“Look Realistic” Series #1: Genus Classic Face and Deetalez Skin Appliers

One of the most exciting aspects in Second Life is the chance to give realism to our avatar. It’s not so hard if you know where to go and how to search.

I am introducing a new look category on my blog: “Look Realistic.” Like the name suggests, I’m going to bring some ideas to look more realistic as possible with the best resource I’ve found in SL.

The first look I am going to cover is realized with the Genus Classic Bento Mesh Head and the Deetalez Skin Applier.

You can also find my shape that fits all the items above with Maitreya Lara Body Shape. I don’t have any other body at the moment, so I can’t create forms that fit right with other trademarks. Sorry.

Genus Classic Bento Mesh Head

The Classic Bento Mesh Head is the first one created with the original beta project. I got the chance to have this one and the Baby Face at the discounted price of 3600 L$. And I am happy about this.

  • Version: number (1.6) (at this moment)
  • Price: 5500 L$
  • Demo: The Demo versions are available and usable just at the mainstore. So, if you go elsewhere, after wearing the demo, all will vanish very soon.
  • Head parts: rigged eyes, teeth, tongue, and neck fix.
  • HUD: you can find two HUDs in the package, big and small size for your needs. I’ve published the graphics instruction to give you, guys, the opportunity to know fast how to do what you like to. See the image “Genus Classic Bento Mesh Head Instructions.” In summary, you can find:
    • Genetics Tab: you can customize hairbase, brows, eyelashes, beauty marks, teeth, tongue, eyes, sclera, and lacrimal.
    • Cosmetics Tab: you can customize your makeup choosing from lots of types. Specifically, you have eyeliners, eyeshadows, tattoos, blush, and lipstick.
    • Settings Tab: you can customize neck, teeth, eyes, lashes, and ears. You also have teeth and tongue add-ons.
  • Layers Control Slide Tab: you can tint and remove layers, while hairbase, eyelashes, eyeshadow, tattoo, blush, lipstick, eyes sclera, lacrimal, neck, and skin.
  • Freeze Body Slide Tab: this is crucial for photographers: here, you can freeze your body, eyes, and lips in a quiet position.
  • Basic Animation HUD: the HUD includes 22 mocap animations and 6 faces static expressions.
  • Skin Appliers: the head comes with 3 skin tones, Honey, Toffee, and Brownie. Note: in the mainstore you can find excellent quality new skins. You need the Skinnery Body Appliers to match the skin the head comes with and any other Genus Project Skin.

Genus Project Main Links

“Rafaela” by Deetalez Skins Applier (worn on Genus Classic Head)

I choosed “Rafaela” for this first look since it’s realistic, in my opinion. Deetalez Skin Appliers are costly respect other skin appliers main store. The quality is excellent, in my opinion.

Deetalez Skins Applier Main Links

Important ethical concerns

This post is not promotional. I don’t write about these stores because I receive items or money from them, just because I like them.

“Look Realistic Series” #1: My Shape

You can find my shape for 10 L$ about this look on Marketplace following this link: VIRTUALITY Shape look Realistic #1

It can be a good start point to customize your look.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or just you like to tell me something, don’t hesitate to comment this post.

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The Black Dragon high complexity (problem and solution)

Black Dragon Viewer

Last month, on the occasion of the opening at the Itakos Art Gallery Project, I got an automatic ban from the SIM.
An automatic ban happens when the author of the ban is not a specific person who has a control role, but the system itself.

In other words, if the avatar does not meet specific parameters, the SIM is set to ban the resident.

