“Masquerade” @DiXmiX Art Gallery

I was invited by DiXmiX Source, the owner and artistic curator of the DiXmiX art gallery, to visit “Masquerade,” the last exhibition currently on display and open since June, 20th.
Masquerade is a problematic term to render in Italian, perhaps the expression that comes closest to the real meaning is “mascherata, ballo in maschera”.
The theme, as the name suggests, is the “mask,” understood in a broad sense. Not only the traditional mask but every form of concealment of the face, then makeup, helmets, hoods and various objects typical of games for adults.
The artistic exhibition hosts the following photographers:

  • Algezares (III)
  • Aniki Seetan
  • ByrneDarkly Cazalet
  • Calypso Applewhyte
  • Catherine Nikolaidis
  • Edie horngold
  • Ember Adored
  • Gaus
  • Génesis Rodriguez
  • Guen Gothly
  • Izabela Navarathna
  • JⒶGgŸ ღ
  • Kimmy Littleboots
  • Kimmy Ridley
  • Kriʐze Sparrowhawk
  • Laura Mrs S
  • Lou ShAdoW
  • Maloe Vansant
  • Megan Prumier
  • mila maesar
  • Ornella Batriani
  • Pam
  • Purple Leonis
  • Ryleigh Theas
  • Shocoon
  • Sinon Valle
  • sσηιc
  • Tania Tebaldi
  • Tiya Aura
  • Tralala Loordes
  • Valenska Voljeti
  • Vallys
  • Wicca Merlin
  • and Dixmix Source

It is well known that photography is a flourishing activity in Second Life. I’m not referring only to fashion bloggers (who post mostly only photographs, not adding text, if not credits). I’m referring to people who are passionate about photography and who, for the pure pleasure of exhibition and image processing, realize creative and eclectic works.
Masquerade is a lively and “cheerful” exhibition, if I may say so.
Usually, the idea of a mask is associated with negative thoughts and feelings: lies, deception, falsehood in general.
Visiting the DiXmiX art gallery, you don’t get this impression, on the contrary. The colors are often bright, and even the black and white images transmit fun and pleasure.
I really liked the idea of a themed exhibition, I hope that DixmiX will realize further exhibitions with this thematic style.

Teleport to Masquerade @DiXmiX Art Gallery


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DixMix art gallery artists showcase (April)

DixMix Gallery Second Life

Tonight I return to the DixMix Art Gallery after several days of absence. The three artistic rooms now host the following artists:

  • Grey Gallery: A DeLAUREN
  • Black Gallery: Lalbu
  • White Gallery: Moon Edenbaum

They are three different artists in style, subjects depicted, color choice and overall “mood.”
Geometric shapes and color on the nude woman body is the style of A DeLAUREN who explores this combination of elements during the April exhibition at the gallery of DiXmiX Source (owner and artistic curator).
The geometric shapes and light and shadow effects serve to highlight the female body, making sure that the viewer’s gaze goes wherever the artist wishes.
Looking at the images as a whole, a bit from a distance, I have the impression that DeLAUREN wanted to end her pictures with a 3D filter, or something similar. It is an effect that, unlike the techniques mentioned above, obtains the opposite effect, or fades, does not define the contours, but doubles by placing them in different positions on the canvas that serves as a background.
For this April exhibition, Lalbu proposes some images that remember the desert as the main setting. These women and men used to live in contact with the problematic climate typical of Saharan areas, an aspect that the DixMix Gallery wants to emphasize by simulating the desert on the floor that hosts the works of Lalbu.
Upstairs is Moon Edenbaum, with her black and white woman portraits. I suppose they are shots the artist has captured wandering around the metaverse. Woman faces whose the artist wanted to give prominence through an elegant black and white cared for in the brightness and shadow effects.

