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“Eroticism Masks”, art installation in Second Life®

Eroticism Masks” is the art installation by Maddy and Cordediseta hosted on my sim, Astralia.

I am glad to host this gallery because it’s “out of the charts.” I don’t mean that realize a nude photography exposition is “strange,” just that this theme (nude photography) is treating (like argument) in a (special) way.

The specialty of this exposition is this: Maddy works with nude photography in Second Life® as a professional photographer in real life could do with models. In fact, when a nude photographer works in real life, he is usually to establish a feeling with the person photographed. This attitude is essential because you can admire an artistic nude picture, just if the model poses for the photographer in the unique way that the artist likes.

Being photographic naked, the relationship between the photographer and the model must be confident, so that the model feels comfortable and can convey what the artist feels and wants to communicate through photography.

If this relationship of trust and tune is not established, who will observe the shot will realize that photography lacks spontaneity and can not convey the intention of the author.

In our case, however, we talk about photographic shots captured in a virtual environment: what changes?

Evidently, the avatar feels more confident, does not feel emotional and hardly manages to be expressive. The relationship between photographer and model is filtered by the virtual, which attenuates emotions, feelings, passions and sexual desire.

In the virtual world, the avatar is cold compared to the multiple expressive possibilities in the real naked body.

Despite this, Maddy’s images confirm that even in the virtual world, the relationship between photographer and model is essential for the proper performance of an artistic project (and not just erotic).
This aspect would confirm that the spiritual bond, the feeling between artist and subject depicts generates an “energy” that allows the image to live, to be real provocation (even on the virtual platform).

"Eroticism Masks" in Second Life®

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"Eroticism Masks" in Second Life®

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Everyone will enjoy the pictures “in his own way” according to his personal way of seeing and feeling, of course.
However, the expressiveness of Maddy’s avatars is undeniable.
The images in this (great) artistic installation are accompanied by Cordediseta’s words.
To understand them, they should be read in Italian, the original language of the author. The idea of an English translation is still appreciated, to allow the visitor to “have an idea” of what she wants to convey.

I recorded a memorial video, to remember the exciting opening,


If you would like to visit the inworld exhibition, keep in mind that it will be open until September 17th.

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Soosh art gallery in Second Life®

Fantasy, color and spirituality lovers will fall in love with Soosh Art Gallery, space entirely dedicated to Roxlette Resident‘s artistic work (Rox Soosh).
The environment is rich in colors, relaxing spaces and in harmony with the soul, fantasy places that leave room for imagination and creativity.
It is in this “space” of total relaxation that you appreciate the work of the artist Roxlette, which is presented to the visitor with these words:

I love to express myself spiritually through my art and I love sharing it with the world. I am known to create multi-layered colourful abstract pieces using healing crystals and a variety of vibrant and neutral colours. I think there is beauty and powerful energy in using crystals and many colours. Every detail I create and use has meaning and I hope to connect with others through my artwork.

Roxlette is, therefore, an artist also in RL, with experience and artistic studies behind.
There are many RL artists who like to create and share their experiences in Second Life®.
Virtual worlds are suitable for artistic creation, allowing creativity to express themselves to the best. Creation is complex, however, SL® allows the artist to embellish spaces in many ways, creating a virtual “frame” suitable for exposed works.
Roxlette loves abstract colors and shapes. She also plays with shapes, framing colors in particular shapes.



Visiting the gallery you notice this contrast between the ground floor and the first floor. On the ground floor we admire her abstract paintings filled with many bright colors; in the foreground, those abstract shapes and colors are the background of well-defined forms of a different type.

These works are suited to the fantasy sim interior and devoted to spirituality because they give a shade of color and art that is well matched with these themes.

You can buy Roxlette’s work and admire her creations by giving you moments of pure relaxation.





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Alpha Tribe’s Art Installation in Second Life®

The artistic installation of Alpha Auer is impressive and fascinating at the same time.
There are many sim points to visit, but moving from one place to another is simple using the teleport you can see right away on arrival.
The artist gives an explanatory note card, detailing her art installation.

