Great tutorial to give realism to your photos using light settings.

Second Sighting

Glamourous Peacock (or The Persistence Of Beauty): playing with light in SL Glamorous Peacock (or The Persistence Of Beauty): picture taken with projected light in Second Life

I’ve been conducting some experiments with photograph in Second Life involving both realism and the use of light, and I think I’ve arrived to some conclusions that I could share here. They have to do, on the one hand, with the preparations for the pictures in SL and, on the other hand, with post-production. As for the post-production part, those who use The Gimp will probably find my observations more useful. Still, photographers who use other software options, such as Photoshop, may benefit from some general ideas and by finding equivalent steps to reach similar effects to those that I will mention in this text. This is not a tutorial, though, and readers won’t see a step-by-step guide here to arrive at any particular result. This is so, because what one could actually do in…

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