Teleport to DixMix Gallery

A DeLAUREN Flickr Photostream

Lalbu Flickr Photostream

Moon Edenbaum Flickr Photostream

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Nevereux @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

Second Life

I accepted the invitation of DixMix Source in Second Life with great pleasure to visit the 3D exhibition of Nevereux, entitled “ArtNeveux.” She is an artist that I already had the opportunity to appreciate a lot during my visits to the SL® art galleries. You can find the narration of my visit to the Daphne Art Gallery in the following post.

Nevereux does not disappoint me: I appreciated her performance at the Daphne Art Gallery, I thought she was refined and in good taste. It was an exhibition of images, where white, black and red were the prevailing colors.

Who is Nevereux in Second Life

Neverex is an elegant Second Life artist who does not say such and who does not like to use words to introduce herself. I want to think that she, like me, doesn’t like to define herself because any definition would lead, by force of things, to a limitation.
Her profile is discreet, in the introductory part there are only a few words:

Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.

“ArtNeveux” at the Womb @DixMix Art Gallery

The 3D installation of Nevereux at the DixMix Art Gallery is called “ArtNeveux” and seems to be a pun with the same name.
The colors used by the artist are her usual ones, white, black and red (the red color is used by her to highlight some details).
The style is geometric and refined: the images remind me of creative and communicative company logos.
The artist creates her works using mesh shapes bought from favorite stores that Nevereux assembles initially, modifying the textures. In some cases, through the use of scripts, the artist gives movement to the geometric shapes, obtaining a result of a remarkable visual impact.

The introduction of “ArtNeveux” by Nevereux

The artist introduces his 3D installation with the following words:

The style is fine. The story is mine. An argument in favor of art. Prim and a bit of technology. Around the corner, there is an extreme context. Others, so deliberately meaningless. If you like, it’s jam spread on a toast. It’s just for fun. And that whatever keeps you standing stays underneath you forever.

My interpretation

Nevereux loves to capture the attention of the visitor without falling into a flashy setting. The artist uses red to attract attention. She uses shapes and colors to communicate meaningful contexts as well as others that are entirely devoid of them. What matters is not the complexity of the message or words used to express it, but the description of what she sees without any element added to it.

End of the exhibition

The exhibition will end at the end of January.


DixMix Art Gallery, Womb Gallery

Leggi in Italiano →Nevereux alla DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

Ho accolto l’invito di DixMix Source con grande piacere di visitare l’esibizione 3D di Nevereux in Second Life, intitolata “ArtNeveux”. Si tratta di una artista che avevo già avuto modo di apprezzare parecchio in occasione delle mie visite presso le gallerie d’arte di SL®. Trovi la narrazione della mia visita presso la Daphne Art Gallery nel post seguente.

Nevereux non mi delude: ho apprezzato molto la sua esibizione presso la Daphne Art Gallery, l’ho ritenuta raffinata e di buon gusto. Si trattava di una mostra di immagini, dove il bianco, il nero e il rosso erano i colori prevalenti.

Chi è Nevereux in Second Life

Neverex è una artista elegante di Second Life che non si dice tale e che non ama usare le parole per introdurre se stessa. Mi piace pensare che lei, come me, non apprezzi definirsi perché qualunque definizione condurrebbe, per forza di cose, a una limitazione.

Il suo profilo è discreto, nella parte introduttiva vi sono solo poche parole:

Le competenze sono a buon mercato. La passione non ha prezzo.

“ArtNeveux” presso la galleria Womb @DixMix Art Gallery

L’installazione 3D di Nevereux presso la DixMix Art Gallery si intitola “ArtNeveux” e sembra essere un gioco di parole con il suo stesso nome.

I colori usati dalla artista sono i suoi consueti, bianco, nero e rosso (quest’ultimo colore viene da lei usato per mettere in risalto alcuni dettagli).

Lo stile è geometrico e raffinato: le immagini mi ricordano loghi aziendali creativi e comunicativi.

L’artista crea le sue opere usando forme mesh comprate da noti negozi che Nevereux assembla in modo originale, modificandone le textures. In alcuni casi, attraverso l’uso degli scripts, l’artista dona movimento alle forme geometriche, ottendendo un risultato di notevole impatto visivo.

