December 12, 2018

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Monthly Archives: September 2018

  • My exhibition @ “SOLO ARTE”

    My exhibition @ “SOLO ARTE”

    This year, after a long absence from art, I had the pleasure of exhibiting some of my images at the "ONLY ART", invited by Terry Gold. LEGGI IN ITALIANO The "ONLY ART" is totally renewed, as Terry herself anticipated to me a couple of months before this exhibition. I visit it with her, who explains…

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  • Thank YOU for supporting ME

    Thank YOU for supporting ME

    A little more than a year after the design of my Youtube channel where I share the videos of artistic events in SL® and those I put also in FB, I think it is appropriate I clarify some aspects of my way of working, seasoned with the many messages I receive on my page. My work…

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  • Paola Mills hosted @ArtSpace UTSA Tejano Tech

    Paola Mills hosted @ArtSpace UTSA Tejano Tech

    Sometimes I browse the news that you, the creative and passionate inhabitants of the metaverse, published on my Facebook group "Art in Virtual Worlds", masterfully administered by dear Magda Maroa (magda.schmidtzau). LEGGI IN ITALIANO This time I found this post that directed me to the art exhibition of the eclectic Paola Mills, which I have…

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  • LuAnne Anatine @Holly Kai Gallery

    LuAnne Anatine @Holly Kai Gallery

    I receive Inara's invitation to visit the exhibition of LuAnne Anatine @Holly Kai Gallery and, last night, on the occasion of the opening, I visit it with Van. LEGGI IN ITALIANO I admit that I had not yet had the opportunity to know the style and technique of LuAnne (a lack of me). Entering one…

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  • ASTRAL DREAMS Project w Oema @LEA1

    ASTRAL DREAMS Project w Oema @LEA1

    Astral Dreams Project with Oema Resident has the pleasure to invite you all for the 2nd edition opening. Many excellent artists will be waiting for you there. Astral Dreams Project con Oema Resident ha il piacere di invitarvi tutti per l'apertura della 2 ° edizione. Molti artisti eccellenti ti aspetteranno lì. References september 8. 2018…

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