This new build revolves around the theme of “fool’s gold.” Most of what you will encounter is new (and mostly golden): There is an “Orientalist” pavilion where you can relax, a shipyard where a golden ship is in the process of being built, an airship that is about to take off to distant skies, a pleasure arcade where you can swing on boats, gaze at clockwork creatures, and get many prizes from a grab-a-duck gallery. There are pleasure walks, gardens, and ruins. And, yes, there is of course also the store with lots of new outfits.

I have tried to build a sim that is conceptually a bit like my old sim Syncretia – a continuous ecology that tells a story of sorts, rather than a place in which discrete things are presented independently of one another, which is what I had tried to do with the previous build.

At ground level the sim has been designed for you to walk/fly and discover things for yourself without specific teleport locations. Go in and out of all the builds that you see – there are things inside all of them. There are also destinations below water and at sky level for which teleporters have been provided. The “Blueprint City” and the “Pastoral” sphere have been preserved – all else has changed.

This sim also pays homage to one of the greatest builders of Second Life, the urban legend who was once known as Arcadia Asylum, and then came back to delight us as Aley. Many of the prims that you will see on the sim are Aley’s creations which I have modified, and re-textured to create “fool’s gold.” Aley’s ingenuity as a builder has allowed me to create a sim that (although it is only a homestead with limited prims) will hopefully appear as densely built as a full sim and hopefully tell a secret tale that needs lots of prim-detail in order to be properly heard. Thank you Aley for your generosity in giving us a huge collection of full perm, wildly imaginative, well built, highly detailed but low-prim objects for us to play with and to extend into our own creative work.

Interesting reading the author’s biography:

Alpha Auer is one of the Second Life avatars of Elif Ayiter, who is a designer and educator, as well as the editor in chief of Metaverse Creativity, a peer reviewed academic journal with Intellect UK.

Alpha is the CEO of the SL fashion store alpha.tribe and has participated in several SL exhibits, such as “SychroniCity,” curated by Marc Moana and “Further Along the Path” curated by Bryn Oh.

Together with MosMax Hax and Selavy Oh she has co-authored the” LPDT2/3″ series of sim wide installations that were based upon Roy Ascott’s concept of distributed authorship and La Plissure du Texte. Both LPDT2, as well as LPDT3 have been exhibited at international, curated art exhibitions such as ISEA2011, the 2010 multimedia festival at Tomorrow City, Incheon, Korea.

More recently, along with Bryn Oh, Nessuno Myoo, Jo Ellsmere, Soror Nishi and Eupalinos Ugajin, she has built and created avatars for the Russian Avantgarde exhibition held in April 2014 in Moscow.

Alpha Tribe_003

Alpha Tribe_001

Alpha Tribe_005


Windlight Settings Detail

To record my machinima I used these Windlight Settings:

  • [TOR] Sunrise Cobraring 1 (SKY)
  • [TOR] Pretty Placid (WATER)
  • In some spots, I used the Region Settings.


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Sisi Biedermann, artist in Second Life

In my Facebook Group about art in Second Life® and Sansar®, my dear friend Maddy (she is also one of the administrators of the group and for sure the most active) shared a sequence of excellent photos taken by Anny Theurer about an art exhibition: Sisi Biedermann’s Art Show.

So, I had the pleasure to know this artist, reading her biography that you can get just clicking on the box at the entrance of Bodega Bay (the box says “click to get my notecard”).
Bodega Bay is a spot that gives space to art, especially art that has gay like subjects and theme.

The owner is Jeppe Violet, who is also the JV Construction CEO (“JV offers help, advice, and inspiration for building in Second Life, especially with textures”).

I read she is in Second Life since 2007 and also an acrylic painter in Real Life.

This one is her biography:

I joined Second Life in 2007, and back then I never realized how much this would mean to me.
Back then I had just started painting with acrylics after a very long break where I raised my children and looked after my family and my work.
Today I have been painting several hundred paintings since 2007, and I still get a lot of inspiration from nature, second Life and northern islands such as Faroe Islands and Iceland.
In SL I started taking photos already in 2008 and has developed my style ever since. All this brings me to where I am today, and I hope you will enjoy my pictures.

Like she wrote, she likes to paint various subjects, especially getting her inspiration from SL® landscapes.
I admit that my favorite paintings are those have flowers like subjects. I love artist colors choice and her style.


Sisi Biedermann shows her art also in some other places that I mention at the end of the post, so you will be able to visit if you like to know better this artist.

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