L’introduzione di “ArtNeveux”  di Nevereux

L’artista introduce la sua installazione 3D con le seguenti parole:

Lo stile va bene. La storia è mia. Un argomento a favore dell’arte. Prim e un po’ di tecnologia.  Dietro l’angolo c’è un contesto estremo. Altri, così volutamente privi di significato. Se si vuole, è la marmellata spalamata su un toast. Si mette solo per divertimento. E che qualunque cosa ti tiene in piedi rimanga per sempre sotto di te.     

La mia interpretazione

Nevereux ama catturare l’attenzione del visitatore senza scadere in una scenografia appariscente. L’artista usa il rosso per attirare l’attenzione. Ella usa le forme e i colori per comunicare contesti ricchi di significato così come altri che ne sono completamente privi. Quello che conta non è la complessità del messaggio o delle parole usate per comunicarlo, ma la descrizione di quello che lei vede. Senza nessun elemento aggiunto ad essa.

Termine della esibizione

L’esibizione terminerà alla fine del mese di gennaio.


DixMix Art Gallery, Womb Gallery

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Kimeu Korg at the DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

The DixMix Art Gallery, owned by DixMix Source, will open its doors from June 9th to Kimeu Korg, an artist I have been following for some time on Flickr, and I really appreciate it.

Korg speaks with images giving life to original compositions with an unmistakable style.
Surreality is undoubtedly an essential feature in his work, even if not the only one. In fact, he works with photography to make it similar to a painting, so that, observing his work, at first glance you might mistakenly believe that you were in front of a paint.

Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®
Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

The plays of light are as crucial as the choice of colors and are helpful in conveying those positive emotions that are the energy and the heart of Kimeu Korg’s art.
If you look for this artist on Flickr, you will not find it, because his account has the name of Luz De Gas.

Surreality, joviality, pleasures of life, are the main characteristics of the images of this artist, explorer of virtual worlds and attentive observer of details to capture and immortalize in his artistic works.

A typical feature of his images is the attention to bright and well-defined colors. In fact, the level of contrast is always very high and well balanced with the overall brightness.
The feelings he conveys are positive, some of his images are an explicit reference to the “dolce vita,” an invitation to calm and enjoy every moment, moving away from the “race towards nothingness” typical of our society.

Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®
Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

At the White Section at the DixMix Art Gallery set up in the sky, you can find two large exhibition floors dedicated to Kimeu Korg, an excellent starting point for getting to know this imaginative and original artist, to be also followed on Flickr.
Recently, on Facebook, Duna Gant has dedicated a photo album to some of her works created in collaboration with Korg.


DixMix Art Gallery


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Second Life® Photographers at the DiXmiX Art Gallery

Second Life®

The Dixmix Art Gallery is an artist living room that I have appreciated and frequented for about two years.

The Gallery is owned by Megan Prumier and by Dixmix Source, whose name it bears. The building is exquisite and holds three spaces for three different art galleries. In particular, they are the “Grey Gallery,” the “Black Gallery” and the “White Gallery.”

At this moment when I’m visiting the Art Gallery, the Gray one hosts the artworks of the same DixMix Source, with the exhibition entitled “Extases.” Starting from a photograph, he realizes artistic works that look like drawings on a rough canvas.

DIXMIX Art Gallery

Dixmix, in the presentation of his artistic project, says he has found the right inspiration in the Real Life works. In fact, as I said, his art looks like drawings on a rough canvas. The real-life artist who inspired this latest collection of Source is the French Ernest Pignon. As he says, this artist has been a source of inspiration, so was born in Dixmix the desire to create drawings also in the virtual environment.

More specifically, the collection consists of twelve acquisitions made for SL® with different themes (between spiritual and carnal, mystical and sensual), all located immediately at the entrance to the Gallery.

