Today I had the pleasure of reading a couple of interesting articles on the blog “New World Notes” and that I would like to share. In the first article Hamlet, inspired by a comment published by Chic Aeon on his blog, analyzes a phenomenon with important implications, especially in the long run: the death (as a natural fact) of people skilled with SL.


This is a regular event and if we want to be taken for granted, but it will produce, especially in the future, essential consequences that could force Linden Lab® to change the virtual environment to make it more usable by the new generations.

I’ll explain. SL®, as we all know, is not easy to learn and requires a good dose of patience and a desire to improve. The hoped-for results arrive proportionally to the commitment one puts into it. For example, learning to use Blender from scratch 0 is not a “walk,” but also less demanding hobbies such as photography, require a good deal of patience and commitment to using Photoshop and other graphics programs. The people of my generation (I am 43 years old) and beyond are used to “sweat the successes” and to commit to succeed is a universal fact.

As for the new generations, however, except for some, it has been seen that patience is lacking, so today’s kids want to get results right away, or else they give up.

SL®, as mentioned, is not a simple platform to learn and this difficulty of the MMO contrasts with the “everything and immediately” of modern youth … so what are the possible future scenarios?

Surely one possibility is that Linden Lab® changes strategy and decides to adapt to this generational change by simplifying the platform (and making it even cheaper, because the job instability that characterizes young people today does not allow them to spend large amounts in virtual fees).

If on the one hand there is this death of historical people in SL®, on the other side the economic revenues of the MMO are astonishing, as highlighted in a second article by Hamlet. Some numbers to better understand the current financial situation:



So, we can say that the creators of SL® (as a whole) collect as much as the company … not bad, eh?

From the graphic that follows, which Linden Lab® has given to Hamlet, you can also see which sectors have the most significant luck on the platform:

Second Life® gainings 2018

NWN Graphic

All this comforting data, out of tune with another data, however, is worrying: the number of monthly users who live the platform for 90% of the total hours, which settles around 150,000 users.

If this data is compared with two others, i.e., the total number of accounts created so far (57,000,000) and with the number of new monthly registrations (350,000), the above data remains a mystery.

In short, a prosperous virtual world in which the fixed users that are more present are 150,000 … strange, is not it?

I would like to know your opinion, feel free to comment to let me know what you think.

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