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I am, for sure, an art passionate. I’ve dedicated much time to explore art destinations in Second Life, sharing my experiences in this blog and on my Youtube Channel also.

I am many things, just for my pleasure: a drawer, musician, and art passionate.

Having a full RL, I can’t write as often as I would love, but I do my best.

If you have any questions or you think I could help in some way, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Eroticism Masks in Second Life®
Art In Second Life, Second Life®

“Eroticism Masks”, art installation in Second Life®

Contents1 Machinima2 SLurl Detail “Eroticism Masks” is the art installation by Maddy and Cordediseta hosted on my sim, Astralia. I am glad to host this gallery because it’s “out of the charts.” I don’t mean that realize a nude photography exposition is “strange,” just that this theme (nude photography) is treating (like argument) in a (special) way. The specialty of this exposition…

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Art In Second Life, Second Life®

Soosh art gallery in Second Life®

Contents1 Machinima2 Blog3 Flickr4 SLurl Detail Fantasy, color and spirituality lovers will fall in love with Soosh Art Gallery, space entirely dedicated to Roxlette Resident‘s artistic work (Rox Soosh). The environment is rich in colors, relaxing spaces and in harmony with the soul, fantasy places that leave room for imagination and creativity. It is in this “space” of total relaxation…

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