As mentioned, the inspiring French artist of the latest Dixmix Source collection is Ernest Pignon, an exponent of the Fluxus movement and situationism. His artistic research has like his purpose investigating the memories of places, which the artist evokes suggestively through site-specific displays of posters, drawings, and serigraphs. His fondness for the creation of works strongly related to the location of the destination, the political, cultural and social commitment shown in his work, in addition to a situationist and unsettling approach of his ephemeral installations, make Pignon considered today among the forerunners of the street art movement. The first project on the street dates back to 1966 and concerns the construction on the Albion plateau of a series of stencils depicting victims of the nuclear disaster in Hiroshima, in critical response to the creation of a launch base for nuclear missiles in the area. The profound link between work and context becomes from this moment a crucial aspect for Pignon, who rejects the art system, preferring to express himself directly in the places of inspiration. With this spirit, the following projects are also born, such as the vast poster set-up realized on the occasion of the centenary of the Parisian Commune (1971) or in the works accomplished in the town of Certaldo (Florence) in homage to Boccaccio and Pasolini (1980).

Dixmix Source thanks, those who have helped him for the realization of this innovative project, in particular, Kimi Eleonara for the static laying animations, Burk Bode for the shapes, So Lecker as a model and Jil Bonetto and Ica84 for the mesh canvas.

Cecilia Nansen Mode is a guest of the “White Gallery” at the DixmiX Art Gallery with her exhibition entitled “Within the voice of Björk.” I think the presentation that the same artist writes is the best to introduce her photographic art. 

“Within the voice of Björk I hear the roars of a beast of the North, cutting and scratching her way through life. The beast within a woman, fighting her roles, her sexuality, her need to fight the known, the comfortable and conform. The predictable and the expected.
Within the voice of Björk I hear the little girl; the soft and very tiny girl, pleasing and sweet. A girl, insecure and needy for protection, love, care, acceptance and to belong.
Within the voice of Björk, I hear the finest and most delicate tones, the softness of a winter lily, the thin film of frost on a morning window. The ballads of small Icelandic springs, and the waves of mountain grass swaying over the lands. Knowing ….knowing deep within it, a volcano resides. An inner volcano ready to spur in huge explosions, in sounds no one can even define as human.
Within the voice of Björk, I hear passion, anger, love, hate, hope, and fear. The deepest frustration and the highest of happiness. The acceptance of depression, the orgasmic explosions of joy.
– I hear a woman, I hear all women, I hear myself.”

DIXMIX Art Gallery

The singer Björk with her distinctive voice is, therefore, the source of inspiration for Cecilia’s works. She manages to capture the nuances of the famous singer, who brilliantly interprets different emotions. Enigmatic, magnetic and revolutionary, Iceland’s elven voice has combined a trip of the techno sound, trip-hop, jazz and pop to unique experimentation of its kind.

From iconic looks to psychedelic video clips, Björk has sold forty million records without betraying her original nature. Twenty-four years of music that, from the timeless Debut, have seen the Icelandic songwriter turn into a geisha, a robot, and a virtual muse. A triumph of masks that, even today, consecrates Björk, the queen of transformism.

The “Black Gallery” holds the photographs of Freekency Banx. The placement of this artist in the Gallery is pertinent because his works are in black and white with a predominance of dark colors. The images of this artist are narratives, telling stories of everyday life. The general tones in his communicative artistic works are humor, grotesque, mystery, and terror. Among the exhibited works, my favorite image is called “Kingsman“; I particularly appreciate it, because it reminds me of the best style of excellent real life photographers who prefer black and white style. For example, I think of Szymon Brodziak.

DIXMIX Art Gallery

The Dixmix Art Gallery is an essential point of reference for photographers, so I suggest to periodically visit to explore what’s new in SL® photography planet.


DiXMiX Art Gallery

Dixmix Source Flickr

Cecilia Nansen Mode Flickr

Freekency Banx Flickr

Other bloggers wrote…


The Dixmix Art Gallery in Second Life®
The Dixmix Art Gallery in Second Life®

Currently on display within the Black Gallery hall at DixMix Gallery, curated by Dixmix Source, is a selection of images by Cecilia Nansen Mode – whom I confess is one of my favorite exponents of the art of avatar studies. Entitled Within the Voice of Björk, the selection features some fifteen images inspired by the lyrics of thirteen songs by Icelandic singer Björk.

