“Mysteries”, by Melusina Parkin hosted by Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery

Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery opened its doors once again to the art of Melusina Parkin. This time the exhibition of Melusina, exceptional minimalist artist in Second Life® virtual world, has as its primary theme “the mannequins”.
Just like in Real Life, we may encounter the mannequins in our journey of pixels and soul. You can see in clothing stores, in the same way, that you might meet in the real fashion environments. In SL® they are often used as a “base” for the creation of more complex artwork: forms created with specific software like Makehuman or Daz 3D (just to name two prominent examples) are imported and used as a starting point for creating a more complex art installation.
Melusina Parkin, for years now, photographer SL® in an impeccably way, serving to the observer her (personal) perspective.
Melusina’s style is minimalist: as a photographer, she does not like to enrich with details because she prefers to enhance the particular.
The Melusina mannequins are photographed, above all, from the torso upwards. The light settings are an essential part of her way to “see” the details that she loves to photograph. These parameters, in fact, vary with changing shapes and colors of the principal object.
These inanimate forms (“the mannequins”) are the expression of a world of static, a set of “human figures” (in their appearance) that furnish the SL® environments such as shops, art galleries, etc.
For most of the people are a “frame” a nice aspect “to look at in passing.”
Melusina photographer passionately them yet, making them, for once, the protagonists of the scene.
Who are the mannequins? What do they represent?
They are a background in the main scene, made of beautiful and well-dressed super-avatar.
(Passive) items that look soulless the (real) characters, ambitious and vain avatars.
Looking at the exhibition of Melina entitled “Mysteries” yet, one could say the exact opposite. In the artist’s images I don’t see inanimate subjects, but vivid characters. I interpret the title of the exhibition, “Mysteries,” in this way:

It is a mystery like simple mannequins, can be so expressive in the photographs of Melusina Parkin although they are, in practice, inanimate objects.

The meaning of the title is different for Melusina, the author sees in the mannequins the mystery, inquiring about what they could say when no one observes them.

Personally, I see more expressiveness in Melusina Parkin mannequins that in some photographs of Fashion Bloggers.
The expressiveness research is an essential path for any photographer worth noting, both in the virtual and in the real one.
Some will reply that the search of expressiveness in the virtual is difficult: the difficulty is safe, but the fact that there are photographers who chase and occur it as well should make any photographer want to reach that level of communication.
Congratulations, therefore, to Melusina Parkin, to have achieved a great communicative while having as subjects of mannequins.
The exhibition of Melusina has been set for October and November at the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery.



Where: Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery, owned by Dido Haas

Title: “Mysteries”

Artist: Melusina Parkin

Other Artists in the Gallery: Nitro Fireguard (passed away) and Igor Ballyhoo


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Theda Thammas and her “Resilience” in Second Life®

Disturbing and liberating at the same time is the new exhibition of Theda Thammas entitled “Resilience” hosted by the beautiful Amsterdam sim 2.

Upon arrival, a local chat message may want to change the settings of the environment in night mode. This environmental setting allows you to focus your attention on the Thammas works, without being distracted from the context that hosts them.
I think the structure that hosts the sim is very realistic and well done. It is in particular of a church, and Theda placed her artworks at the central nave.

Theda Thammas

I visited the sim a few times: at first, respecting the instructions given and setting a night mode, the second, however, leaving the classic environmental settings of Second Life® in day mode. I liked both versions because even on the second occasion I was able to appreciate the sculptures in context, look not indifferent. It is hard to believe that works so disturbing and sending a strong message and unconventional, can blend well within a Church, a symbol of classicism and tradition for excellence. I liked this contrast bittersweet.

Theda Thammas

Theda speaks of “resilience” and sculptures are represented, women. In particular, women who suffer, in a context of painful tearing and caging.
The artist represented the laceration through the manipulation of the woman’s shape, its elongation, the modification of her traditional forms. The caging through the chains which women are inextricably linked.
The same form of woman is also “shattered” and the woman’s body, forced to take difficult to maintain positions, exploding blood.

Theda Thammas

By matching the title of the artistic choice of Theda Thammas to represent it in this particular way, the sense of the message seems to be that the woman, in today’s society is the one that adapts to each others’ needs, tearing herself just to satisfy external requests. Such requests can come from other people, but also by the same society that values the woman all-purpose, her multi-functionality.

