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Offering to Mnemosyne, Second Life
Second Life®

“Offering to Mnemosyne”, art exhibition @Nitroglobus in Second Life®

The artist Fenris exhibits his works at the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, esteemed art gallery curated by Dido Haas. The exhibition by Fenris (fenris345) is entitled “Offering to Mnemosyne,” and its title evokes the Greek muse Mnemosyne, daughter of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth). Mnemosyne is the personification of memory and the power to remember. My visit @Nitroglobus Roof Art…

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Cat Boucher @Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery
Art In Second Life, Second Life®

‘HYPNOPOMPIA’ by Cat Boucher @Nitroglobus Roof in Second Life®

Starting last night, Sunday, August 12, is open the photographic exhibition of Cat Boucher entitled ‘Hypnopompia‘ and hosted by the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, owned by Dido Haas (who is also the artistic curator). LEGGI IN ITALIANO Fortunately, my RL engagements allowed me to be present at the opening, where I could appreciate the original music composed by Yadleen and…

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ClaryC Faces Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery
Art In Second Life, Second Life®

“Faces” by Clarissa Congrejo @Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery

The Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery is hosting in these days the images of Clarissa Congrejo, a photographer known in Second Life® for years. The images of Clarissa have a significant following on Flickr and are commented on and added to favorites by hundreds of users. Clarissa, born as a photographer, has subsequently developed the passion for creating poses, useful for…

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