(click on the image to read the entire article)


The DiXmiX Art Gallery in SecondLife®
The DiXmiX Art Gallery in SecondLife®

The latest exhibition at DiXmiX Gallery, which opened on Wednesday, November 23rd 2016, features the art of Fingers (Fingers Scintilla) and Maloe Vansant, together with a new display of work by gallery owner and curator, DixMix Source.

Maloe and Fingers are ideally suited to be exhibited together: there is something of a similarity in style and vision in their work, and the pieces displayed at DiXmiX underline this perfectly, presenting a combined, yet highly individual pairing of studies.

(click on the image to read the entire article)


DiXMiX Art Gallery in Second Life®
DiXMiX Art Gallery in Second Life®

The DiXmiX Gallery, curated by Dixmix Source, is currently showing several concurrent exhibitions in its various galleries. The work of Fingers Scintilla (image above) recently opened at the White Gallery, where his portraits, often infused with bright colors, feature faces that stare out to us, sometimes impassively and sometimes fraught with emotion. In the Black Gallery, monochrome works by Gaus (Cicciuzzo Gausman) (image below) explore the female form, and these will remain on display until about December 8.

(click on the image to read the entire article)


The DiXMiX Art gallery entrance in Second Life®
The DiXMiX Art gallery entrance in Second Life®

Have you ever been so at one with art, that you ate, slept, and breathed it, just for starters?  A lot of what draws us here to Second Life, is the beauty to create and share, so this seems a very obvious answer, but I wanted to share my experience of DiXmiX Gallery with you, anyway!  You see, this place called to me, all my senses were stimulated by the unrelenting aesthetics here.

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The DiXMiX art Gallery in Second Life®
The DiXMiX art Gallery in Second Life®

The sim Furillen, curated by Serene Footman (read here) has become one of Second Life’s most often photographed sims. Recently, photographers were encouraged to submit their best images to Dixmix Source, who has selected seven outstanding works to exhibit in his DiXmiX Gallery, and these — by Iolanda Weidman, MollyWolliDoodle, Hayel Bracula, NikaLee, Oyona, Laura Mrs S, and Magic Maker — will remain on display in the Grey Gallery through the end of October. Additionally, in the White Gallery is a new show of striking images by Vallys Baxter entitled Women in Red. Additional exhibits are ongoing in DiXmiX’s other gallery spaces.

(click on the image to read the entire article)


The DiXMiX Art gallery in Second Life®
The DiXMiX Art gallery in Second Life®

Now open is the inaugural exhibition in the new DiXmiX Gallery (much expanded over its original incarnation, and once again beautifully designed by Megan Prumier), curated by Dixmix Source, and featuring artworks by Ariel Brearly, Grazia Horwitz, Ziki Questi, both Dixmix Source and Megan Prumier, and other artists. “We have built a realistic looking place to host Second Life’s Art, Photography, Sculpture, and Music events in one gallery where we hope you will enjoy to hang around and see works from talented artists,” says Dixmix. Ariel’s dreamy and evocative work, hosted in a double-height foyer (image above), are favorites from Dixmix’s own collection; he plans to invite the artist to display additional works in a forthcoming exhibition.

(click on the image to read the entire article)



The DiXMix Art gallery in Second Life®
The DiXMix Art gallery in Second Life®

Opening on Saturday, September 17th at 12: 00-noon SLT is the DiXmiX Gallery, a new venue for 2D and 3D art and for music in Second Life.

Designed by Megan Prumier (famous for Crimarizon and Deadpool) and curated by Dixmix Source, the gallery offers a large foyer area and three halls for art displays – the Black and the White Gallery Halls, which are apparently to be dedicated to monochrome art, with the Grey Gallery linking them. Art in these halls may be split over two levels, the ground floor, and a mezzanine area, while a music venue, The Atom, completes the major facilities.

