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Luanes Winter World in Second Life®

Luanes Winter World is one of the most exciting winter sim to visit in this cold season. There are two parts in the sim, the winter part, and the fantasy part. At the landing point, you can choose your destination: if you have enough time I recommend visiting both environments.
The two environments are housed in a homestead, so the creator is limited in the use of prims to 5000. Luane (luanemeo) is the owner and creator of these evocative phantasmagorical-winter landscapes, as well as pose designers, bloggers, and photographers.

Luane, the creator, writes about the winter section of the homestead:

here’s something truly magic, when snowflakes start to fly.
A fairyland of wonderous white, beneath a clear, cold sky.
The world is white and silent, draped in pure white snow.
It’s a lovely winter wonderland, everywhere you go!

I visited the location at different times of the day, and I have always found a constant presence of people. The reason for this success is Luane’s remarkable ability to create convincing and exciting landscapes at the same time. The best creators make the objects used to decorate and, although not recent, being used to beautify with good taste the space available, they give rise to a suggestive and intriguing setting.

Long snow-covered expanses, beautiful corners suitable for photography, paths to be walked calmly, tasting every detail made with care: these are the winning ingredients of Luanes Winter World.


Luanes Winter World

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