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Missing Melody (Second Life Destinations)

Missing Melody in Second Life is a “latest generation” location that Bambi (https://my.secondlife.com/norahbrent/) has recently renovated.

Location Description

At the time of my visit, Missing Melody has an inner structure where the main square is. The square consists of 4 charming and colorful houses (blue, pink, yellow and green) one next to the other and arranged at increasing heights (or decreasing, depending on where you look).
Next, to the houses, a large staircase with old lamps leads to the children’s playground.
The main square is home to large dining areas, banquets of fruit and vegetables, old cars. Around the square, there is a relaxing walk along the sea.
Missing Melody also offers a beach area, accessible from the point of the promenade that runs along the sea. The pile-dwelling on the sea houses a retro-style children’s carousel, banquets for sweets, an ice cream truck and a hot dog cart. It’s bad weather, but the location conveys serenity.
Missing Melody is under construction yet is already a landmark in Second Life’s list of top destinations. The main goal of the resort is to be likely, to allow the observer to immerse himself in a landscape that makes you forget, for a moment, to be in a virtual world.

Missing Melody Photogallery

  • Missing Melody in Second Life
  • Missing Melody in Second Life
  • Missing Melody in Second Life
  • Missing Melody in Second Life
  • Missing Melody in Second Life

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Missing Melody Main Credits

dust bunny . the gable townhouse . mint candy coated 5

Apple Fall: Portobello Corner Store

Serenity Style– On the road Mobile Bar RARE

02 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Delivery Truck RARE

KraftWork Old Brooklyn Carousel


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