Speaking of virtual currency and virtual worlds, I think it is fascinating and promising news that Philip Rosedale has decided to open the doors of High Fidelity to new digital coins.
In the news published on his blog on February 1 this year, Philip announces two new features:
the possibility for an HF (High Fidelity) user to pay another user with the internal currency in the game (the HFC)
the opportunity for HF users to convert HFC into another digital money (such as BitCoin, ArtByte, etc.).
I hope this news spurs Linden Lab to do the same: the possibility of using digital money in virtual worlds, without slow exchange services, is that innovation that can make the difference between an active gaming economy and a less one.

Philip Rosedale just announced that his new High Fidelity platform is enabling user-to-user payments of HTC, its blockchain-based, centrally-managed cryptocurrency. To help spur the virtual economy, the company is also giving out free “grants” of HTC to early users of…

Source: High Fidelity to Launch Virtual Reality-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange at “BankofHighFidelity”

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