Pain unites, this is a thought that I have always held true. It accompanies us throughout life, in a flow of events that alternate with each other making us taste the bittersweet nature of our existence.


Pain is the central theme of Nevereux‘s art exhibition, entitled “Out of here,” hosted by the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery (whose art curator and owner at the same time is Dido Haas).

The Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery usually hosts an artistic black and white image, but in this case, it makes a pleasant exception. The colors of the pictures, to be honest, are not turned on, on the contrary, they are very discreet, almost timidly hinted at.

As anticipated, Nevereaux faces the problematic theme of suffering that accompanies our existence, in a flow of events sometimes incomprehensible. The technique she uses is symbolism, as a symbolic message is present in each of her works, whether the image is surreal or traditional. For example, the splendid image titled “Adieux Beta version,” where the only color element is the red poppies, it seems to symbolize the contrast between the mood of the person sitting on the bench and the joy of those spring flowers (which seem make fun of their sad traveler’s liveliness). Or the image entitled “Every song is a lament” that well symbolizes the desire to escape, to escape from a painful and senseless existence.

As anticipated by the same Nevereux, in this performance there is no mention of “great pains”, the theme of a “normal existence” is tackled with its daily difficulty and the painful senselessness of the passing of time and, with it, of events and people dear to us.

I particularly appreciated the images that have a touch of surreality, being I lover of this artistic style and creating it in my turn. The surreal well marries with symbolism and Nevereux effectively succeeds in her communicative intent. Just think, for example, of the image entitled “The vast emptiness,” with the mirror instead of the head reflecting a path with an uncertain outcome, with blurred contours. That’s life. Even the image entitled “Shipwrecked,” reflects very well that “get lost in the sea of events” that happens to everyone, sooner or later. It is not drowning, it is an inability to “float,” you ” pull strings” of existence that becomes less and less understandable with the passing (inexorable) of time. And again, the image titled “Looking back” symbolizes with care the turning back of the look of the weary traveler, almost wondering if there really existed that joyous past, that idyllic childhood.

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Here we do not talk about significant traumas, we do not face tragedies. There is the talk of a regular flow of events, with its daily difficulties, it’s no moments, its losses, etc. It is not about “hard mortal blows” inflicted by life, but the “slow agony” that is our existence.

Naturally, life is also a pleasure. In this context, Nevereux deals with the theme of pain and suffering.

To conclude with a positive message, I would say that suffering, pain, are the other side of the same coin of love; Padre Pio rightly noted that those who have significantly suffered have also loved much.

Congratulations to Nevereux for this engaging performance and to Dido Haas for another artistic success.


Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery

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