In my case, the ban occurred because of my complexity which, without my knowledge, was worth over 830,000.
How come? I wasn’t wearing anything special, the usual outfits that in Firestorm have a complexity of about 32,000.
Finally, after several attempts, I understand that the “problem” was the viewer; in fact, I was using Black Dragon that I consider perfect for photos and videos.
Today I contacted the author of Black Dragon, Niran. asking for explanations about it, here’s our conversation:

You have to know that, at the moment, the problem arises only in the regions owned by the AM Estate.
If you are banned from one of these regions you will be banned from all areas that have the same ownership.
However, the solution, in case of a ban, there is and is quick: you must contact the customer service, always available, and ask the unban (explaining that the high complexity is the viewer Black Dragon).
The support service with live chat is available at the following address:

AM Support

Report me if you have the same problem with another property, please.

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“Simply dreaming,” the surrealist exhibition of Awesome Fallen at Itakos Art Gallery Project

Awesome Fallen is a Spanish surrealist artist who routinely publishes her creations on Flickr and who since April 6th exhibits her most recent artworks at the Itakos Art Gallery Project.

The Itakos Art Gallery Project

As known by those who regularly frequent artistic salons, the Itakos Art Gallery Project is an art gallery owned by Akim Alonzo (who also plays the role of art curator). I have already talked about the previous exhibition at the same gallery in the following article on ECLIPSE Magazine:

About Awesome Fallen’s Art

I’ve been following Awesome Fallen for years now, fascinated by her imagination, creativity, communication skills, technical ability, and depth to feel and rework life in an image. The art of Fallen is surrealist because her pictures almost always describe surreal and fantastic situations, with dark and disturbing tones. In truth, her photographs do not all fit into these features just described, but in her most significant images, these aspects are present.
Signs of a turbulent childhood are present in some of her representations, where dolls, puppets, and games typical of children have a nonreassuring appearance, but more suitable for a horror film set. With this, I am not assuming that Fallen had a difficult childhood, but I am only describing some of her most fascinating and gloomy images at the same time.
The Fallen exhibition is at the Gray Pavillon, immediately opposite the entrance. On the back of the main wall, the visitor can find the flyer by touching which he gets the information notecard. It is the presentation of the artist written by the same Akim Alonzo, a vision of the surreal works of Awesome Fallen that I read with interest that I suggest to take at the beginning of the visit.
I also recommend leaving the light settings as set by default in the region as they enhance the images of the different exhibiting artists. I remember that at the moment, along with Fallen, there are Akim Alonzo and Megan Prumier presenting their latest collection images.

Returning to Fallen, the artist prefers, as mentioned, dark surrealism. Surrealist art developed in the twentieth century, in conjunction with the notion of the unconscious elaborated by Freud. It is a visual manifestation of what the unconscious communicates to the mind through the dream that, according to Freud, is a production of the psyche that takes place while we sleep and is characterized by images, sounds, and emotions that follow each other without necessarily having to follow a logical thread.
In the world of dreams, man is no more extended alert in his thoughts, and consequently, his unconscious can wander free from any constraint which uses images of a symbolic nature.
The images represent a free tool to describe what happens in the dream.
The Fallen exhibition at the Itakos Art Gallery Project is an unmissable appointment on the Second Life virtual visits agenda.

Teleport to Itakos Art Gallery Project

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Flickr artist of the week: Ines

Ines Flickr (Second Life)

I start the Friday column with Ines, proposing her like Flickr artist who has excited me for her style, her technique, and her powerful ability.
Ines is a photographer in Second Life and prefers black and white as style and mode of communication. Black and white is an artistic technique that is both effective and complex: black and white photography is essential and minimalist, and it also highlights technique and expressive ability.
Ines’ photographs contain precisely this communicative ability, preferring to focus attention on a particular, on a glance, on a sensation, or a lived situation.
For this first Friday column, I propose three images that I consider valid and noteworthy.

Ines Flickr Photostream

*That's the price you pay
* s e r e n i t y .

→ Leggi in Italiano

Flickr artista della settimana: Ines

Con Ines, inizio la rubrica del venerdì, in cui propongo un artista su Flickr che mi ha entusiasmata per il suo stile, la sua tecnica e la capacità espressiva.

