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Twitch for SL users video streaming (about Second Life ban)

Second Life users are getting interested in Twitch, a valuable live streaming application. Let’s see what it is about and how to exploit its potential.
Those who love video games and want to share their gaming experience with other gamers will not be able to do without Twitch which, with its 15 million active users every day and more than 2 million different players per month, is the number one streaming platform in the gaming scene.

Gamers use Twitch to:

  • presenting video games
  • follow video games
  • socializing between videogamers

The service was purchased by Amazon in 2014 and has become an essential social platform as a meeting point for professional streamers and simple videogamers.
Let’s see the requirements to use Twitch and how to set it up to be operational.

What content is suitable for Twitch?

Twitch is the most crucial meeting point for fans of PC video games, including primarily Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo. Most of the streams that players stream each month are from these three game consoles. SL users are interested in Twitch for its flexibility of use and its specificity to the theme of video games. Besides, Twitch has attractive graphics, which excites those who open its channel.
The number of followers that we will get on Twitch also depends on the popularity of the video game that we are presenting. SL is not one of the most popular games, but since Twitch users are all video game fans, it will be easier to find followers than Youtube, where users are interested in the most diverse themes of which only a part uses video games.

In any case, some games are forbidden, and Second Life is one of them. The complete list is here:

List of Prohibited Games

Technical requirements to use Twitch

To use Twitch, it is vital that our pc meets some technical requirements that for simplicity I list schematically:

  • System performance: at least one Inter Core i5 4670 or a comparable AMD model as well as 8 gigabytes of RAM. As an operating system, the minimum requirement is Windows 7.
  • Microphone: a headset with a microphone is enough; if we want a good sound quality we will have to get a USB microphone with stand.
  • Webcam: optional for SL users. Hardly an SL user wants to show himself while playing, but if his aspiration were this, he should get a good quality webcam, to share with other users his emotions inworld.
  • Broadband internet connection: in the absence of a good internet connection the streaming would go in jerks, and the viewer would get tired of watching the video.

How streaming on Twitch works

To use Twitch and live streaming you need to install a broadcasting application. I recommend using OBS Studio for several reasons:

  • it’s free
  • runs on Windows, MacOs, and Linux
  • It is open source, and the source code can be expanded and adapted to all

You can find the complete Installation Guide at
Once you have installed the broadcasting application, we can create our Twitch account.

Creating a Twitch Account

To create a Twitch account, you need to follow the registration procedure you require:

  • username
  • password
  • valid email address

Taking out a paid Prime subscription connects the platform to Amazon’s Prime offering, but is not a requirement for live streaming.
Once entered and given, you will receive a confirmation email for the creation of the Twitch account.

Guarda il video live di virtualityblog su

Setting up the Twitch channel

Once the registration is complete, you can log on to your Twitch channel and start customizing it.
To do this, click on the profile icon (for now empty) at the top right of the home page and start to explore the various menus that allow customization.
To start, I would put:

  • profile image
  • your presentation
  • the description of your channel (max 300 characters)

Name, photo and biography are the three elements that can convince users to follow you, so stop for a moment to customize these parts of your new Twitch account.
I want to dwell with you on some aspects that I think are interesting and important:

  • Cover image: it’s the image that Twitch shows to visitors when your channel is offline. If you like to fill the whole area, the image must have a 16:9 ratio.
  • Twitch offers the possibility to host other streamers: the option is called automatic hosting and is located in the account settings. Simply activate the “automatic hosting” button.
  • Chat: Twitch offers automatic support for moderating the conversation on your channel. It intercepts vulgar phrases or excessive tones and automatically moderates the chat. Being an automated system, it can be wrong. So, if there are no real reasons, I would keep this option disabled.

Configuring the stream on Twitch

To start live streaming, you will need to complete the fields related to the live section, which you can find on the dashboard at the following address:
Obviously, instead of “your channel name” you have to put the name that you have chosen when registering.
It is highly recommended to do a test streaming before starting to go live. The streaming test is available in the “live” section.

Connecting Twich to Broadcasting Software

Start OBS Studio. The program asks you if you want to proceed with the configuration wizard: accept and confirm all the default options. Finally, it asks you to link an account and the first entry already set is Twitch. Enter your account name and password, and the work will be done. You have related your Twitch account to OBS, the broadcasting service.

How to start streaming on Twitch

Once you open OBS Studio after completing the automatic configuration, a screen will open asking you to set the live title, tags, and other information.
The screen below this menu is the real live screen; I suggest to open it to full screen to see some buttons that otherwise are hidden.
At the bottom right there is the option of sources: choose “capture the screen.
After setting the sources, we can start live clicking on the button starts directly in the bottom right.
Soon a video demonstration on the operation of Twitch.

You can still use it for Sansar

Sansar is allowed from Twitch ToS, so you can still stream it.

My first Live Streaming in Italian about Majilis Al Jinn

I recorded this video before knowing about the ban from Twitch. Be careful about adult content, absolutely not allowed and the ban reason.

Thanks to the follower who commented this post and who let me know about the ban.

Guarda Majilis Al Jinn in Second Life® di virtualityblog su

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