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Kimeu Korg at the DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

Kimeu Korg hosted @DixMix Art Gallery in Second Life®

The DixMix Art Gallery, owned by DixMix Source, will open its doors from June 9th to Kimeu Korg, an artist I have been following for some time on Flickr, and I really appreciate it. Korg speaks with images giving life to original compositions with an unmistakable style. Surreality is undoubtedly an essential feature in his work,

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“Choreography of a tortured soul” by Theda Tammas in Second Life®

Theda Tammas In Second Life®

Theda Tammas is a known and appreciated artist. In this artistic installation entitled “choreography of a tortured soul,” she describes well the human condition of the woman as if she wanted to denounce a social situation on the margins as a worldwide phenomenon. LEGGI IN ITALIANO I have appreciated Theda for a long time, I

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“The color of words not pronounced” @Nitroglobus in Second Life®

Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery in Second Life® Natalia Serenade

I am visiting with Lolita Pralou the new art exhibition of Natalia Serenade, hosted by the Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery (famous art gallery curated and owned by Dido Haas). It is instructive to visit a gallery in the company of someone because you have the opportunity to understand and explore the point of view of

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