How soon is “soon”? Again about New Linden Homes 2019

The new homes that Linden Lab makes available to premium users are, as is well known, out of stock and now Linden is working on the creation of a new continent that will host more houseboats.

Why is it taking LL so long to create new homes dated 2019?

The topic “New Linden Homes” is among the most debated in the Second Life Community. The discontent is mainly with those who didn’t get any of the new housing allocations because it wasn’t fast enough to get one.
I’m in this category, not because I wasn’t fast enough, but because I didn’t think LL would be able to make the new 2019 homes available to all premium users (old and new).
To better understand the difficulties that LL is facing in making available to all those who are premium users and who are interested in having one of the new housing solutions, I joined the Second Life Community.

The Community is the section dedicated to forums and all the useful information that a SL user can not give up.

The most common question in the Community forum is:

“Why is it taking LL so long to create new homes dated 2019?”

In fact, on April 18, 2019 Patch Linden announced that all new housing solutions were out of stock.

Today is May 5, 2019 and nothing is known yet.

At first glance it seems that the Linden Lab is unable to cope with the great demand, but the reality is quite different.

In fact, all the staff at Linden are currently engaged in the creation of a continent with a harmonious shape and pleasant to the eye. This kind of work cannot be done in batches but must be done patiently by hand, just to guarantee high-quality levels.

Those who want to peek from the map at the amount of work that LL is doing can do so easily.

Just open the map, type SSP. The result will be all the sims that are part of the new continent that will host the houseboats.


Houseboats are the most popular and are the first to be made available to premium users. For those who, like me, are not interested in houseboats, the wait will be longer. However, it is reasonable to assume that as soon as the new houseboats come out, some users who have traditional houses in Bellisseria will leave them to migrate to the new continent. It is, therefore, a matter of waiting a little longer.

One aspect that I think is winning is the possibility to change the style of your home at will. That is, if I choose a houseboat, I can change the style of home among those that LL provides (and I recommend to see the previews at the location that Linden has made available). For more information, you can see my post “New Linden Homes are coming (soon)“.

Another very interesting aspect is that you can put skyboxes in your parcel at a height of more than 2000 m.

For more information about the rules, just read the covenant on your own fee, going to About Land.

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