In psychology “resilience” means the ability to overcome a traumatic event without succumbing. A form of mental elasticity that leads to survival always and in any case.

Theda Thammas

A perfect-woman which of course it does not exist or can exist, if not generating to the real-woman a great malaise.
Theda masterfully represented this malaise with her performance “Resilience.”

Slurl Detail

Amsterdam 2, The New Church

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The Bailywick Gallery, July and August show

In a beautiful location in Mainland, Bailywick, you can visit an elegant art gallery that hosts artists who have a varied style.

The structure hosting the artworks is extensive, and the landing point is at the dockside of the boats.

The night setting is striking, just like feeling the evening breeze on a summer night not too hot, late summer, I would say.

The tables with the chairs and the microphone on a small stage seem to remember the opening of the gallery, which hosted Melenda Mikael as a live singer and who “opened the doors” to the following exhibiting artists:





The Bailywick Art Gallery curators are John and Eleseren Brianna, famous for their significant commitment to diffusion of art in Second Life®.

Entering to the left, the first artist I meet is Kodymeyers Resident.

His pictures are black and white photos, where lighting is the characterizing element. The point that the artist chooses to put the lights on is the element that makes the difference, which distinguishes his work. Even in the photo of his profile, placed at the entrance of his performance, light is the distinctive element. For this artist, unfortunately, there is no bio, so I cannot add more. For more information, I invite you to read the artist profile I previously linked to.

Kody Meyers’s Exhibition

Entering the right you can explore the photos of GlitterPrincess Destiny, she is also a black and white lover photographer. In this case, however, light has a less decisive role than the previous artist, and the context gives value and sense to the image.

You can view other works by this artist by visiting her Flickr profile.

GlitterPrincess Destiny’s Exhibition

Upstairs, immediately to the left, we know Solana Python.

Black and white is also the protagonist in these artworks that love to capture detail, focus on a particular, making it the protagonist of the scene.

For this artist there is the bio, which I carry in full:

I was introduced early in my life to the world of art. In high school, I took the Arts and Science Course Since then I have completed other Art classes.

I began taking my photography seriously in 2011 since then I have explored my surroundings and the world around me through my camera. Many of my photos were taken locally and even in my backyard

My work is a photographic extension of my interests and hobbies.

You will see my interests in Nature, landscapes, water, wildlife. I also shoot a lot of still life. Quite often my moods influence my work as you will see when you view them.

The most common comment I have received from viewers and other artists is ” You have an excellent eye.” I use a variety of techniques to arrive at a piece I am pleased with. Some of these include black and white, sepia and digital art.

I have sold many copies of my work online; I also sell greeting cards with my work printed on them. My most recent  real life print sale was to an Art Collector in NYC and MN.

In the past, I have done a Cat Series. I am presently working on a  Music Series as well as Barn and Country Series  to show my more rustic side.

IN second life I am presently working on a Music series where I go out and listen to a performer and create while listening. The Inspired by series includes Lazarus Doghouse, Agusto Napoli, Beth Odets. Strum Diesel and MarqsDeSade.

I would consider myself a successful photographer if my work opens new doors to you and puts you in touch with nature and our world.

I hope you have a chance to view my job and hang out and enjoy the sim.

Solana Python

Solana Python’s Exhibition

Finally, on the right side up the stairs, we meet Lulyboop.

The photos of this artist are always well defined, rich in details describing the scene. Exposed images are also black and white. Again, in this case, you can read her bio:

My biggest passion in Second Life is photography.

For about two years, the photography allows me to communicate my thoughts, my emotions, to tell histories and SL gives me the ideal setting to do all this.

Often, images come into my mind along with the music, and I let myself be carried away by it as I try to express my imagination.

In the last year, photoshop allowed me to expand my ability to express myself through pictures, and I intend to learn more about this tool because they are not interested in capture SL as it is (not always) but use the virtual world to give space to my imagination.

SL consider my gym and photography in the metaverse is a small daily exercise that teaches me to be happy about what I do, without being overwhelmed by the fear of judgment.

My adrenaline is the awareness to have still much to learn.

Lulyboop’s Exhibition

The Gallery with the newly-featured artists will remain open until the end of August.

SLurl Detail

Bailywick Gallery

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Split Screen Installation Space in Second Life, “Everywhere and nowhere”

I am in a timeless space. I can not say exactly when the time has stopped running down here, but I’m almost sure that there was an era when minutes, hours, days and years followed each other on a regular basis.

