“Poetical Revolt”, machinima by Iono Allen

Poetical Revolt by Iono Allen

Everywhere, a wind of revolt blows, a new consciousness arises, a battle is waged between humanity as a whole and a minuscule segment of that same humanity. The keywords? Injustice, climate, pollution!

Machinima Details

“Poetical Revolt”
An Installation lauding poetry and its incendiary power in Second Life:
– by Tutsy Navarathna and Yoon
– curated by Olympes Rhode.
– Images: Angie Abraham, ChimKami, Tutsy & Yoon
– Voice: Angie Abraham
– Music: The Gays (freemusicarchive.org)

Filmed by Iono Allen in Second Life – March 2019


Voyelles – Arthur Rimbaud

A noir, E blanc, I rouge, U vert, O bleu : voyelles,
Je dirai quelque jour vos naissances latentes :
A, noir corset velu des mouches éclatantes
Qui bombinent autour des puanteurs cruelles,

Golfes d’ombre ; E, candeur des vapeurs et des tentes,
Lances des glaciers fiers, rois blancs, frissons d’ombelles ;
I, pourpres, sang craché, rire des lèvres belles
Dans la colère ou les ivresses pénitentes ;

U, cycles, vibrements divins des mers virides,
Paix des pâtis semés d’animaux, paix des rides
Que l’alchimie imprime aux grands fronts studieux ;

O, suprême Clairon plein des strideurs étranges,
Silences traversés des Mondes et des Anges :
– O l’Oméga, rayon violet de Ses Yeux !

(Translated by George J. Dance – Wikisource)

Black A, white E, red I, green U, blue O: you vowels,
Some day I’ll tell the tale of where your mystery lies:
Black A, a jacket formed of hairy, shiny flies
That buzz among harsh stinks in the abyss’s bowels;

White E, the white of kings, of moon-washed fogs and tents,
Of fields of shivering chervil, glaciers’ gleaming tips;
Red I, magenta, spat-up blood, the curl of lips
In laughter, hatred, or besotted penitence;

Green U, vibrating waves in viridescent seas,
Or peaceful pastures flecked with beasts – furrows of peace
Imprinted on our brows as if by alchemies;

Blue O, great Trumpet blaring strange and piercing cries
Through Silences where Worlds and Angels pass crosswise;
Omega, O, the violet brilliance of Those Eyes!

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