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Art In Second Life, Second Life®

“Astral Dreams Project” @LEA8

Astral Dreams Project opens its doors again this year to artists who want to participate at the invitation of Jack Davies and Mina Arcana, the owners of Astral Dreams.In this interview I ask them to illustrate the project, to better understand their aspirations, expectations, and ideas about one of the most interesting artistic programs that, last year, was very successful.Convinced…

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New Linden Homes
Second Life®

New Linden Homes are coming (soon)

Contents1 Traditional homes2 Houseboats3 Fantasy and good taste of Second Life users4 Forum about Linden Home5 Video As you know, Linden Lab is working on the creation of a new continent that will host the new homes for premium users. These will be the houseboats that are most in demand. Traditional houses will follow. Both the houseboats and the traditional…

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Noelia Island In Second Life
Second Life Destinations, Second Life®

The Mediterranean beauty of Noelia Island in Second Life

Contents0.0.1 Noelia Island Description0.0.2 Noelia Island Main Credits0.0.3 Noelia Island SLurl0.0.4 Noelia Island Web0.0.5 Noelia Island on Flickr0.0.6 Noelia Island in Second Life Destinations1 Noelia Island1.0.1 Video Noelia Island is a beautiful Mediterranean-style resort in Second Life. It consists of 3 islands, one is the largest and hosts the enchanting Villa Toscana. A smaller one hosts a space for the…

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Whimberly In Second Life
Second Life Destinations, Second Life®

Peace, serenity and nature @Whimberly in Second Life

Contents1 Location Description2 Whimberly Photogallery3 Whimberly SLurl3.1 Whimberly Main Credits3.2 Video Whimberly is a location created by the photographer Staubi Reilig ( Location Description It is an enchanting setting for those seeking nature and peace. It provides moments of serenity and detachment from the daily chaos. The theme is spring, so it’s perfect for immersing yourself in the season we’re…

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Missing Melody in Second Life
Second Life Destinations, Second Life®

Missing Melody (Second Life Destinations)

Contents1 Location Description 2 Missing Melody Photogallery3 Missing Melody SLurl4 Missing Melody Main Credits 5 Video Missing Melody in Second Life is a “latest generation” location that Bambi ( has recently renovated. Location Description At the time of my visit, Missing Melody has an inner structure where the main square is. The square consists of 4 charming and colorful houses…

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Sansar and the decline of VR

Virtual Reality has not been as successful as hoped and, as it has been for 3D and its televisions, it sells less and less. VR viewers are very expensive, but that doesn’t seem to be the reason for the failure of virtual reality. The essential point is that it doesn’t involve the viewer enough. As you know, three of the…

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