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Peace, serenity and nature @Whimberly in Second Life

Whimberly is a location created by the photographer Staubi Reilig (https://my.secondlife.com/engelsstaub/).

Location Description

It is an enchanting setting for those seeking nature and peace. It provides moments of serenity and detachment from the daily chaos.
The theme is spring, so it’s perfect for immersing yourself in the season we’re living in at the moment.
Whimberly offers spaces for long walks in the green with refreshment places to stop and catch your breath. In addition to benches under the trees, we can find near the sea the office, where Staubi Reilig has left some information on the photographer services (the same information you can also find at the landing point). A point that I think is among the most beautiful hosts the Tuscan farmhouse whose credits I report in my blog post.
Whimberly has its own Flickr group where photographers can share photos taken at the location.

Whimberly Photogallery

Whimberly SLurl


Whimberly Main Credits

[Tia] Sleeping Cupid 3 Tier Fountain – Dark

ionic : Mediterraneo RARE

JAC Boat Shack V1.0 – REDGRAVE

KIDD PAMPAS Grass * Mega Bush * Copy

!:P:! * Suspension Bridge A [Mesh] ~25m

Skye Four Season Oak Tree

HPMD* Cliff Hill – green A


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