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New Linden Homes are coming (soon)

As you know, Linden Lab is working on the creation of a new continent that will host the new homes for premium users.
These will be the houseboats that are most in demand.
Traditional houses will follow.
Both the houseboats and the traditional homes occupy an area of 1024 sqm compared to the 512 sqm of the first generation homes.

From the Community page dedicated to premium user homes, we have some more information.

Traditional homes


Traditional suburban homes are arranged along tree-lined streets on 1024 sqm parcels. The homes are one and two-story buildings with shingle roofs, and in most models, a porch or patio area. A typical home has two or more large rooms on the main floor and may have one or two upstairs. As described in a later section of this guide, you may use the House Controller on your parcel to choose among the styles pictured here, and you may use the house controller to change colors and details both inside and on the outside of the house.

A traditional home is set back from the sidewalk and may have a hedge, a wall, or a low fence to set it apart from its neighbors. You may add to the planting or other landscaping elements on the parcel.

Traditional homes are all within a convenient distance from communal park areas where you can join your friends for picnics, sports, or family activities. Some communal areas offer a dining or dance area, or a pool where you can relax.



With a houseboat home, you can enjoy life in coves and inlets around the perimeter of the continent or the large nearby island, or along rivers or around the large bay in the center of the continent. You cannot travel on a houseboat, but each houseboat parcel has room for you to moor your own sailboat or other watercraft. All water areas around the New Linden Homes continent are navigable and public.

The houseboat models have large rooms with a high ceiling and skylighting, plus a deck area outside for you to relax or entertain on.

Most houseboats are on 16 m x 64 m water parcels. Some are on square 32 m x 32 m parcels. Therefore, all have an area of 1024 sq m. All are accessible by open water. You may also walk easily from one place to another, along wooden docks that divide the parcels, or along sandbars and spits from the mainland.

Houseboats are all within convenient reach of community areas and cultural venues (lighthouses, beaches, and community buildings where you may gather with friends).

Fantasy and good taste of Second Life users

Looking through the Community pages, I found that SL users like to share images of their new homes, showing how they have furnished them.
I share with you the most beautiful images. More details on my blog post.

Linden Houseboat

Forum about Linden Home

You can find more info directly in the forum about Linden Homes.


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