December 9, 2018

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  • How to draw hair for Second Life® pictures

    How to draw hair for Second Life® pictures

    Drawing hair is one of the most challenging activities for photographers of Second Life®. Some just don't, leaving the image raw from this point of view. I'm a little fixed on the importance of giving credibility to the image, and I like to get the most realistic result possible.To do this, I use BlackDragon Viewer…

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  • Eviana Robbiani @ Club LA and Gallery

    Eviana Robbiani @ Club LA and Gallery

    Eviana Robbiani opens the doors of her photographic exhibition at the gallery "Club LA and Gallery".At the landing point, you will receive an introductory notecard of the three art exhibitions currently open to the public at the Club LA and Gallery. LEGGI IN ITALIANO Entering the corridor on the left, the first photographic exhibition you…

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  • Stay Human

    Stay Human

    I believe that, at least once in our lives, it has happened to each of us to be the victim of some slander. The reasons why you may be the subject of negative comments from others may be different. A friend with whom we discussed who vents with someone else, a former love which seeks…

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  • That need to show off what you’re not

    That need to show off what you’re not

    The happiness, the real one, that intoxicates our existence and catches us suddenly, unprepared for its seemingly senseless arrival (because there does not seem to be a reason to justify its alternation to our reality of the moment) is an event as rare as precious. I'm talking about that kind of "magic" serenity that doesn't…

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  • “Waterworld” in Second Life®

    “Waterworld” in Second Life®

    Virtual worlds are able to host expressive and communicative modes of expression and, among these, musicals and theatrical performances.  As for the theatre, I have already written about how it is possible, through avatars, creating a real representation: I talked about it in this post dedicated to the show of the company "Le Nuvole Cadute."…

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  • Phishing, stalking and environs

    Phishing, stalking and environs

    I decided to write a post on a topic that I usually do not deal with because talking with friends, I realized that phishing in Second Life® still causes victims, causing concern and considerable hassle to get back your account. LEGGI IN ITALIANO Linden Lab is trying to streamline the procedures about the timing of…

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  • HALLOWEEN PARTY Astral Dreams Project (with Oema)

    HALLOWEEN PARTY Astral Dreams Project (with Oema)

    Friday, October 26th at 22:30 will "close the dances" of the art exhibition created by Astral Dreams Project in collaboration with me. LEGGI IN ITALIANO During these months we had the honor and the pleasure of hosting artists from all over the world. After a first exhibition dedicated only to Italian artists, we followed one…

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  • “WATER” by Akim Alonzo (LEA 29)

    “WATER” by Akim Alonzo (LEA 29)

    Akim Alonzo opens his installation entitled "Water" at LEA29, and I was present at its opening. As soon as you reach the landing point, you can pick up the explanatory notecard of the author, which, as always, I suggest you read to understand the point of view of the artist or, at least, his exhibition…

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  • “THE NIGHT” (by Arisa), sang by OEMA

    “THE NIGHT” (by Arisa), sang by OEMA

    And nothing, it happens that you wake up one morning and find that strength to sing that seemed off for a while. I chose "La Notte" by Arisa, a piece that I love. Me @Satyr E niente, accade che ti svegli una mattina e ritrovi quella forza di cantare che sembrava spenta da un po'.…

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