December 12, 2018

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Monthly Archives: October 2018

  • HALLOWEEN PARTY Astral Dreams Project (with Oema)

    HALLOWEEN PARTY Astral Dreams Project (with Oema)

    Friday, October 26th at 22:30 will "close the dances" of the art exhibition created by Astral Dreams Project in collaboration with me. LEGGI IN ITALIANO During these months we had the honor and the pleasure of hosting artists from all over the world. After a first exhibition dedicated only to Italian artists, we followed one…

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  • “WATER” by Akim Alonzo (LEA 29)

    “WATER” by Akim Alonzo (LEA 29)

    Akim Alonzo opens his installation entitled "Water" at LEA29, and I was present at its opening. As soon as you reach the landing point, you can pick up the explanatory notecard of the author, which, as always, I suggest you read to understand the point of view of the artist or, at least, his exhibition…

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  • “THE NIGHT” (by Arisa), sang by OEMA

    “THE NIGHT” (by Arisa), sang by OEMA

    And nothing, it happens that you wake up one morning and find that strength to sing that seemed off for a while. I chose "La Notte" by Arisa, a piece that I love. Me @Satyr E niente, accade che ti svegli una mattina e ritrovi quella forza di cantare che sembrava spenta da un po'.…

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  • “HYPERCUBE” by Moki Yuitza @LEA19

    “HYPERCUBE” by Moki Yuitza @LEA19

    Second Life® becomes an increasingly defined and exciting virtual world, the avatars are credible and the environments convincing. We know that this improvement was possible with the arrival of the mesh, that is, through the use of 3D modeling programs that allow you to manipulate with greater precision and definition than traditional prims. SCORRI IN…

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  • CHANGING MOODS by Monique (Moni) Beebe @NITROGLOBUS

    CHANGING MOODS by Monique (Moni) Beebe @NITROGLOBUS

    And here I am again at the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, this time to write up about the black and white photographic exhibition of Monique (Moni) Beebe. SCORRI IN FONDO PER L'ITALIANO Even though this period is convulsive for me and, sometimes, it seems to me to "chase" the commitments without succeeding, today in the…

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