“Eroticism Masks”, art installation in Second Life®

Eroticism Masks in Second Life®

“Eroticism Masks” is the art installation by Maddy and Cordediseta hosted on my sim, Astralia. I am glad to host this gallery because it’s “out of the charts.” I don’t mean that realize a nude photography exposition is “strange,” just that this theme (nude photography) is treating (like argument) in a (special) way. The specialty of this

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Soosh art gallery in Second Life®

Fantasy, color and spirituality lovers will fall in love with Soosh Art Gallery, space entirely dedicated to Roxlette Resident‘s artistic work (Rox Soosh). The environment is rich in colors, relaxing spaces and in harmony with the soul, fantasy places that leave room for imagination and creativity. It is in this “space” of total relaxation that

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Alpha Tribe’s Art Installation in Second Life®

The artistic installation of Alpha Auer is impressive and fascinating at the same time. There are many sim points to visit, but moving from one place to another is simple using the teleport you can see right away on arrival. The artist gives an explanatory note card, detailing her art installation. This new build revolves

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Sisi Biedermann, artist in Second Life

Virtual Reality, Second Life®, Virtual Worlds, Metaverse

In my Facebook Group about art in Second Life® and Sansar®, my dear friend Maddy (she is also one of the administrators of the group and for sure the most active) shared a sequence of excellent photos taken by Anny Theurer about an art exhibition: Sisi Biedermann’s Art Show. So, I had the pleasure to

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