Creatures and futuristic giants have been immortalized in their grandeur and majesty, as they shared a solemn moment.

One of two other creatures offered a bright three to the other one, the same gorgeous tree that I can see above, solemnly protected by guards.

What exactly are these beings? What is this sounds intense world enough to mesmerize the soul?

Everything here seems hard if it wouldn’t be a cloud of smoke, thin, pale that insists with its repeated movement despite here time has stopped.

Because the weather here has stopped, there is no doubt.

Second Life
“Everywhere and nowhere” by Split Screen Installation Artist: JadeYu Fang

I have a thousand things to do, and I would like to move somewhere else, basically enough teleport, but I can not.

There’s something about this place, something that keeps me stop there.

Then I decided to walk a bit on these beams of light in motion that seem to ice.

And I stop, looking up.

And behold the magic … white and regular shapes appear, shrink and disappear and then reappear in a consistent and smooth movement.

The music accompanies me in this experience without end; eternal because of no time.

Like creatures in part to men and partly half man half horse they seem to live in this environment so strange in a natural way.

If I turn my gaze to the sky, it is a series of shapes, similar to humans, light, and movement.

It fascinates me that the time has stopped just for the creatures who were (or are they?) living, like the wind, the shapes, the colors, even the same floor … everything still moves. What happened here? What has stopped the Life? What has stopped (partly) time?

Who knows, maybe that tree light, which seems to be their God, He wanted to crystallize this moment of perfection and make it eternal.

“Everywhere and nowhere” by Split Screen Installation
Artist: JadeYu Fhang

“Everywhere and nowhere” by JadeYu Fhang

These are my thoughts by visiting the stunning art installation by Jadeyu Fhang, “Everywhere and nowhere.” Jade is an artist already well known for scoring stunning installations, including OpeRaAnxiEty to Metales.

The best way to see this installation is, in my opinion, “let soak.”

When you’re there, let yourself be overwhelmed by the images, the sounds, and lights.

The thoughts flow without effort: there is something in this seemingly senseless landscape that is in harmony with the human soul.

On this occasion, I wanted to shoot a little video to give my experience.


SLurl Detail

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“Future”, Art Installation in Second Life® by Cica Ghost

Future” is the latest art installation by Cica Ghost, a Serbian artist with extensive experience in SL® and with a long curriculum vitae of art exhibitions.
Ghost chick usually has a gloomy style and her installations are often metaphors.
Visiting her latest installation, this aspect is evident: “Future” is the title of the show, a cool, dark and chilling scenario.

“If the future is this, it’s best to stop here,” the spectator would say with great probability.

No one can know what will happen, certainly, the current scenario is not comforting.
I think that the installation of Cica is a way of making the spectator reflect on the consequences of the scribed behavior of the human being; Pollution, pedophilia, murders, rapes, and wars are the fault of which the human being is responsible every day.
No one excluded because even not doing (preventing) is a form of responsibility.


SLurl Detail


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Holly Kai Park, art exhibition August 6th-11th 2017

I am delighted to be invited by Inara to visit the artistic exhibition hosted at Holly Kai Park. The artists who expose their artworks in this week, August 6th-11th 2017, are:

Dido Haas

Cecilia Nansen Mode and Jes Mode (“The Modes”)

Diamond Marchant


Walking around this pleasant park, I could take all biographies about the artists I mentioned above, to know them better. Luckily, there is a bio for each artist, so it’s possible to explore their activity in Second Life® and follow them in their future exhibitions

Luckily, there is a bio for each artist, so it’s possible to investigate their activity in Second Life® and follow them in their actual others and future exhibitions.

The first artist is a friend.

Dido Haas

I know Dido since years, and I had the pleasure to write about art exhibitions curated by her at Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery.

Now the focus is on her art; she loves to take pictures, mainly black and white snapshots.

She exposes three photos, all seductive and intense. The female body is her subject, and she presents it, showing a unique detail, some that involve the visitor.

Dido shows herself directly, using these words:

In January 2016 I started my own gallery, Nitroglobus Hall coz my beloved partner, lover, teacher, inspiration Nitro Fireguard passed away in RL. I am keeping him close in my heart, and in my gallery, as Nitro’s awesome mesh sculptures are still on display at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

Being so busy with curating and with the music events at the Sunday Cafe of Nitroglobus, I have little time left to make work myself. When I do, my pictures show visitors, exhibitions and parties @ my gallery.

