Seductions” is the latest artistic installation by Lorys Lane and Aloisio Congrejo hosted by LEA23.


The theme of seduction is dealt with through images, urban paths, moving figures and geometric shapes that furnish the space in an enveloping way and inviting the viewer to discover more.


The artist Jack Vettriano inspired some images: he was a Scottish painter of Italian origins. Vettriano was born in the city of Methil in Scotland by a humble and low-income family. His condition of economic hardship led him to find work since a very young age (at 16 he was already working in the mine). It was only in the seventies when he completed his twenty-first birthday, which Vettriano will begin to paint, thanks to the gift received from a set of watercolors. His first works are signed with the surname of his father, Hoggan and are mostly reproductions of impressionists. After fourteen years, Jack will be able to find his style, what we know today, and that will lead him to feel ready for a professional exhibition of his works. On this occasion, he will also change his signature in Jack Vettriano (from the mother’s surname).


Seduction, a favorite theme also by the same artist Vettriano, is a topic that involves the public and at the same time divides it. This aspect is why there is apparently no objective parameter of seduction, and you can use the same term in different meanings, some of which have nothing to do with legal aspects of sexuality.

Seduction is born in mind, above all. And everyone’s mind is the most intriguing and mysterious place at the same time.

Which also means that first the mind is seduced and then the body. Naturally, as already anticipated, seduction takes on different connotations from person to person and is also very different from man and woman: what seduces man does not necessarily coincide with what conquers the woman (especially in the initial phases of the game).

The only sure thing is that seduction is “game” and as such is healthy. Playing with the seduction is a way to meet the other, in the most immediate sense of the term, that is to want to approach the other, lowering the defenses.
In some pathological cases, seduction is also a weapon of manipulation, but Lorys and Aloisio’s installation speaks of “healthy” seduction so I will not elaborate further on this last aspect.


As I have already anticipated, the artistic installation consists in the occupation of the whole space of the LEA23 through geometric shapes, moving figures, urban paths and images. The artist Vettriano inspires some of them, others are the result of the imagination of Lorys and Aloisio.

Regarding other articles published on this photographic exhibition, I must say that, as a rule, I do not read anything until I wrote the article, but in this case I let myself go to read the article published in Virtual World Magazine and written by Aquiladellanotte Kondor. The author considers merit to exploit all the tools that SL® makes available in the presentation of an artistic installation, considering the classic exhibition inside a gallery not very involving. I agree with this way of looking, in fact, SL® offers a lot concerning creativity. Sometimes, used to the limits of real life, the mind closes and tends to reproduce in the virtual the same limiting dynamics of reality.

The “Seduction” artistic installation will remain open until the end of June, and I advise you not to lose it.


Title: “Seductions

Artists: Lorys Lane – Aloisio Congrejo

Where: LEA23

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