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Calas ‘A MIDNIGHT CLEAR’ in Second Life®

A few days ago Lolita Pralou, my dear friend, advised me to visit Calas ‘A MIDNIGHT CLEAR’, a winter resort, perfect for this time of year. I accepted her suggestion with enthusiasm because I know that Lolita has an excellent taste. The location is structured in two adjacent sims, a full sim, and a homestead. Here is the map:

The creators and owners of the sims are Ty Tenk (tymus.tenk) and Truck (truck.meredith). The sims are owned by the Forest of Lothlorian group (secondlife:///app/group/5dff3dcc-1bdf-a73b-1d2f-25fd1668899f/about).
The full sim is EREBOR, which has at its center a suggestive and broad skating rink: in the center of the arena, there is a tall Christmas tree that decorates the space dedicated to skating with taste. For all those who like to race, like me, I suggest you try the skating animations that are realistic and fluid in movement. I tried them last night, and I confess that I struggled to get away from them!

Creators decorated the whole part of the sim surrounding the skating rink with attention to detail: the snow textures, the snowy rocks, the snowy pines enriched with bright lights, the train running on a bridge decorated with colorful lights… everything contributes to make this (unique) winter landscape stunning.
Many details enrich the train: the carriages inside seem to have come out of reality and visiting them you can feel for a moment the feeling that the setting is the result of the imagination of two good creators is real. I attended the carriages with Van, and we both had the same feeling of extreme realism.
Even the lights chosen to furnish the different points of the place leave amazed: the creators have put them in the right places, to illuminate the surrounding environment suggestively. They are not excessive, and their colors brighten with discretion and extreme finesse.

The building in front of the skating rink is the Calas Galadhon’s 2018 Christmas Pavilion: it is the main pavilion, where you can contribute to the maintenance of the sim by donating lindens to the tip jars. At the point of entry, for those who join the group, you can take the group gifts, one for each member.
Two large toy soldiers ballroom noel announce the main hall where there is a living room furnished with original and quality objects. Christmas trees, furniture, armchairs, violins, Christmas stockings, figurines, and many other gifts remind me of the Austrian landscapes that are famous for making Christmas magic.

Immediately in front of this living room, there is the room of the Christmas tree more significant than the sim, to which the creators devote special attention, as it is surrounded by many gifts, figurines, dolls, elves, Santa Claus and much more. The view out of the window gives a glimpse of the landscape and the snow that descends gently, giving a sense of serenity.

The sim offers several tours to visit the best: at the ice rink you can follow the journey of the sled pulled by the horse: here the animations are only for couples. The hot-air balloon is another interesting tour that I recommend you try because it is fascinating to observe the place with all its lights from above.

On the opposite side of the ice rink is the forest where you can also find the tour offered by the hot air balloon. A beautiful cave decorated with taste and imagination gives this setting a touch of fantasy.

The flight is forbidden appropriately: this sim can be visited on foot, enjoying every detail.

At the entrance of the main pavilion, a script detects the number of scripts we have active and reminds us to reduce them, if necessary, to avoid the lag.

A beam of blue light rotates around the sim giving it an aura of magic.
The location is rich in beautiful corners that I summarize in references so that you do not miss them during your visit.









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