Month: February 2018

“Vivo e Cammino capovolto”… Mistero Hifeng and his art in Second Life®

Vivo e cammino capovolto by Mistero Hifeng

Tonight we talk about Mistero Hifeng, and as I publish my posts also in the forum of ArtByte dedicated to the artists of the virtual world, it is appropriate that I introduce him.
Mistero Hifeng has been decorating the Second Life® sims for years with his sweet and exciting art.


Artbyte, how support artists around the world and how also SL artists can advantage by this cryptocurrency

Mike Cabaniss, ArtByte

In my previous article, I introduced ArtByte and explained how it works and can be useful for Second Life® artists.
In this article, I will explain in detail the real possibilities for an SL® artist to have an economic help to promote his activity within the game and, why not, also in Real Life.

“From the worlds to the world” by Giovanna Cerise in Second Life®

Giovanna Cerise

At this moment I am visiting the latest artistic installation by Giovanna Cerise, a critical expression of post-modern society and its depersonalization. What is meant by post-modern and how did post-modernism influence art, philosophy, and literature? “Postmodern” is a term used to connote the anthropological and cultural condition resulting from the crisis and to the

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WATCH: Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” Recreated in SL in This Machinima Classic

Van Gogh

I agree this is one of the best machinima ever made in Second Life®. I remember that the first person who showed me this video was Solkide Auer and I was impressed by the author’s ability to create a painting by Van Gogh through simple prims (at that time there was no mesh, the author

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High Fidelity to Launch Virtual Reality-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange at “BankofHighFidelity”

cryptocurrency in virtual worlds

Speaking of virtual currency and virtual worlds, I think it is fascinating and promising news that Philip Rosedale has decided to open the doors of High Fidelity to new digital coins. In the news published on his blog on February 1 this year, Philip announces two new features: – the possibility for an HF (High

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“Luci e Sculture” by Maddy & Solkide @Koca Gallery in Second Life®

Luci e sculture in Second Life®

Starting Wednesday, 2018, February 7th at the Koca Gallery in Second Life®, the 2D and 3D exhibition by Maddy Schimitzau and Solkide Auer is open to the public. This exhibition is the consequence of the beautiful collaboration between two artists with a decidedly different style, whose fusion gives life to an explosion of lights, colors, and movement. I like

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Romantic Spots in Second Life®, Santa Maria dell’Isola di Tropea (Timeless Memories)

Santa Maria dell'Isola di Tropea in Second Life

I record this video to thank all those who supported me in the re-opening of Santa Maria dell’Isola di Tropea (Timeless Memories). You made donations, and you wrote me to thank me for choosing to keep the sim open to the public. I am happy to share with you all beautiful moments of joy in

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