Sansar and the decline of VR

Virtual Reality has not been as successful as hoped and, as it has been for 3D and its televisions, it sells less and less.
VR viewers are very expensive, but that doesn’t seem to be the reason for the failure of virtual reality. The essential point is that it doesn’t involve the viewer enough. As you know, three of the leading VR companies have decided not to deal with this theme anymore: Jaunt, Starbreeze and IMAX.
Sansar, the other creation of Linden Lab, was born with VR in mind. The San Francisco-based company aimed to create a virtual world where virtual reality was easily accessible to everyone and where it was easy to create and immerse oneself in one’s creations. Today we know that this is not exactly what happened.
Beyond the fact that Sansar is not at all dull and with a high learning curve (so it is not easily usable), the big problem now seems to be above all the negative trend of VR, unattractive and people invest little of which.
It’s a fact that the proceeds of Second Life finance Sansar. SL is the real successful product of Linden, indeed.
The decline of VR has pushed Ebbe Altberg to rethink the priorities to be given to Sansar, giving importance to the desktop experience as well as that of VR.
In an interview with the New World Notes website, Ebbe Altberg says:

“Second Life has an audience that peeked just over a million and is now just below a million.
What would it take to build a platform that could, if executed correctly with the right strategy, have tens of millions or hundreds of millions of people on it? That’s why a lot of the approach we took to Sansar has been different. We still have to prove that degree of success, but I think it’s definitely worth a shot because I think it’s possible.”

See the full interview here.

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