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DixMix Gallery Second Life
Art In Second Life, Second Life®

DixMix art gallery artists showcase (April)

Tonight I return to the DixMix Art Gallery after several days of absence. The three artistic rooms now host the following artists: Grey Gallery: A DeLAUREN Black Gallery: Lalbu White Gallery: Moon Edenbaum They are three different artists in style, subjects depicted, color choice and overall “mood.” Geometric shapes and color on the nude woman body is the style of…

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Poetical Revolt by Iono Allen
Second Life®

“Poetical Revolt”, machinima by Iono Allen

Everywhere, a wind of revolt blows, a new consciousness arises, a battle is waged between humanity as a whole and a minuscule segment of that same humanity. The keywords? Injustice, climate, pollution! Machinima Details “Poetical Revolt”An Installation lauding poetry and its incendiary power in Second Life:– by Tutsy Navarathna and Yoon– curated by Olympes Rhode.– Images: Angie Abraham, ChimKami, Tutsy…

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