Theda Tammas In Second Life®

“Choreography of a tortured soul” by Theda Tammas in Second Life®

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Theda Tammas is a known and appreciated artist. In this artistic installation entitled “choreography of a tortured soul,” she describes well the human condition of the woman as if she wanted to denounce a social situation on the margins as a worldwide phenomenon.


I have appreciated Theda for a long time, I like the direct way she denounces a social condition, to highlight, through metaphorical statues, a painful situation of the kind. Her sculptures are all suffering women, wounded in the chest.

Theda Tammas In Second Life®
Theda Tammas In Second Life®

The suffering to which the artist refers, I believe, can be understood both in the sense of physical and moral pain. The outcome does not change, Theda tells about women affected in one way or another.

The condition of the Woman is among the most complex and subtle to treat. There are situations of evident disparity in countries with little development where women are even killed if they do not comply with the social rules of subordination to men. However, even without reaching countries of this type, disparity can also be seen in the highly evolving Western world which, if formally, declares that women must be protected and gender equality guaranteed, in practice still makes too little for the principles, from declarations of intent, they become a reality.

Theda Tammas In Second Life®
Theda Tammas In Second Life®

We think of the numerous cases of women killed (not talking about backward countries, but Western) from their husbands, partners or boyfriends. The Society still does little to protect women from such dangers and sanctions are ridiculous when compared to the seriousness of the crime committed.

We do not like to say it, we pretend nothing, we are indignant in front of the umpteenth news and then turn the page as if nothing had happened. But for a woman who dies, there are children abandoned to their destiny, people who have sincerely loved them who see their lives suddenly change, without reason.

Theda Tammas In Second Life®
Theda Tammas In Second Life®

Moreover, even without getting to the femicide, there are numerous cases of sexual violence that, just because too many, are treated as “normal” facts, as if we were to adapt to the fact that a woman can be raped and cannot be dramatized. It is not explained otherwise because the penalties for sexual violence are, today, so low. Prisons are overcrowded, and the frequency of this type of crime would make them uninhabitable with adequate penalties.

Theda Tammas In Second Life®
Theda Tammas In Second Life®

Moreover, Theda has realized what I have long held to be a significant opportunity for artists: it has created animated statues through the Animesh technique (currently only in Beta version).

Here is her video where she is showing the effectiveness of the experiment:

Animated Sculptures

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