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“Simply dreaming,” the surrealist exhibition of Awesome Fallen at Itakos Art Gallery Project

Awesome Fallen is a Spanish surrealist artist who routinely publishes her creations on Flickr and who since April 6th exhibits her most recent artworks at the Itakos Art Gallery Project.

The Itakos Art Gallery Project

As known by those who regularly frequent artistic salons, the Itakos Art Gallery Project is an art gallery owned by Akim Alonzo (who also plays the role of art curator). I have already talked about the previous exhibition at the same gallery in the following article on ECLIPSE Magazine:

About Awesome Fallen’s Art

I’ve been following Awesome Fallen for years now, fascinated by her imagination, creativity, communication skills, technical ability, and depth to feel and rework life in an image. The art of Fallen is surrealist because her pictures almost always describe surreal and fantastic situations, with dark and disturbing tones. In truth, her photographs do not all fit into these features just described, but in her most significant images, these aspects are present.
Signs of a turbulent childhood are present in some of her representations, where dolls, puppets, and games typical of children have a nonreassuring appearance, but more suitable for a horror film set. With this, I am not assuming that Fallen had a difficult childhood, but I am only describing some of her most fascinating and gloomy images at the same time.
The Fallen exhibition is at the Gray Pavillon, immediately opposite the entrance. On the back of the main wall, the visitor can find the flyer by touching which he gets the information notecard. It is the presentation of the artist written by the same Akim Alonzo, a vision of the surreal works of Awesome Fallen that I read with interest that I suggest to take at the beginning of the visit.
I also recommend leaving the light settings as set by default in the region as they enhance the images of the different exhibiting artists. I remember that at the moment, along with Fallen, there are Akim Alonzo and Megan Prumier presenting their latest collection images.

Returning to Fallen, the artist prefers, as mentioned, dark surrealism. Surrealist art developed in the twentieth century, in conjunction with the notion of the unconscious elaborated by Freud. It is a visual manifestation of what the unconscious communicates to the mind through the dream that, according to Freud, is a production of the psyche that takes place while we sleep and is characterized by images, sounds, and emotions that follow each other without necessarily having to follow a logical thread.
In the world of dreams, man is no more extended alert in his thoughts, and consequently, his unconscious can wander free from any constraint which uses images of a symbolic nature.
The images represent a free tool to describe what happens in the dream.
The Fallen exhibition at the Itakos Art Gallery Project is an unmissable appointment on the Second Life virtual visits agenda.

Teleport to Itakos Art Gallery Project

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