiX art Gallery in Second Life®
The DiXMiX art Gallery in Second Life®

The sim Furillen, curated by Serene Footman (read here) has become one of Second Life’s most often photographed sims. Recently, photographers were encouraged to submit their best images to Dixmix Source, who has selected seven outstanding works to exhibit in his DiXmiX Gallery, and these — by Iolanda Weidman, MollyWolliDoodle, Hayel Bracula, NikaLee, Oyona, Laura Mrs S, and Magic Maker — will remain on display in the Grey Gallery through the end of October. Additionally, in the White Gallery is a new show of striking images by Vallys Baxter entitled Women in Red. Additional exhibits are ongoing in DiXmiX’s other gallery spaces.

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The DiXMiX Art gallery in Second Life®
The DiXMiX Art gallery in Second Life®

Now open is the inaugural exhibition in the new DiXmiX Gallery (much expanded over its original incarnation, and once again beautifully designed by Megan Prumier), curated by Dixmix Source, and featuring artworks by Ariel Brearly, Grazia Horwitz, Ziki Questi, both Dixmix Source and Megan Prumier, and other artists. “We have built a realistic looking place to host Second Life’s Art, Photography, Sculpture, and Music events in one gallery where we hope you will enjoy to hang around and see works from talented artists,” says Dixmix. Ariel’s dreamy and evocative work, hosted in a double-height foyer (image above), are favorites from Dixmix’s own collection; he plans to invite the artist to display additional works in a forthcoming exhibition.

(click on the image to read the entire article)



The DiXMix Art gallery in Second Life®
The DiXMix Art gallery in Second Life®

Opening on Saturday, September 17th at 12: 00-noon SLT is the DiXmiX Gallery, a new venue for 2D and 3D art and for music in Second Life.

Designed by Megan Prumier (famous for Crimarizon and Deadpool) and curated by Dixmix Source, the gallery offers a large foyer area and three halls for art displays – the Black and the White Gallery Halls, which are apparently to be dedicated to monochrome art, with the Grey Gallery linking them. Art in these halls may be split over two levels, the ground floor, and a mezzanine area, while a music venue, The Atom, completes the major facilities.

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The DiXMix art Gallery in Second Life®
The DiXMix art Gallery in Second Life®

Now on display at the Dixmix Gallery, curated by dixmix Source, is Escape in the Landscapes, an exhibition of landscapes by Megan Prumier and Lam Erin. It’s a pleasure to see works by both artists: Megan may be best known to others as a builder and creator, but her luminous images are beautifully composed, and, as dixmix remarked as we talked, Lam “has very rarely shown inworld.”

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