Some lands are born with the needs of the artists in mind, and “Cake” is one of them.


Created by AJ (anyajurelle), Cake (located on a parcel of Cerveza Island) offers photographers, bloggers, and vloggers plenty of ideas for narratives, images, and recordings. In a brightly colored setting, you are greeted by a mantle of spring lawn embellished with flowers of all colors.

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Caravans that seem to come out of the ’60s, balloons and reassuring statues help to make the “climate” familiar and make the visitor feel welcome and at ease.

The site occupies an area of 8192 square meters, but it seems much more extensive because the objects are well distributed and, being Cerveza Island a full sim, the number of prims available make it possible to obtain an excellent level of detail.




Windlight Settings Recommended: Fairy Dark Blue (Paulina)


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