IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut, I feel at home

IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut, I feel at home

The snow relaxes me, maybe because inevitably reminds me of the best times of life, those of childhood. Look out upon waking and seeing snowing was one of the happiest moments because the “mind flew” to the endless entertainment possibilities it offered.
When I see landscapes like that of IASWAS, I feel at home: colorful houses, a small marina, a few shops and a path that leads to the highest area, where there is the church and where the snow becomes denser.


Everything in this landscape penetrates the soul, generously giving feelings of peace and well-being.
Today I chose to do a bike ride, and I took a flight to the bicycle hire. Take the uphill snowy trail is a bit difficult, but there you do it if you do not hurry.


Getting to the top is a great satisfaction, mainly because there is a space to enjoy the view from above through binoculars, a classics ones and a little old for tourists.


The mind wandered to memories of childhood when I lived in a similar location, and there were few people. My parents took me on long walks, and walking was an essential part of my day; you took the car when you could not do otherwise.


I remember when time seemed would never pass and the young and reassuring faces of my parents. Now I look at this landscape alone, imagining that my father is with me and see as I remember him with affection and yearning melancholy. I will tell about it to my mom tomorrow.


IASWAS, Groenland Kangamiut

Fall Trace, the quiet before the storm

Fall Trace, the quiet before the storm

Fall Trace, owned by Elvira Kytori, reminds an apocalyptic landscape.

Wanting to define it in a few words, I would say “the quiet before the storm.”
The colors of autumn and the surreality of walking on water give the visitor an immediate sense of peace. This feeling offered by the landscape is so generously accentuated by the houses, furnished with taste in their incredible simplicity, and by the lights of what seem to be meteors that are going to touch the planet. Time seems to have stopped as if the imminent danger could not come because everything is still as in a heartening snapshot.

Fall Trace_005

Elvira has considerable experience in creating landscapes with a substantial emotional impact. Her aesthetic sense allows her to develop sensible scenes, even if surreal. Visiting her sims that look like three-dimensional paintings readily comes to mind a narration, a story to tell or photograph.

Fall Trace_003

Traffic in Fall Trace is high. The houses are all rented, and public spaces are often full of people who, like me, love the landscape and take pictures. For information about homes available for rent, contact Elvira or consult her marketplace.

Fall Trace_004


Fall Trace

(Be mindful of the rented houses).

Cece’s Secret in Second Life®

Cece’s Secret in Second Life®

Cece’s Secret is a homestead furnished making the most of the prims availability (5000).
It is an example of fresh decor and excellent taste.

The author is CeCeGy, an inspiring photographer, who has both an attractive Flickr profile and a personal blog (as she says, for fun).

Returning to her splendid homestead, Cece’s Secret has a “center” and a more private and peripheral part.
In the central area, there is the station, point of arrival, with a unique retro setting. The train arrived at the station after passing through a tunnel. It is an idea that I appreciate, it gives realism to the landscape.
Also in the central area, there is the primary structure that houses the bar and several shops in the old style.

Cece's Secret

Cece's Secret

The suburban area, accessible by foot along the snowy path, is reserved and dedicated to two beautiful houses. They are comfortable and furnished with care and attention to detail.

Cece's Secret

Cece's Secret

Cece's Secret

Finally, the sim is surrounded by a lighthouse and a tower, also accessible and embellished with comfortable furnishings.


Cece’s Secret

Lost Unicorn. A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary in Second Life®

Lost Unicorn. A Unicorn Forest Sanctuary in Second Life®

Those who love “fantasy style” must visit “Lost Unicorn,” a place in Second Life® full of evocative details typical of the most beautiful fairy tales.

The owner of this beautiful resort called Natalie Montagne: I think her sim is one of my favorites, and because I love the “fantasy” style and because I appreciate the attention to detail in setting the scene.

Natalie Montagne

Castles, unicorns, lights, and colors. Everything makes you dream in a winter environment, a theme with the current season.

Natalie has graced the sim with bot themed clothes so that we can meet different characters of the most famous fairy tales.

The visit to the town is comfortable because of the well-marked walking trails: trails of snow already trampled suggesting how to move.

Unicorn Forest

Bridges, snowy stairs, and signs indicate the most exciting places to explore.

The Lost Unicorn is also a place full of romance: there are lovely “alcoves” where you can spend unforgettable moments and take a beautiful souvenir photo.


Moreover, art lovers will not be disappointed when you visit the “Lost Unicorn Gallery,” an excellent art gallery where the best photographers exhibit their masterpieces.

Art Perspective, My Art Column on ECLIPSE Magazine


Location Details

Faerie Tale

Lost Unicorn Gallery


How to import an animated GIF in Second Life®

How to import an animated GIF in Second Life®

I often meet people who ask how you can import an animated GIF into Second Life®.
I state immediately that importing an animated GIF directly is impossible.
What we can do is divide the animated GIF into the frames that compose it and apply a script that gives movement to the various frames.
The operation is very simple, requires very few steps and the use of a specially created tool.
Let’s see how to proceed.
First, we choose an animated gif that has a total size of less than 10 MB.

Now, go to Gif2Ani Tool.


Now upload your GIF/VIDEO clicking on the button above.

It’s important that the file has a dimension less than 10 MB.

Texture and script

When the GIF is imported, you can choose some parameters (like fps speed, for example) and see the effect that you get in the preview.

When you are happy with it, press “create texture and script”.

Now you will be able to download the image and copy the script.


If you don’t want to copy and paste each time the script that the tool creates for that image, you can just use the script you find in the Marketplace.

Ok, now, let’s go to Second Life®.

  • Create a new object, a cube, for example (CTRL+B).
  • Create a new script inside the cube content tab and paste the script the tool created for you.

new script

  • Save the script.
  • Now you will be able to see that just a cube’s face is in movement; import the image with the animated GIF’s slides in SL®;
  • Put this image on the face in movement.
  • Done! You should see your animated GIF now.



Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas to All!

2017 was a complicated year for me. I leave this year behind me with great relief, even if there are aspects that I can not cancel.
My mom and I have taking care of my dad, seriously ill, during the last 11 months.
We have done all that was humanly possible to alleviate his suffering, praying and pleading for a “peaceful ending”.
My dad left this life on November 27th.
That day a part of me died with him.
The serene, joyful and playful part.
Although this Christmas is a moment of profound sorrow for me, I wish you all a wonderful holiday period and a Happy New Year …