Is Chouchou 100% original?

As you know, about a month ago, began to spread the news about the possible closure of the location Chouchou, the widespread dissemination of this information has led to the publication of several posts (including mine) in an attempt to raise awareness LL to rescue one of the most beautiful sim of SL.

We know that LL is sensitive to the Community, so honestly, I was sure that Patch would soon announce that Chouchou could join the “Second Life Region Preservation Society.”

Once got this result, I confess that I assumed that the sim was safe. It’s hard to think that an owner, relieved of the economic fulfillment (not indifferent) of a location, really wants to bring his creation to destruction.

I specify that it is not my intention to argue: respect the decisions of the two owners; I do not understand them.

Melian is a friend of Juliet Heberle and Arabesque Choch, the creators and owners of the famous Chouchou.
A few days ago, she contacted me inworld to tell me that she liked my article on Chouchou and the issue of copyright, but that the article itself was based on a wrong assumption. In particular, Melian points out that the objects that the owners used to furnish Chouchou are not their creation at all, but objects bought on the Marketplace. And she asks me: “why don’t you check it yourself?” Yeah, why? I wonder, too. So I went to Chouchou and checked every single object on the location. And that’s what I discovered.

Chouchou Credits

RELIC -Death of Lovers Tree,C/We shall have richly scented beds

Steinway Concert Grand Piano (Black) by Supershine Zapedzki

Crooked Designs ~ Doll Bird Cage in Black by Merry Gildea

Kaidan by Yuki Aabye

LOTUS – golden glow by Eshi Otawar

Islamey structure by Miya Grut

Cherry 15 red by Ender Meiler

Memento Mori by Yuki Aabye

It’s strange many people have written about Chouchou without having a real idea of what Chouchou is,” observes Melian.
Chouchou’s only original creation is the music, obviously protected by copyright and whose rights belong to Ulula, the company that recorded Chouchou’s music.

However, the objects are not an original creation of the owners but bought and assembled objects, as happens in most cases.
In saying this, I don’t want to diminish the work done by Juliet and Arabesque, but say the real situation and how Melian herself, a friend of Juliet’s, wants to highlight.

Though , I can assume that some buildings were built specifically for Chouchou, such as, for example, Memento Mori (which I have not found for sale elsewhere).

In any case, Chouchou is unique for the mood in which it allows the visitor to enter and for its music, but can copyright protect the “mood”? Melian asks me.

I take advantage of Melian and ask why the owners of Chouchou did not accept LL’s proposal to join the “Second Life Region Preservation Society.” She tells me that many real commitments have taken over, including a happy birth at Juliet’s house.
In short, the impossibility of managing Chouchou together with the fact that life is now very demanding, have determined the choice to make Chouchou disappear. Its destruction is scheduled for the end of June, as officially announced on Chouchou’s Official Page.

In conclusion, LL offers the tools for creation, but what is created is the property of the individual creator. If the creator does not accept LL’s proposal to include his location in the “Second Life Region Preservation Society,” it is his right, and his creation is doomed to die although the Community doesn’t want it, even though it seems like a difficult decision to understand.

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