Ines si dedica alla fotografia in Second Life e predilige il bianco e nero come stile e modalità di comunicazione. Il bianco e nero rappresenta una tecnica espressiva efficace e complessa al tempo stesso: se da un lato, infatti, una fotografia in bianco e nero è essenziale e minimalista, dall’altra essa sottolinea la tecnica e l’abilità espressiva.

Le fotografie di Ines racchiudono proprio questa abilità comunicativa, prediligendo focalizzare l’attenzione su un particolare, su uno sguardo, su una sensazione, o una situazione vissuta.

Per questa prima rubrica del venerdì, propongo tre immagini che io ritengo valide e degne di nota.

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“Waterworld,” music show in Second Life®

Waterworld Show in Second Life

Do you remember the film “Waterworld” directed by Kevin Reynolds, produced and starred by Kevin Kostner and released in 1995? For those who don’t know it, it’s a story set in a post-apocalyptic future and about the adventures of a mutant in search of the last strips of land in a world submerged by water.
Kevin Kostner’s film was not, in fact, particularly successful. Only recently, the addition of half an hour of content that illustrates the plot has allowed the public to understand the narrative better and appreciate nuances previously misunderstood.
Despite the lack of film success, Antartica Ferraris decided to stage a musical in Second Life® inspired by “Waterworld.” In my opinion, this is a courageous choice, but not irresponsible.
The premiere of the show was in the land of “Ignorant Fairies” owned by Esther Prynne and Hori TheHorizon. I had the pleasure to create a special event for this show on my Facebook group dedicated to art, “Art and culture in virtual worlds” that, seen by James Wagner, has brought an excellent media response thanks to his article in New World Notes. James expresses, in the post, the astonishment for the choice of “Waterworld,” especially because it comes from a group of Italians. His perplexity is mainly why to the substantial cinematic flop of Kevin Kostner’s film. Although I understand James’ arguments, I must say that the musical set in SL® was, unlike the film, a success.

Regardless of the film, the show created by Antartica Ferraris and directed by Van Loopen lived up to expectations. The original and numerous animations explicitly designed for the show by Antartica Ferraris thrilled both the audience and the actors themselves.
In so many years of SL®, this is the first time I have seen a team effort. Collaboration is never “cheap,” especially when it involves people who interact with each other through a PC. Besides, staging a show in which several people are required, and many animations inevitably generate a considerable lag. However, I saw the performers passionate about storytelling and scenography, overcoming the technical difficulties that necessarily had to be faced and resolved.
The show cost commitment and stress, but also great satisfaction and joy. Satisfaction for having created a unique show of its kind. Joy for having been part of a joint project that rewarded friendship.

Leggi in Italiano → “Waterworld”, show musicale in Second Life®

Ricordate il film “Waterworld” diretto da Kevin Reynolds, prodotto e recitato da Kevin Kostner e uscito nel 1995? Per chi non lo conoscesse, si tratta di una storia ambientata in un futuro post-apocalittico e tratta delle avventure di un mutante alla ricerca degli ultimi lembi di terra in un mondo sommerso dalle acque.

Il film di Kevin Kostner non ha avuto, per la verità, particolare successo. Solo di recente, l’aggiunta di mezz’ora di contenuti che ne illustrano la trama, ha permesso al pubblico di comprendere meglio la narrazione e apprezzarne sfumature prima incomprese.

Eppure, nonostante lo scarso successo cinematografico, Antartica Ferraris ha deciso di mettere in scena un musical in Second Life® ispirato proprio a “Waterworld”. Si tratta, a mio avviso, di una scelta coraggiosa, ma non irresponsabile.

