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“The Heights at Haven” Art Gallery in Second Life®

Heights of Haven Art Gallery in Second Life®

“The Heights at Haven” Art Gallery is a small, family-run art gallery in a location near Basilisk (Mainland). The owners and curators are Seiko Blessing (softandred) and her partner Maggie Blessing (margaret.moleno). It is a place dedicated to art and theatre even if, being a new gallery, at the moment no show has yet been

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Gallery Mirror Amsterdam in Second Life®

The Gallery Mirror Amsterdam owned by Arete of Cyrene is a beautiful artistic exhibition that gives ample space to artists very different from each other both for their style and their technique. The structure that hosts the artistic works was the first aspect that caught my attention. I think that in Second Life® there are not many

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“Sunny Day” by Cica Ghost in Second Life®

I saw on Facebook that Cica Ghost has created a new art installation. I was intrigued by the fact that, from the photographs shared, this time the setting she produced was not as gloomy as the others. I have always appreciated Cica’s artistic works, and technically I really love her modeling using ZBrush. Perhaps, even

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“Choreography of a tortured soul” by Theda Tammas in Second Life®

Theda Tammas In Second Life®

Theda Tammas is a known and appreciated artist. In this artistic installation entitled “choreography of a tortured soul,” she describes well the human condition of the woman as if she wanted to denounce a social situation on the margins as a worldwide phenomenon. LEGGI IN ITALIANO I have appreciated Theda for a long time, I

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“The color of words not pronounced” @Nitroglobus in Second Life®

Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery in Second Life® Natalia Serenade

I am visiting with Lolita Pralou the new art exhibition of Natalia Serenade, hosted by the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery (famous art gallery curated and owned by Dido Haas). It is instructive to visit a gallery in the company of someone because you have the opportunity to understand and explore the point of view of

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“The Cave” by Solkide Auer

The Dome_ The Cave by Solkide Auer

“The Cave” is the latest artistic installation created by Solkide Auer and hosted by LEA19. LEGGI IN ITALIANO It represents an explosion of shapes, lights, colors, and movement. A cohesion of abstract and geometric elements that reflect the author’s “inner face.” Abstract art prefers shapes and colors to the representation of Reality. So “Abstractionism” is

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Quanto è importante il realismo in una fotografia di Second Life®?

Yulisa by Brenda Menges in Second Life

Il realismo fotografico in Second Life®: una questione di stile. La domanda potrebbe sembrare provocatoria, in realtà è una questione su cui rifletto da qualche giorno. In modo particolare mi chiedo quando sia rilevante che, in un ritratto di un avatar di SL®, ci sia realismo. In primo luogo occorre intendersi su cosa sia il realismo in

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