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April dedicated to art at the Maison d’Aneli

I arrived at the Maison d’Aneli landing point which I knew was presenting outstanding artists during April.
At first, I think I had the wrong landmark, as I find myself in a garage motor show by Willem Koba. However, I soon realize that I was in the right place when I saw the teleports section in front of me towards the art exhibition.

Artists showcase @Maison D’Aneli

The teleport leads as usual to the gallery upper floor which hosts three artists: Calypso Applewhite, Bachi Cheng, and the same Maison’s owner and art curator, Aneli Abeyante.
The gallery’s lower part presents Magda Schmidtzau, RazorZ, Theda Thammas, and Iono Allen instead.
Arriving at the top of the gallery, the first artist I dwell on is Calypso Applewhite, which I had already known and appreciated in the past visiting the VOIR Gallery, which of she is co-owner along with her partner Frenchy. I talked about them and my impressions of their art in the following post:

In her exhibition at the Maison d’Aneli, Capypso Applewhite offers her avatar images essentially and elaborately at the same time. Essential, as she does not use sophisticated photographic compositions or graphic montages, elaborated since the few elements added to the avatar are chosen with high accuracy and enhance the woman making use of a robust communicative impact. Applewhite prefers black and white, and when she uses color, she picks red as the predominant in the art scene. The artist’s pictures are of considerable visual impact; they immediately capture the attention of the visitor who remains intrigued and involved.
On the upper floor, there is also Bachi Cheng which presents a series of her works made in RL and which of she has imported textures in Second Life for exhibition purposes. Her designs capture and display the emotions of a moment, moments of life that she loves to catch and rework according to her taste and feel. These are brightly colored designs, full of passion and emotional transport and that makes you think of a fully lived life.

Also on the top floor is the art of Aneli Abeyante, owner and art curator at the Maison d’Aneli. The art of Aneli is predominantly fractal, that is by moving geometric shapes. She presents herself with soft and gentle colors and movements that have a calming effect on the observer.
Downstairs are Magda Schmidtzau’s images those I am familiar with as I have been following Maddy for years now. Her style is unmistakable; she mixes the feminine form with the geometric one to create a union of emotion and reason. During the years Maddy wanted and knew how to explore different styles, giving the observer new feelings.
For the first time, I explore the art by RazorZ, which I had never had the pleasure of knowing before now. His artistic show is by geometric shapes, colors and movement, all carefully elaborated both in 2D and in 3D. Undeniably an intriguing and engaging style.
Finally, the largest room on the lower floor is for Theda Thammas and Iono Allen, two authorities in the artistic field. The Thammas and Allen present “Samurai” which I share with pleasure to entice the reader to see it. The film is shot by Iono who values Theda’s art in a stunning Japanese-style machinima.

Teleport to Maison D’Aneli

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