La prima dello show è andata in scena presso la land delle “Fate Ignoranti” di proprietà di Esther Prynne e Hori TheHorizon. Ho avuto il piacere di creare un evento apposito per questo show sul mio gruppo di Facebook dedicato all’arte, “Art and culture in virtual worlds” che, visto da James Wagner, ha portato un ottimo riscontro mediatico grazie al suo articolo su New World Notes. James esprime, nel post, lo stupore per la scelta di “Waterworld”, soprattutto perché proviene da un gruppo di italiani. La sua perplessità è soprattutto legata al sostanziale flop cinematografico del film di Kevin Kostner. Pur comprendendo le argomentazioni di James, devo dire che il musical ambientato in SL® è stato, a differenza del film, un successo.

Waterworld Show in Second Life
Waterworld Show in Second Life

In effetti, a prescindere dal film da cui è tratto, lo show ideato da Antartica Ferraris e diretto da Van Loopen è stato all’altezza delle aspettative. Le originali e numerose animazioni create appositamente per lo spettacolo da Antartica Ferraris hanno entusiasmato sia il pubblico che gli stessi attori.

In tanti anni di SL®, è la prima volta che assisto a un lavoro di squadra. La collaborazione non è mai “cosa da poco” soprattutto quando interessa persone che interagiscono tra loro attraverso un pc. Inoltre mettere in scena uno spettacolo in cui sono coinvolte diverse persone e numerosissime animazioni genera, per forza di cose, un notevole lag. Tuttavia ho visto i performers appassionarsi alla narrazione e alla scenografia, superando le difficoltà tecniche che inevitabilmente si sono dovute affrontare e risolvere.

Lo spettacolo è costato impegno e stress, ma anche grande soddisfazione e gioia. Soddisfazione per avere dato vita a uno show unico nel suo genere, gioia per essere stati partecipi di un progetto comune che ha premiato l’amicizia.


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SL Tutorial: Photoshop Speed Editing

I often found good tutorials presented on Youtube at a speed that prevented me from following the various learning levels step by step. I found it difficult to understand in detail how the author of the video made the photo editing, although I had a good knowledge of Photoshop. I later learned about the possibility that Youtube offers to reduce the speed (or to accelerate it, at will). In this way, those who have a basic knowledge of Photoshop and its commands have the opportunity to learn the art of virtual photography from the best bloggers.


Among them is Araceli, whom I have long respected and followed on Facebook. I suggest to slow down the video to better watch her tutorial. Since slowing down the video will reduce the speed of the music (getting an unpleasant result) I suggest to remove the audio (it’s just a piece of background music, there are no explanations, being a speed editing). To do this just press the button highlighted by the image below, obtaining the following icon:

Once you removed the music, let’s see how to decelerate the speed of the tutorial video. First, click on the gear symbol, as shown in the image below:

A menu will open, and among the various options, we will find the speed that will be set to “normal” by default. Click on the arrow next to “normal” to choose the other options. A menu like the one below will appear:

To slow down the video choose one of the options above the words “normal” and to speed up one of the options under the same words. For the video that I suggest you choose 0.25 that will allow you to capture the nuances of photo editing.

Well, at this point you are ready to watch the video and appreciate the excellent suggestions of an expert blogger on photo editing.

Second Life Tutorial: editing veloce con Photoshop

Spesso ho trovato ottimi tutorial che venivano presentati su Youtube a una velocità tale che mi impediva di seguire step by step i vari passaggi. Pur avendo una buona conoscenza di Photoshop, mi trovavo in difficoltà a capire in dettaglio come l’autore del video realizzava l’editing fotografico. Successivamente ho appreso della possibilità che Youtube offre di ridurre la velocità (o di accelerarla, a proprio piacere). In questo modo chi ha una conoscenza di base di Photoshop e dei suoi comandi ha la possibilità di apprendere l’arte della fotografia virtuale dai migliori blogger.