However, now and then when I am in the right mood I do make photos, in which my avi or parts of my avi are always the topic.

For more information about Dido, you can take the note card just clicking on the board at the entrance of her exhibition.

Cecilia Nansen Mode and Jes Mode (“The Modes”)

I enjoyed their photos; they are an expression of love, life, and fun.

A couple who loves to share their intimate and happy moments is a joy for the soul. The notecard (you can get it clicking as usual on the board) describe their photo style with these words:

For this exhibition, they join up as one, calling themselves – The Modes.
The collection named “One Love, One Life”, shown on both stands, represents a long life of a couple in love and is created by the two working together.

The Modes are a combination of the cold North and the warm South. The dramatic and the calm. The expressive and the subtle. Together they are tied by a deep and profound connection, which shows in their pictures, both when working together, as well as individually.

Jes has a history of photography in RL with some knowledge as well as experience. He restarted after some years as a photographer, this time in SL and is slowly finding his own style and personal expression, with mainly black and white pictures.

Cecilia started a little over a year ago as a SL photographer and is slowly finding her own style, still experimenting and learning day by day.

Together they support, mentor, teach and are each others first filter of approval in a balance of synergy and seeing each other grow.

As before, for more information, you can get a nice note card about these artists.

Diamond Marchant

Interesting show by Diamond Marchant; you need to keep attention to the various information that you can find at the bottom of the black base, with three links: Exhibit info, Cassini’s Grand Finale Web, Cassini’s Grand Finale Video.

Also, you can get the info notecard clicking on the board, like for previous artists.

Diamond speaks about herself:

In real life, I am a photographer and software developer. In SL, I create boat and sail textures for the sailing community as well as numerous fishing products. “Spacecraft modeling” is a new thing for me. My first effort was a mars lander that appeared at SL13B. I was inspired to build the Cassini orbiter after seeing the 3D model on their website and noticing that the shapes on the orbiter are similar to the shapes you can make out of system prims.

So a similitude with the Second Life® building tools attracted her to realize this orbiter shape.

Second Life Art

Finally, you can get more information about Cassini orbiter watching this video:



Wintegeist is a Real Life photographer who likes photography also in SL®.

She introduces herself:

Making pictures is, for me, a way of life…..
I go through life seeing motives. Some of them speak up to me, calling me to capture them.
RL-, Game- and SL-Photography are one and the same for me. A motive is there and has to be captured.
Some said to me that I am to spread out, that I get diluted by doing so many things.
But I can’t stop, I have to make pictures. (…)

What do I like in pictures? I do love colors – strong colors, contrast and a motive that is more than the simple “My avatar in front of fancy background”. Mostly I don’t know beforehand what kind of picture I want to do.
When I see a motive I get a vague idea of angle and composition and I try to capture that. Sometimes it works, but I am far from perfect.
I haven’t reached my goal to make the perfect picture. I guess that is even something no one can achieve….. but, you can try.

Her style is minimalist, and her subjects are various. She doesn’t use a lot of colors; she is minimalist also in this aspect.

For more information about her SL® activity, feel free to take her note card clicking on the board.

I appreciated this art exhibition for the very different styles of these artists. Also, the idea of an art show in a park is beautiful.


SLurl Detail

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“Lilium” at Daphne Arts in Second Life®

Harbor Galaxy Second Life®

Lilium is the art exhibition hosted in the sky by Daphne Arts Gallery and organized by SheldonBR and Angelika Corral.
This is an experience, so it’s important to follow the instructions that the same sim offers right on arrival at the landing point.

These instructions are, in fact, simple:
1) Accept the HUD: Upon arrival, you will be asked to accept the experience and HUD that serves to interact with artistic exposure; you need to accept to fully appreciate the experience.
2) Set the Windlight correctly: you can choose the setting manually by searching “greyskymoon,” or automatically setting in Firestorm: Preferences> Firestorm> Windlight and enabling the option “automatically changes the environment to use region settings/parcel.
3) Enable advanced light settings by going to Preferences> Graphics> and selecting the “Advance lighting model” option.
4) Finish these settings, you can begin to visit the exhibition, crossing the nave of the Church, and approaching each lily to showcase the artistic work it cares for.

