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DixMix art gallery artists showcase (April)

Tonight I return to the DixMix Art Gallery after several days of absence. The three artistic rooms now host the following artists:

  • Grey Gallery: A DeLAUREN
  • Black Gallery: Lalbu
  • White Gallery: Moon Edenbaum

They are three different artists in style, subjects depicted, color choice and overall “mood.”
Geometric shapes and color on the nude woman body is the style of A DeLAUREN who explores this combination of elements during the April exhibition at the gallery of DiXmiX Source (owner and artistic curator).
The geometric shapes and light and shadow effects serve to highlight the female body, making sure that the viewer’s gaze goes wherever the artist wishes.
Looking at the images as a whole, a bit from a distance, I have the impression that DeLAUREN wanted to end her pictures with a 3D filter, or something similar. It is an effect that, unlike the techniques mentioned above, obtains the opposite effect, or fades, does not define the contours, but doubles by placing them in different positions on the canvas that serves as a background.
For this April exhibition, Lalbu proposes some images that remember the desert as the main setting. These women and men used to live in contact with the problematic climate typical of Saharan areas, an aspect that the DixMix Gallery wants to emphasize by simulating the desert on the floor that hosts the works of Lalbu.
Upstairs is Moon Edenbaum, with her black and white woman portraits. I suppose they are shots the artist has captured wandering around the metaverse. Woman faces whose the artist wanted to give prominence through an elegant black and white cared for in the brightness and shadow effects.

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A DeLAUREN Flickr Photostream

Lalbu Flickr Photostream

Moon Edenbaum Flickr Photostream

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