(click on the image to read the entire article)


The DiXMix art Gallery in Second Life®
The DiXMix art Gallery in Second Life®

Now on display at the Dixmix Gallery, curated by dixmix Source, is Escape in the Landscapes, an exhibition of landscapes by Megan Prumier and Lam Erin. It’s a pleasure to see works by both artists: Megan may be best known to others as a builder and creator, but her luminous images are beautifully composed, and, as dixmix remarked as we talked, Lam “has very rarely shown inworld.”

(click on the image to read the entire article)

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Lou Shadow, Imani Nayar, Juris Bergmanis and Nath Baxton at DixMix Art Gallery

DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life

DixMix Art Gallery, a beautiful art gallery built by Megan Prumier and curated by DixMix Source, is hosting 4 interesting artists at this time.
Over time, the DixMix Gallery has allowed many explorers of the Second Life® virtual environment to know marvelous passionate photo artists who love to share their work on Flickr.
Some excellent artists have been “discovered” through this sophisticated art gallery. Later they were invited to other exhibitions and appreciated in different cultural parlors.

Right at the entrance, you can admire the style of Lou Shadow.
The photographs of this artist are of high emotional impact, and I agree with the choice to host them at the entrance of the Gallery.
The protagonists of the scene are women of great sensuality and expressiveness. In some cases, the artist focuses on the face, in others also on the part of the body. The common element in his style is the addition of details that attribute the scene to his whole meaning. From a sad face and wrapped in a cobweb, to the voluptuous body and embellished with pearls, Lou Shadow gives the image a touch of communication through the animations and the addition of elements specifically designed for that photography. I believe that nothing is left to chance and that every aspect is carefully evaluated.
All photos are characterized by a blue /light blue color.

DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

Going further, we meet the artistic world of Imani Nayar. Even in this case sensuality is the predominant theme. Style, however, is very different. I could define her style as a minimalist, with no particular coloring, light-dark games (black and white) and sketched shapes with, especially blurred or faded contours. On a white canvas, a woman’s detail is shaped by her sensuality and naturalness. In particular, naturalness is a fundamental element, both for avatars and exhibit simplicity (no feature added in the scene, essential as the dominant element).

Going up to the first floor, you will find the beautiful autumn photographs of Juris Bergmanis.
I appreciate and follow this artist for a long time on Flickr: his style is unmistakable, in the sense that I could quickly recognize his photography by looking at it among many. The reason is simple: the predominant colors are red and yellow, Juris embellishes the scenes by modifying the sky and making it unique, gives motion to the view through specific landscape animation techniques and in some cases blur the contours not essential for him. Also, I love his ability to make a photograph similar to painting, a feature that I had admired before him in Lam Erin and Sandi Benelli.

The DixMix Gallery is decorated with the works of Mistero Hifeng, a very communicative 3D artist. There are also meeting places for those who like to attend art circles and to confront opinions about the various exhibitions.

I always thought that the gallery is tastefully decorated and I have always appreciated the unmistakable style of separating the exhibitions by giving 3 galleries the names of 3 colors: gray, black and white.

In the gallery below you can explore the exhibition of Nath Baxton‘s works.
You can access it by going down the stairs on the left side of the White Gallery, where you can see the “Womb” sign.
Nath’s style is pop: he, in fact, modifies the photos captured in SL® to make them similar to pop art works. I think Nath is unique in this genre, I have not yet encountered good artists comparable to him.

To make sure that you visit every corner that the beautiful DixMix Gallery has to offer, here are the direct landmarks:

Grey Art Gallery with the exhibition of Lou Shadow

Black Art Gallery with the exhibition of Imani Nayar

White Art Gallery with the exhibition of Juris Bergmanis

“Womb” Entrance with the exhibition of Nath Baxton



WhereDixMix Art Gallery, owned by Megan Prumier and curated by DixMix Source

Artists: Lou Shadow, Imani Nayar, Juris Bergmanis and Nath Baxton.


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