I was curious to know what the idea has led to this project, so I visited the Daphne Art Gallery web page to better understand the title and meaning of the show.

First of all, the exhibition is inspired by number 7 and its meaning in history. Pythagoras, the father of numerology, was quoted as considering the number 7 the most sacred and powerful of all numbers.
Capital sins are 7 as well as 7 virtues that counteract temptation to evil.

In harmony with this theme, the artists invited to exhibit their works are 7 in detail:

Angelika CorralFenrisHarbor GalaxyMagic MarkerInexorablyKimeu KamollaSheldon Bergman


The lily also represents purity and chastity, which is why the archangel Gabriel offered Mary a lily of the immaculate conception.

The artistic exhibition “Lilium” expresses this purity, this innocence, and candor, using mainly white color. This principle applies also to the images proposed by the various artists, with some relevant exceptions. One of my favorites is by Harbor Galaxy, which features a red-haired woman with wings (an angel, we can suppose) and a very clear complexion, walking naked, slightly curved forward. Her look seems lost and frightened. The context surrounding the young woman is dark; this would make us think of the woman’s purity confronted with the dumbest aspects of the world. Harbor images are taken in Second Life®, but presented so as to look like paintings.


Angelika Corral is always among my favorite artists, her pictures are a delight to the eyes and the soul and the image she presents in this show is no exception.


Finally, Silas Merlin’s 3D works embellish the open space where images are offered to the public.

I remind you to visit the exhibition with the HUD worn, listening to the proposed music. The HUD also reveals the name of the artist and work as you approach the image.


SLurl Detail


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“Eroticism Masks”, art installation in Second Life®

Eroticism Masks in Second Life®

Eroticism Masks” is the art installation by Maddy and Cordediseta hosted on my sim, Astralia.

I am glad to host this gallery because it’s “out of the charts.” I don’t mean that realize a nude photography exposition is “strange,” just that this theme (nude photography) is treating (like argument) in a (special) way.

The specialty of this exposition is this: Maddy works with nude photography in Second Life® as a professional photographer in real life could do with models. In fact, when a nude photographer works in real life, he is usually to establish a feeling with the person photographed. This attitude is essential because you can admire an artistic nude picture, just if the model poses for the photographer in the unique way that the artist likes.

Being photographic naked, the relationship between the photographer and the model must be confident, so that the model feels comfortable and can convey what the artist feels and wants to communicate through photography.

If this relationship of trust and tune is not established, who will observe the shot will realize that photography lacks spontaneity and can not convey the intention of the author.

In our case, however, we talk about photographic shots captured in a virtual environment: what changes?

Evidently, the avatar feels more confident, does not feel emotional and hardly manages to be expressive. The relationship between photographer and model is filtered by the virtual, which attenuates emotions, feelings, passions and sexual desire.

In the virtual world, the avatar is cold compared to the multiple expressive possibilities in the real naked body.

Despite this, Maddy’s images confirm that even in the virtual world, the relationship between photographer and model is essential for the proper performance of an artistic project (and not just erotic).
This aspect would confirm that the spiritual bond, the feeling between artist and subject depicts generates an “energy” that allows the image to live, to be real provocation (even on the virtual platform).

"Eroticism Masks" in Second Life®

→ click the image to enlarge

"Eroticism Masks" in Second Life®

click the image to enlarge

Everyone will enjoy the pictures “in his own way” according to his personal way of seeing and feeling, of course.
However, the expressiveness of Maddy’s avatars is undeniable.
The images in this (great) artistic installation are accompanied by Cordediseta’s words.
To understand them, they should be read in Italian, the original language of the author. The idea of an English translation is still appreciated, to allow the visitor to “have an idea” of what she wants to convey.

I recorded a memorial video, to remember the exciting opening,


If you would like to visit the inworld exhibition, keep in mind that it will be open until September 17th.

SLurl Detail


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Soosh art gallery in Second Life®

Fantasy, color and spirituality lovers will fall in love with Soosh Art Gallery, space entirely dedicated to Roxlette Resident‘s artistic work (Rox Soosh).
The environment is rich in colors, relaxing spaces and in harmony with the soul, fantasy places that leave room for imagination and creativity.
It is in this “space” of total relaxation that you appreciate the work of the artist Roxlette, which is presented to the visitor with these words:

I love to express myself spiritually through my art and I love sharing it with the world. I am known to create multi-layered colourful abstract pieces using healing crystals and a variety of vibrant and neutral colours. I think there is beauty and powerful energy in using crystals and many colours. Every detail I create and use has meaning and I hope to connect with others through my artwork.

