Second Life New Linden Homes Sold out
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New Linden Homes sold out! (for now)

The new homes that Linden offers to premium users are no longer available (at this time).

I have contacted some members of Linden itself to find out more, and I have heard that they are working to allow all those who wish to choose one of the new houses (traditional or houseboats).
Linden itself will announce the availability of the new homes and, when the announcement will be made, premium users will be able to choose one of the newly available homes.
New premium accounts will be able to choose new homes during registration and after payment, while old premium accounts will have to leave their land to be able to see new homes on their dashboard in the section Land Manager → My Mainland.

To translate the video, go to Settings → Subtitles → Italian (Activate).

Again Settings → Subtitles → Translate to and choose your language.

New Linden Homes 2019

Get your home now!

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