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Kimeu Korg at the DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

The DixMix Art Gallery, owned by DixMix Source, will open its doors from June 9th to Kimeu Korg, an artist I have been following for some time on Flickr, and I really appreciate it. Korg speaks with images giving life to original compositions with an unmistakable style. Surreality is undoubtedly an essential feature in his work,

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Second Life® Photographers at the DiXmiX Art Gallery

Second Life®

The Dixmix Art Gallery is an artist living room that I have appreciated and frequented for about two years. The Gallery is owned by Megan Prumier and by Dixmix Source, whose name it bears. The building is exquisite and holds three spaces for three different art galleries. In particular, they are the “Grey Gallery,” the

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Lou Shadow, Imani Nayar, Juris Bergmanis and Nath Baxton at DixMix Art Gallery

DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life

DixMix Art Gallery, a beautiful art gallery built by Megan Prumier and curated by DixMix Source, is hosting 4 interesting artists at this time. Over time, the DixMix Gallery has allowed many explorers of the Second Life® virtual environment to know marvelous passionate photo artists who love to share their work on Flickr. Some excellent

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