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New 709 houseboats sold in 27 minutes: a record!

Patch Linden announced 12 hours ago in the forum dedicated to new Linden houses the launch of 709 new houseboats. When he wrote the post, Patch he expected that they would be sold in a short time and, in fact, he wrote it.
I’m not sure, however, if Patch expected the new boathouses to be sold in 27 minutes, a record time!
Since the new Linden homes disappear so quickly from release, I think the best solution is to use a tool that refreshes the page a premium user can choose their preferred allocation from.


  • If you own a house you don’t like, leave it inworld;
  • once abandoned, go to the page where you can choose your new home, here
  • if you use Chrome (and I recommend you to do so) put this page between the pages that Chrome automatically opens at the start. Go to Settings (click on the three vertically arranged dots at the top right and then scroll to Settings) → Go to “At startup” where you can add pages that automatically open when you start the browser and add the link I put in the previous point;
  • Add to Chrome the following extension: Easy Auto Refresh (it refreshes any page every few seconds, according to your preferences. I recommend it every 5 seconds).

Keep Chrome open and look at the page that is automatically updated by Easy Auto Refresh.

The method I just described I used myself to get my traditional house in Bellisseria. I don’t like houseboats, so I needed a traditional house. They are rare, although Patch has nodded new versions of traditional Linden houses.
I also recommend that you always take a look at the Linden Houses forum page where Patch annotates new releases (this time the post was not published on the official Blog, so the announcement was not visible on the SL Dashboard).



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