Tra di essi c’è Araceli, che stimo e seguo da tempo su Facebook. Per seguire il suo tutorial, suggerisco quindi di rallentare il video. Dato che, rallentando il video, si ridurrà la velocità della musica (ottenendo un risultato poco gradevole) suggerisco di togliere l’audio (è solo una musica di sottofondo, non ci sono spiegazioni, essendo uno speed editing). Per farlo basta schiacciare sul pulsante evidenziato dall’immagine sottostante, ottenendo la seguente icona:

Una volta tolta la musica, vediamo come decelerare la velocità del video tutorial. Per prima cosa occorre cliccare sul simbolo dell’ingranaggio, come da immagine sottostante:

Si aprirà un menù e tra le varie opzioni troveremo quella della velocità che sarà di default impostata su “normale“. Clicchiamo sulla freccia a lato di “normale” per scegliere le altre opzioni. Apparirà un menù come quello sottostante:

Per rallentare il video basterà scegliere una delle opzioni sopra la scritta “normale” mentre per accelerarlo una delle opzioni sotto la medesima scritta. Per il video che vi propongo consiglio di scegliere 0.25 che vi consentirà di cogliere le sfumature dell’editing fotografico.

Bene, a questo punto siete pronti per vedere il video e apprezzare gli ottimi suggerimenti di una blogger esperta sull’editing fotografico.

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Welcome 2019

Bloggers are used to wishing their followers a Happy New Year, and I didn’t want to be outdone either. Even if a few hours late (I apologize, but RL has been challenging) Van and I wish each of you 2019 full of your most coveted expectations.

Happy 2019!

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Luanes Winter World in Second Life®

Luanes Winter World is one of the most exciting winter sim to visit in this cold season. There are two parts in the sim, the winter part, and the fantasy part. At the landing point, you can choose your destination: if you have enough time I recommend visiting both environments.
The two environments are housed in a homestead, so the creator is limited in the use of prims to 5000. Luane (luanemeo) is the owner and creator of these evocative phantasmagorical-winter landscapes, as well as pose designers, bloggers, and photographers.

Luane, the creator, writes about the winter section of the homestead:

here’s something truly magic, when snowflakes start to fly.
A fairyland of wonderous white, beneath a clear, cold sky.
The world is white and silent, draped in pure white snow.
It’s a lovely winter wonderland, everywhere you go!

I visited the location at different times of the day, and I have always found a constant presence of people. The reason for this success is Luane’s remarkable ability to create convincing and exciting landscapes at the same time. The best creators make the objects used to decorate and, although not recent, being used to beautify with good taste the space available, they give rise to a suggestive and intriguing setting.

Long snow-covered expanses, beautiful corners suitable for photography, paths to be walked calmly, tasting every detail made with care: these are the winning ingredients of Luanes Winter World.


Luanes Winter World

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Top romantic spots for your latest year day

The last day of the year contains the magic of the end of a period and the beginning of a new one. For those who will celebrate the last day of the year at home, I have chosen 4 destinations that I think are perfect for toasting to the past year and greeting 2019 that begins.
These are my favorite destinations for this important event:

Luanes Magical World

Luanes Magical World is a magical and surreal environment that seems of ice. Colored trees, particles effects, romantic corners, and laid tables look to create a unique setting for an unforgettable last day of the year.


Teleport to Luanes Magical World

The Peak: Romance and Beyond

The ballroom is located in the sky of The Peak: Romance and Beyon, and is accessible from the teleport to the landing point is a perfect place to spend the last day of the year, especially if in romantic company.


Teleport to Ballrooms @The Peak: Romance and Beyond

Bella Bistro

For all those who like to spend New Year’s Eve in a romantic restaurant with live music, Bella Bistro is the ideal place. A built environment and attention to detail that can give intense emotions.


Teleport to Bella Bistro

Majilis Al Jinn

For those who love Arabic style and romance, Majilis Al Jinn is a perfect place to welcome the New Year.


Teleport to Majilis Al Jinn

Oema Style Credits

Oema’s Style
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
  • Mesh Head: Catwa – Catya V.3.2
  • Hair: Lelutka – Kate Hair (Light Brunette) by Thora Charron
  • Dress: Miss Chelsea – Nika Dress (group gift)
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