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“The Heights at Haven” Art Gallery in Second Life®

Heights of Haven Art Gallery in Second Life®

“The Heights at Haven” Art Gallery is a small, family-run art gallery in a location near Basilisk (Mainland). The owners and curators are Seiko Blessing (softandred) and her partner Maggie Blessing (margaret.moleno). It is a place dedicated to art and theatre even if, being a new gallery, at the moment no show has yet been

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Kimeu Korg at the DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

The DixMix Art Gallery, owned by DixMix Source, will open its doors from June 9th to Kimeu Korg, an artist I have been following for some time on Flickr, and I really appreciate it. Korg speaks with images giving life to original compositions with an unmistakable style. Surreality is undoubtedly an essential feature in his work,

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How important realism is in a Second Life® photography?

Friends by Brenda Menges in Second Life

The photographic realism in Second Life®: a question of style. The question may seem provocative, in fact, it’s a question I’ve been thinking about for a few days. In particular, I wonder when it is relevant that there is realism in a portrait of an SL® avatar. In the first place it is necessary to

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Quanto è importante il realismo in una fotografia di Second Life®?

Yulisa by Brenda Menges in Second Life

Il realismo fotografico in Second Life®: una questione di stile. La domanda potrebbe sembrare provocatoria, in realtà è una questione su cui rifletto da qualche giorno. In modo particolare mi chiedo quando sia rilevante che, in un ritratto di un avatar di SL®, ci sia realismo. In primo luogo occorre intendersi su cosa sia il realismo in

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“Out Of Here”, the recent performance at the Nitro Globus in Second Life®

Out of here Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery

Pain unites, this is a thought that I have always held true. It accompanies us throughout life, in a flow of events that alternate with each other making us taste the bittersweet nature of our existence. LEGGI IN ITALIANO Pain is the central theme of Nevereux‘s art exhibition, entitled “Out of here,” hosted by the

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Cake in Second Life®, a sim designed for artists

"Cake" in Second Life®

Some lands are born with the needs of the artists in mind, and “Cake” is one of them. LEGGI IN ITALIANO Created by AJ (anyajurelle), Cake (located on a parcel of Cerveza Island) offers photographers, bloggers, and vloggers plenty of ideas for narratives, images, and recordings. In a brightly colored setting, you are greeted by

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