Roxlette is, therefore, an artist also in RL, with experience and artistic studies behind.
There are many RL artists who like to create and share their experiences in Second Life®.
Virtual worlds are suitable for artistic creation, allowing creativity to express themselves to the best. Creation is complex, however, SL® allows the artist to embellish spaces in many ways, creating a virtual “frame” suitable for exposed works.
Roxlette loves abstract colors and shapes. She also plays with shapes, framing colors in particular shapes.



Visiting the gallery you notice this contrast between the ground floor and the first floor. On the ground floor we admire her abstract paintings filled with many bright colors; in the foreground, those abstract shapes and colors are the background of well-defined forms of a different type.

These works are suited to the fantasy sim interior and devoted to spirituality because they give a shade of color and art that is well matched with these themes.

You can buy Roxlette’s work and admire her creations by giving you moments of pure relaxation.





SLurl Detail

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Alpha Tribe’s Art Installation in Second Life®

The artistic installation of Alpha Auer is impressive and fascinating at the same time.
There are many sim points to visit, but moving from one place to another is simple using the teleport you can see right away on arrival.
The artist gives an explanatory note card, detailing her art installation.

This new build revolves around the theme of “fool’s gold.” Most of what you will encounter is new (and mostly golden): There is an “Orientalist” pavilion where you can relax, a shipyard where a golden ship is in the process of being built, an airship that is about to take off to distant skies, a pleasure arcade where you can swing on boats, gaze at clockwork creatures, and get many prizes from a grab-a-duck gallery. There are pleasure walks, gardens, and ruins. And, yes, there is of course also the store with lots of new outfits.

I have tried to build a sim that is conceptually a bit like my old sim Syncretia – a continuous ecology that tells a story of sorts, rather than a place in which discrete things are presented independently of one another, which is what I had tried to do with the previous build.

At ground level the sim has been designed for you to walk/fly and discover things for yourself without specific teleport locations. Go in and out of all the builds that you see – there are things inside all of them. There are also destinations below water and at sky level for which teleporters have been provided. The “Blueprint City” and the “Pastoral” sphere have been preserved – all else has changed.

This sim also pays homage to one of the greatest builders of Second Life, the urban legend who was once known as Arcadia Asylum, and then came back to delight us as Aley. Many of the prims that you will see on the sim are Aley’s creations which I have modified, and re-textured to create “fool’s gold.” Aley’s ingenuity as a builder has allowed me to create a sim that (although it is only a homestead with limited prims) will hopefully appear as densely built as a full sim and hopefully tell a secret tale that needs lots of prim-detail in order to be properly heard. Thank you Aley for your generosity in giving us a huge collection of full perm, wildly imaginative, well built, highly detailed but low-prim objects for us to play with and to extend into our own creative work.

Interesting reading the author’s biography:

Alpha Auer is one of the Second Life avatars of Elif Ayiter, who is a designer and educator, as well as the editor in chief of Metaverse Creativity, a peer reviewed academic journal with Intellect UK.

Alpha is the CEO of the SL fashion store alpha.tribe and has participated in several SL exhibits, such as “SychroniCity,” curated by Marc Moana and “Further Along the Path” curated by Bryn Oh.

Together with MosMax Hax and Selavy Oh she has co-authored the” LPDT2/3″ series of sim wide installations that were based upon Roy Ascott’s concept of distributed authorship and La Plissure du Texte. Both LPDT2, as well as LPDT3 have been exhibited at international, curated art exhibitions such as ISEA2011, the 2010 multimedia festival at Tomorrow City, Incheon, Korea.

More recently, along with Bryn Oh, Nessuno Myoo, Jo Ellsmere, Soror Nishi and Eupalinos Ugajin, she has built and created avatars for the Russian Avantgarde exhibition held in April 2014 in Moscow.

Alpha Tribe_003

Alpha Tribe_001

Alpha Tribe_005


Windlight Settings Detail

To record my machinima I used these Windlight Settings:

  • [TOR] Sunrise Cobraring 1 (SKY)
  • [TOR] Pretty Placid (WATER)
  • In some spots, I used the Region Settings.


SLurl Detail

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