Infographic: Survey of Gamers Suggests Strong Ownership of & Interest in Using Cryptocurrency Across Game Worlds

Here’s a noteworthy infographic from, a virtual assets service, based on a survey of 1000 gamers. (Click to embiggen.) Key points: 55% of the millenial gamers surveyed own a cryptocurrency, while 3 in 4 of the gamers surveyed want…

Source: Infographic: Survey of Gamers Suggests Strong Ownership of & Interest in Using Cryptocurrency Across Game Worlds

“Vivo e Cammino capovolto”… Mistero Hifeng and his art in Second Life®

“Vivo e Cammino capovolto”… Mistero Hifeng and his art in Second Life®

Tonight we talk about Mistero Hifeng, and as I publish my posts also in the forum of ArtByte dedicated to the artists of the virtual world, it is appropriate that I introduce him.
Mistero Hifeng has been decorating the Second Life® sims for years with his sweet and exciting art.

He is defined by many as a romantic Italian artist, capable of transforming pixels into emotions.

In this post, I would like to share my experience on his renewed sim compared to the last time I visited it.
I shot a video letting me inspire it by his statues and the atmosphere that the sim suggested to me at the time.

Mistero has given me some of the beautiful artworks that I used to decorate Santa Maria dell’Isola di Tropea (I publicly thank him for this).

For more info about him, my ECLIPSE Magazine’s article here:

Good vision!



Vivo e cammino capovolto

Artbyte, how support artists around the world and how also SL artists can advantage by this cryptocurrency

Artbyte, how support artists around the world and how also SL artists can advantage by this cryptocurrency
ArtByte Foundation

Photo Article: Mike Cabaniss

In my previous article, I introduced ArtByte and explained how it works and can be useful for Second Life® artists.
In this article, I will explain in detail the real possibilities for an SL® artist to have an economic help to promote his activity within the game and, why not, also in Real Life.
The first aspect to be clarified is this:

the ArtByte foundation finances artists, digital money is the tool through which they are financed.

Thus, each artist receives financial aid from the ArtByte Foundation, which pays them in artbyte money (ABY). The ABY coin is a digital currency just like lindens, the only difference is that lindens are expendable directly within the game, artbytes must be converted.
I hope Linden Lab takes an example from High Fidelity and gives the opportunity to spend the digital currency in the game. As long as this is not possible, it will be necessary to convert artbytes into euros or, directly into lindens.
In a subsequent article, I will explain how to proceed with this type of conversion, in this post I would like to illustrate what ArtByte can do for an SL® artist in the simplest way possible.

Ok, ArtByte is a foundation that helps artists, but why does it do it and how does it do it?

Mike Cabaniss, the founder of ArtByte, is an IT expert and passionate about photography. In 2013, on the occasion of a stay in New York, he discovered numerous valuable artists who, however, had little time available to enhance their creativity and, therefore, were forced to perform one or more part-time jobs to live. They were artists of various kinds, painters, dancers, photographers, writers, etc.
The admiration for valued artists pushed Mike to give life to the ArtByte Foundation which aims to finance the artists. Every service offered by ArtByte is, in fact, free for all artists and always will be.
Naturally, within the ArtByte community, there are both artists and people interested in creating digital money (the process called mining). In this article, I will not talk about mining.
The focus of this post is, in fact, on how artists can get donations and support through ArtByte. So, if someone is interested in how to earn through the digital currency, should read specific articles on the subject, here I deal exclusively with donations.
Having clarified this aspect, we can summarize how donation occurs with a simple statement like this:

Artbyte Foundation → pays artbytes (ABY) to the artist’s Artbyte account.

Subsequently, the artist converts the artbytes into Euro (if he wants to spend the donation in RL) or in Lindens (if he prefers to spend the liberality in SL®).
That’s all.
Simple? Yes, if the artist becomes familiar with these two steps. I think that having some extra money can be an excellent incentive to learn two little steps. 🙂

Open an ArtByte account and receive a donation from the Foundation

Ok, it’s not exactly that simple, in the sense that you have to be one of the artists chosen by the Foundation. 🙂
In case you are (congratulations), it is enough for you opening an account ArtByte (it’s like opening a PayPal account, just to understand).
Warning: opening an ArtByte account does not mean you have to do mining or connect your PC to the ArtByte Network to create digital currency! (many confuse these two aspects). It only means that you open an account to have a wallet on which to credit the donation. That’s all.
To know how to open the account and have your wallet, read my article here.
Congratulations, now you know enough to open your wallet and receive donations through ArtByte.
If this is all you wanted to know, you can end the reading here; if, however, you want to know more about ArtByte, read on.

