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Hands by Oema
Art In Second Life

“Hands” by Oema

Credits Baby Pie Baylee Mesh – BABY by gαвву (gabrielle.gregory) → Visit on Marketplace Baby Pie Baylee Bangles Bracelet* by gαвву (gabrielle.gregory) → Visit on Marketplace Baby Pie Baylee Hairbow by gαвву (gabrielle.gregory) → Visit on Marketplace Baby Pie Baylee Ballet Flat by gαвву (gabrielle.gregory) → Visit on Marketplace

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ECLIPSE Magazine

ECLIPSE Magazine February 2019

For the fourth anniversary issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature the stories of six transgender residents who share how they found strength and community in Second Life. On a fashion perspective, “Through the Lens” showcases an anti-Valentines Day/Love Yourself spread, and we have two pictorial spreads feature the content creations of E.V.E. and Nishi. The World of Magic opens on…

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Bye for now
Second Life®

Goodbye for now (see you soon)

In the coming months, I will be working with Van on an artistic project thanks to the collaboration of some British, American and Australian artists. The project is demanding, so it will be impossible for me to take care of the contents during this period. However, I will continue to be active on my Facebook page and on the art…

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Frenchy and Caly's Art Exhibition @The Wild Weed & SS25
Art In Second Life, Second Life®

Frenchy and Caly’s exhibition @Wild Weed & SS25 Art Gallery

The Wild Weed & SS25 Art Gallery hosts the artistic exhibition by Frenchy25 (UUID: 3be35c30-93b2-4ae2-bd7b-7c6be5bf5955) and by Calypso Applewhite (UUID: 1bdf1a00-b393-4935-9aa8-75b9af8c9637). Frenchy25 is the artistic curator at the VOIR art gallery.  He and his partner Calypso are artist who skillfully manipulates the images captured in SL® to obtain interesting results. On the occasion of his opening, the enchanting Phoemie Alcott…

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