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Second Life®

Welcome 2019

Bloggers are used to wishing their followers a Happy New Year, and I didn’t want to be outdone either. Even if a few hours late (I apologize, but RL has been challenging) Van and I wish each of you 2019 full of your most coveted expectations. Happy 2019!

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Second Life Nekotto
Art In Second Life, Second Life®

Nekotto, the artist who transforms Second Life® into a Japanese “Anime”

Second Life® is an excellent starting point for creativity and offers numerous possibilities to express your artistic vein. LEGGI IN ITALIANO Nekotto knows it well, having chosen to take photographs within the virtual world of Second Life® to make them as close as possible to a Japanese anime. What is an “anime“? “Anime” is the abbreviation for animēshon (Japanese transliteration…

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