Which artists does ArtByte support and how does it do it?

ArtByte supports different types of artists, inserting in this category an extensive series of people who make creativity their work: musicians, painters, sculptors, actors, filmmakers, directors, publishers, producers, dancers, writers, photographers, designers, models, etc.
The primary “goal” of ArtByte is that it integrates digital currency technology on its social platforms through 5 different channels:
• Ability to make donations in ArtByte through Social Media such as Twitter and Reddit;
• Support through the publication of its contents on more than 140,000 Social Media;
Grants, awards, and showcases directly from the ArtByte Foundation;
Earnings through the “mining” of ArtByte;
Sale of their art through the ArtByte website: musicians already can sell their musical pieces, soon the possibility will be implemented for artists to sell their works (images, etc.);

In 2017 the investment in ABY has far exceeded that of the most famous digital coins, such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum: what is the secret of this success?

Mike explains that one of the reasons may be that ArtByte aims to create a community of real users, people who interact with each other, participating in the various occasions sharing their opinions.
Personally, I think the tool of the Forum that I tried first is very valid: it is indeed a charming and very active community.
Besides, ArtByte currently supports more than 25,000 artists and promotes a weekly contest that allows the winner to pocket 5,000 artbytes.

What are the goals of ArtByte for 2018?

The primary objectives of ArtByte are summarized in this exhaustive interview with Mike that you can read here.
One of these and that, I think, is very interesting is the implementation of virtual reality in the 3D Gallery of ArtByte … Wow. I hope they will soon be able to do this project because it would be great to be able to visit the various 3D galleries.

Finally … the Forum

Mike has created a unique forum section for SL® artists. Being the community of ArtByte very active and engaging, my advice is to put your events, artworks, posts, etc. in this section dedicated to us! Go to the part of the Forum devoted to SL® artists.


ArtByte is an extraordinary tool for growing as an artist. The “craft” of the creative too often is not remunerated by forcing the artist himself to carry out different jobs to maintain himself.
Through ArtByte we have the opportunity to be helped both economically and in the dissemination of our content, being able to count on a broad and robust community … which is the “secret” of ArtByte’s success.

“From the worlds to the world” by Giovanna Cerise in Second Life®

“From the worlds to the world” by Giovanna Cerise in Second Life®

At this moment I am visiting the latest artistic installation by Giovanna Cerise, a critical expression of post-modern society and its depersonalization.
What is meant by post-modern and how did post-modernism influence art, philosophy, and literature?

“Postmodern” is a term used to connote the anthropological and cultural condition resulting from the crisis and to the alleged decline of modernity in the societies of mature capitalism, which has come into being since the 1960s in a phase characterized by the global dimensions of the economy and financial markets, from the aggressiveness of advertising messages, from the invasion of television, from the uninterrupted flow of information on the telematic networks. In connection with these phenomena, and in contrast with the utopian character, with the search for the new and the avant-garde typical of modernist ideology, the cultural condition p. it is characterized above all by a disenchanted re-reading of history, definitively subtracted from all finalism, and by the abandonment of the great projects elaborated starting from the Enlightenment and taken from modernity, giving rise, on the creative side, more than to a new style, a sort of aesthetics of the quotation and reuse, ironic and open-minded, of the repertoire of forms of the past, in which every residual distinction between the ‘high’ products of culture and those of mass culture is abolished.

Enciclopedia Treccani

On the occasion of this art installation, Giovanna’s art is as cold and geometric as the world we inhabit. An aseptic reality, made of pixels, as depersonalized as cruel.

From the worlds to the world by Giovanna Cerise

The first part of the installation represents nature, which I deliberately write with the minuscule “n.”
Nature now deprived of its identity and its old value. The man plagiarized her, he wanted her submissive to his power, thinking of chasing the wealth and the dominion of the other obsessively.

The central part of the artistic installation sketches a human form, with a curved back and a face that looks downwards towards the ground. It is a woman, also made of pixels, as well as the world around it. A woman without dignity, without identity … without a soul.
A woman without, a humanity without … sense.

From the worlds to the world by Giovanna Cerise

The final part of the installation represents the world as we know it today: cold, geometric, opportunistic, ruthless and chaotic.

Thanks to Giovanna for this installation that makes us reflect on the reality in which we live today.
The artist has put us in front of reality for what it is, in all its (cold) senselessness.


