Day: May 4, 2018

+ The five failures of Sansar

The 5 failures of Sansar®

As we all know, Sansar® is not giving the expected results of Linden Lab®, representing, to date, an expense and indeed not a company. LEGGI IN ITALIANO Anyone who has entered Sansar® at least once knows its limitations and has guessed the reasons for this failure that should have been understood by LL before embarking on this (shipwreck) adventure. Moreover, the “initial secrecy from … Read More The 5 failures of Sansar®

+ I 5 fallimenti di Sansar

I 5 fallimenti di Sansar®

Come tutti bene sappiamo, Sansar® non sta dando i risultati sperati da Linden Lab®, rappresentando, ad oggi, una spesa e non certo un’impresa. READ IN ENGLISH Chiunque sia entrato in Sansar® almeno una volta ne conosce i grossi limiti e ha intuito i motivi di questo insuccesso che avrebbero dovuto essere compresi da LL prima di imbarcarsi in questa (naufragante) avventura. Oltretutto, la “segretezza … Read More I 5 fallimenti di Sansar®

+ Second Life

The contradictory data of Second Life®

Today I had the pleasure of reading a couple of interesting articles on the blog “New World Notes” and that I would like to share. In the first article Hamlet, inspired by a comment published by Chic Aeon on his blog, analyzes a phenomenon with important implications, especially in the long run: the death (as a natural fact) of people skilled with SL. LEGGI … Read More The contradictory data of Second Life®