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New Linden Homes
Second Life®

New Linden Homes are coming (soon)

As you know, Linden Lab is working on the creation of a new continent that will host the new homes for premium users. These will be the houseboats that are most in demand. Traditional houses will follow. Both the houseboats and the traditional homes occupy an area of 1024 sqm compared to the 512 sqm of the first generation homes.…

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Noelia Island In Second Life
Second Life Destinations, Second Life®

The Mediterranean beauty of Noelia Island in Second Life

Noelia Island is a beautiful Mediterranean-style resort in Second Life. It consists of 3 islands, one is the largest and hosts the enchanting Villa Toscana. A smaller one hosts a space for the meditation and spirituality in general, and finally, the last smaller one is for musical events. Noelia Island Description Ida Carlberg (https://my.secondlife.com/Ida Carlberg/) created Noelia Island. It is…

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