Lost Unicorn. A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary in Second Life®

Second Life Photography

Those who love “fantasy style” must visit “Lost Unicorn,” a place in Second Life® full of evocative details typical of the most beautiful fairy tales.

The owner of this beautiful resort called Natalie Montagne: I think her sim is one of my favorites, and because I love the “fantasy” style and because I appreciate the attention to detail in setting the scene.

Natalie Montagne

Castles, unicorns, lights, and colors. Everything makes you dream in a winter environment, a theme with the current season.

Natalie has graced the sim with bot themed clothes so that we can meet different characters of the most famous fairy tales.

The visit to the town is comfortable because of the well-marked walking trails: trails of snow already trampled suggesting how to move.

Unicorn Forest

Bridges, snowy stairs, and signs indicate the most exciting places to explore.

The Lost Unicorn is also a place full of romance: there are lovely “alcoves” where you can spend unforgettable moments and take a beautiful souvenir photo.


Moreover, art lovers will not be disappointed when you visit the “Lost Unicorn Gallery,” an excellent art gallery where the best photographers exhibit their masterpieces.

Art Perspective, My Art Column on ECLIPSE Magazine


Location Details

Faerie Tale

Lost Unicorn Gallery


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