Diotima – Ocho & Cultura

WATCH: Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” Recreated in SL in This Machinima Classic

WATCH: Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” Recreated in SL in This Machinima Classic
I agree this is one of the best machinima ever made in Second Life®.
I remember that the first person who showed me this video was Solkide Auer and I was impressed by the author’s ability to create a painting by Van Gogh through simple prims (at that time there was no mesh, the author recorded this video in 2007).
Machinima Author: Robbie Dingo

Created in 2007 and still among the very best Second Life machinimas ever made, you should definitely watch it now if you’ve never seen it before — and if you did a decade ago, absolutely worth watching again, and passing…

Source: WATCH: Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” Recreated in SL in This Machinima Classic

High Fidelity to Launch Virtual Reality-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange at “BankofHighFidelity”

High Fidelity to Launch Virtual Reality-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange at “BankofHighFidelity”

Speaking of virtual currency and virtual worlds, I think it is fascinating and promising news that Philip Rosedale has decided to open the doors of High Fidelity to new digital coins.
In the news published on his blog on February 1 this year, Philip announces two new features:
the possibility for an HF (High Fidelity) user to pay another user with the internal currency in the game (the HFC)
the opportunity for HF users to convert HFC into another digital money (such as BitCoin, ArtByte, etc.).
I hope this news spurs Linden Lab to do the same: the possibility of using digital money in virtual worlds, without slow exchange services, is that innovation that can make the difference between an active gaming economy and a less one.

Philip Rosedale just announced that his new High Fidelity platform is enabling user-to-user payments of HTC, its blockchain-based, centrally-managed cryptocurrency. To help spur the virtual economy, the company is also giving out free “grants” of HTC to early users of…

Source: High Fidelity to Launch Virtual Reality-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange at “BankofHighFidelity”

“Luci e Sculture” by Maddy & Solkide @Koca Gallery in Second Life®

“Luci e Sculture” by Maddy & Solkide @Koca Gallery in Second Life®

Starting Wednesday, 2018, February 7th at the Koca Gallery in Second Life®, the 2D and 3D exhibition by Maddy Schimitzau and Solkide Auer is open to the public.
This exhibition is the consequence of the beautiful collaboration between two artists with a decidedly different style, whose fusion gives life to an explosion of lights, colors, and movement.

I like to see Maddy’s well-established awareness of using images together with Solkide Auer’s mathematical precision.

Surely Maddy is an expert on digital graphics techniques, just as Solkide is a skilled prims manipulator. The two styles, however, are very different: the complete freedom of expression of Maddy and the geometric precision of Solkide’s forms, repetitions, and movements.
Together they are the emotional and rational part that coexist in the same artistic environment.

Luci e sculture_001

Solkide Auer says about himself:

Second Life has been and is for me a very important experience.
The startling effect of curiosity for this metaverse soon turned into the wish of saying something trying to create a definite personality.
Building gave me that chance, that is the ability to creating objects of any kind, from the simplest to the most complex. All that after attending some courses offered by the school of Building at Second learning. Later on, after exploring this metaverse far and wide, I realized I wanted to do something that would go beyond the usual rule of structures or classical framing; so I tried to express my ideas through different sculptures. I started creating geometrical shapes then I used more difficult techniques such as “the shade”, which gives the possibility to manipulate a unique prim in a very complex way. As a result, I obtained unexpected and different shapes quite unlike the ones anyone can find around.
It is clear that I’ve been working hard to get this result trying to get the good ones a and long nights spent trying to understand how to frame at my best some works that could convey an emotion…. even the simplest, and that it could attract people to an idea I had in my mind or just to share my message with them.
In October I had the honor to be at “Virtual Renaissance” in Florence, with 5 of my work printed on 2 curtains decorating one of the rooms of Museum of Natural Science – Anthropological Section.
In March 2009 some of my works have been exposed in big monitors at Rome in the Adriano’s Temple during an exhibition about Digital Art.
I have participated for three years at the Burning Life in SL an exhibition made at the same time at the Nevada desert in the USA called Burning Man.
in this 3 years of SL I have participated at many exhibitions and exposed to the most important Museum of SL : Pirates Gallery – AHO Museum – Primtings Museum – Delacroix Hall – Crescent Moon Museum – Piramide Art Gallery – Museo del Metaverso – Diabolus Art Space – UWA (University West Australia) Gallery – Aeonia Arts – LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) and many other important gallery.

Luci e sculture_003

Maddy introduces herself in this way:

I born in SL in 2009 under the name of Magda Schmidtzau. Passionate about photography in RL.
In SL I am always open to new possibilities of experimentations, trying to convey the magic that I see.

Luci e sculture_002

I suggest visiting this nice art exposition keeping in mind that the two artists are hosted at the main floor, instead of at the first floor there are many different other artists for a nice fusion of styles and colors.


Koca Gallery

Maddy’s Flickr

Solkide’s Flickr